The NRA vows to defeat Obama at the ballot box

If I recall correctly, the NRA was cautious in 2008 when it came to Barack Obama.  It campaigned against him, but without vigor.  That tentativeness is gone this year, as demonstrated by the official 2012 NRA campaign slogan:  “All In.

To this end, the NRA has created a page called Firearms Future, which looks at the deleterious effects of gun control on law-abiding people.  It examines Fast and Furious (drug runners had American-supplied guns; border patrol agents had American-supplied beanbags); Britain’s summer riots (when seconds count, the police — who are also without arms — are only minutes away); and other anti-gun initiatives the world over, all of which prove that the NRA was right all along:  when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

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  • bkivey

    Years ago I read an essay in which the author made a salient point about firearm ownership: if there’s a criminal in your house, the situation is identical to living on the Western frontier in the 19th century; it’s you, them, and no one else. Should a person enter my home with bad intent, I’ll be happy to introduce them to Mr. Mossberg.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I don’t keep my weapons out, as I live in a pretty safe neighborhood. However, if the security environment should change. I will have a weapon positioned on each floor, by the door and by my bed.

    I suspect that we are moving to a period in our history of much lower personal security. But then, I live in Obama…I mean, Chicago-land.

  • Jose

    One of the weird things our government is now doing is profiling Hispanics when they purchase firearms.  The Form 4473 now specifically asks whether or not the buyer is Hispanic.  Perhaps they get bulk discounts from the ATF!

  • Danny Lemieux

    In addition to untraceable weapons, Jose.