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    Now, that picture is pretty good!

  • Caped Crusader

    I know that after each of you reads this you will fully agree with me that Obama IS totally correct. Most of what we have accomplished IS due to somebody else. Mine was due to that guy who went to “school” until age 33 (college, med school, internship, 2 years active duty as doctor, residency); then began his own practice and drug his butt out of bed for 45 more years to go to surgery, office and teach residents, and finally retired at age 78. I did have a terrific amount of help, however, by marrying a beautiful, super intelligent young lady (a doctor herself) who has been my companion for over 50 years. However, she also had a mystery woman who helped her in like manner. That “other guy and woman” must have raised our two very smart and accomplished children with advanced degrees,  and now wonderful families of their own. Boy, were we lucky to have that other guy and gal who actually did all the work because we were not possibly capable of accomplishing this on our own. I might add that those two mystery helpers paid a great deal of taxes — federal, state, county, and city; and hired and provided employment for a host of others during those years. But we had it easy for they figured out all these taxes, filed them properly, made sure we obeyed all the ever increasing “rules and regulations” thought up by nameless, faceless government functionaries, who in most instances excluded themselves from obeying their own rules for “others”.
    FACE IT, two ordinary people from not very affluent backgrounds and no “pull” could not possibly do this on their own. So it had to be those two mystery people sent by the government who did all the actual work. THANKS FEDS! Thanks “guvamint” for all the sidewalks, roads that allowed my mystery helpers get to work and make our living.
    However, being humble and appreciative people, we would like thank our parents, families, and all the wonderful teachers who taught us “back in the day” when it was education and not indoctrination; and instilled a love of lifetime learning. Poor souls never thought there would be a day when someone else would do all our work for us.

  • JKB

    Obama’s economic plan

    Phase 1 – Collect taxes

    Phase 2 – ????

    Phase 3 – Profit

    Go to Phase 1, multiply taxes by 1.1, repeat 

  • Ron19

    No wonder he doesn’t need to admit making mistakes:  somebody else (e.g., Bush) made it!

  • Ron19

    Hey, Caped Crusader, where’s mine, huh?

    I had just as much government backing me as you did, why don’t I have everything that you’ve got?

  • Caped Crusader

    Never worry Ron19, the longer the delay, the sweeter the reward. Comrade Obama has been compounding the interest and he never fails, just you wait — help is on the way!

  • jj

    The picture’s perfectly correct: Nobel Prize?  He didn’t earn that.

  • Danny Lemieux

    JKB – didn’t I see that on South Park?

  • Danny Lemieux

    I’m wracking my brain trying to remember which political pundit said this, but he captured it perfectly: the reason that Obama and Cherokee Liz Warren can’t conceive of entrepreneurs and business people having made it on their own is precisely because Obama and Warren never really had to earn what they achieved.

    They look at the business community through the prism of their privileged, entitled existence of the mediocrisy.  It’s not any more complicated than that.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Danny:  Was it James Taranto?

  • Caped Crusader

    Danny –A perfect comment in that Obama and Warren do speak the truth as they describe their privileged, protected, and cocooned world of pontification; and they comment on the world as they have lived it. For they have NOT earned their own status in life. And down deep, and perhaps even subconsciously, realize this fact and feel guilty, if they are capable of feeling guilt. From dealing with humans, I believe that underneath an arrogant attitude lies a bedrock of guilt and self doubt in most.
    I am impressed with the accomplishment and intelligence of most who comment here, and doubt if any had special secret helpers from the government, as I described in my previous sarcastic comment. All have reached their position from their own study, sacrifice, self denial, gratification postponement, and hard work.

  • Caped Crusader

    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Obama is looking daily more like Alfred E. Newman?

  • Caped Crusader

    Zelig LIVES !!!

  • JKB

    Danny, what?  That’s not original?  I think on South Park they collected underpants.  

    You know it just occurs to me:

    New York, New York, if you can make it there, it is all because of City Hall.  

    The part where Obama says that there are a lot of smart people, that there are a lot of hard working people, I suspect being a product of the “meritocracy” Obama doesn’t realize that being smart isn’t enough, being hardworking isn’t enough.  You have to be smart in choosing the right hard problems that people will pay you for the solution, then work hard for a long time till you find that solution others will buy.  

    It isn’t about being smart, it is about being able to use those smarts in selecting the good problems.  It isn’t about working hard, but about working hard on the right problems.  It isn’t about process, it is about results.  Bureaucrats love process, entrepreneurs produce results.  

    For all the roads, all the police, all the military, all the firefighters, there was just a pile wires and circuity boards in a garage until Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak solve the hard problem and produced something people wanted to buy.  For all the coal, all the iron ore, all the effort, even as roads, police, etc., grew and spread, making steel was a costly process until Sir Henry Bessemer discovered his process.  And yet, the benefits of Bessemer’s process created more wealth for the world, than all the roads, all the police, all the military, all the firefighters combined.  

    For example : The question being propounded, What is the value of the combined services to man of Mr. Gladstone and Mr. Disraeli, as compared with those of Sir Henry Bessemer? Ninety-nine out of a hundred men of sound judgment would doubtless say, ” The value of the services of the two statesmen is quite unimportant, while the value of the services of Mr. Bessemer is enormous, incalculable.” But how many of these ninety-nine men of sound judgment could resist the fascination of the applause accorded to the statesmen ? How many of them would have the moral courage to educate their sons for the career of Mr. Bessemer instead of for the career of Mr. Disraeli or of Mr. Gladstone?* Not many in the present state of public sentiment. It will be a great day for man, the day that ushers in the dawn of more sober views of life, the day that inaugurates the era of the mastership of things in the place of the mastership of words. 

  • Ron19


    You’re getting near something I’ve been thinking about lately:

    If you want to spread the wealth, it is better to create more wealth to spread around.

  • notomarx

    Spoken like a true corrupt dictator.  What yours is mine.  It amazes me how much these “me tooers” hate productivity.  Individualism and creativity must be destroyed.  After the family and religion is destroyed, the individual is next.  You must destroy pride first.  The O memorized his Marx well.  Marx was so envious of his Jewish religion he looked foolish.  The hate they must have for original thought.  I bet they would kill for it if they could.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Book…yes, James Taranto. Thank you. Let’s give credit to where credit is due. The WSJ’s Taranto is one boffo, highly perceptive pundit.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    JKB…great quote!

  • JKB

    David Foster,

    That quote is from Charles H. Ham, Mind and Hand: manual training, the chief factor in education (1900), which is available online, just google.  Skip over the specifics for the school and you can enjoy a very well reasoned discussion on the value of manual education, not as an alternative to the abstract education but as a means of tempering and keeping the purely mental grounded in reality.  

    This has become my favorite quote, it is from the book:

    <blockquote>In the light of this analysis Carlyle’s rhapsody on tools becomes a prosaic fact, and his conclusion—that man without tools is nothing, with tools all—points the way to the discovery of the philosopher’s stone in education. For if man without tools is nothing, to be unable to use tools is to be destitute of power; and if with tools he is all, to be able to use tools is to be all-powerful. And this power in the concrete, the power to do some useful thing for man—this is the last analysis of educational truth.  </blockquote> 

    For a terribly amusing story liberal arts to the rescue:  neveryetmelted…liberal-arts-education-to-the-rescue/ 

  • Danny Lemieux

    You are right, JKB. However, one problem with the Liberal/Left/Progressive view of the world is that they don’t see wealth as something that is created. They see it as a fixed pie, so if someone has wealth, they necessarily took it from someone else and more deserving, no less.

    I remember when Lester Thurow, an economist and dean of the MIT Sloan School of Management, published a book in the 1970s (during the Great Carter Despoilation), called the “Zero Sum Equation”, that promoted this world view.  I still kick myself for having bought the book.

    Thurow also predicted the inevitable domination of the U.S. and world economy by the Japanese economic model, published just before Japan’s economy collapsed, thereby forever searing a sharp disdain for ivory tower intellectualism in my mind. Putz!

    Unfortunately, as is the case with virtually all progressive intellectuals, they are never held accountable for their intellectual failures and the concept of “fixed pie” economics lives on. Thurow’s views forever ruined the brand image of MIT business in my mind.

    Of course, if the “zero sum” model did hold true, we would still be trading beans with oxen and wagon wheels rather that stocks and bonds over the internet.  

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I think the fixed pie mentality comes in large part due to how the Leftist aristocracy maintains their own wealth. They don’t do it by uplifting the lower class, but by suppressing them and making money off of them in the form of taxes, cons, or money laundering. If you can convince a mob boss to share his gambling and drug cuts with the other territorial lords, then you can convince the Left. But if not, then it won’t.

  • Ron19

    On a macabre note, will O claim federal credit for someone successfully hosing a busy theater?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ymarsaker – that is one brilliant insight. Of course the pie is fixed for elites – they never contributed to it.