Quite a gathering of real Americans

My Dad sends this link along:



P.S.  I’m not computer savvy enough to figure out how to make this slide show play the way it did when Dad sent it, but after it loads (and it takes a while to load) you can see all the slides, anyway.

P.P.S.  I’m told the link doesn’t work for others because you have to have the slides available to load onto your computer.  I have the slides.  Anybody know how I can upload them to someplace where you can view them?  I used to program computers and design computer systems for a living.  But that was 25 years ago.  Now, I’m not even minimally competent.  I’d appreciate any help you can give.

P.P.P.S.  Cheesestick found a way to link that at least loads the slides.  Thank you! They still don’t play as a slideshow, but the slides are great anyway.  Check out the link on his comment and have a look.

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  1. SADIE says

    I clicked on the link – screen shot below.

    Email currently unavailable
    Please contact Comcast Support by calling 1-800-Comcast or chat live with a Comcast care representative.
    Please reference error code: 400.

  2. says

    Strange, I clicked on it and it loaded all the slides.  It didn’t present them as a slide show with music (which is the way Dad sent it) but at least you could see all the slides.  What are the rest of you getting?

  3. says

    Hmmm.  Wonder if you have to be a Comcast subscriber?  Also, you do have to have powerpoint. Anybody have any ideas — either on why people are getting the error or how to change this to get it to work right?

  4. Cheesestick says

    The file is a power point presentation in the “show” format….the .pps extension.  It launches on your computer because it is being held in your email box, which you have access too.  You have to upload the .pps file somewhere where we can save it and run it on our own computers.  No, we don’t need power point to actually run it.  Microsoft provides a power point viewer for free but also most people’s browsers are already equipped to work as a power point viewer as well.  

  5. Caped Crusader says

    I do not believe Microsoft offers a PowerPoint Viewer for Mac for free. However the latest Mac (I run 10.7.4) will open .pps through Preview on the Mac. It may not open with a double click. If it does not click and drag into the Preview icon on the dock, and bingo it opens. You can also buy an opener for Mac from Panergy software for a small charge.

  6. Cheesestick says

    Well I did a search on the file name and think I found the slide show you were trying to show that some other message board posted.  I wasn’t sure if I pasted a link here, if it would work right for the other users.  I will try it though..hold on.  

  7. Cheesestick says

    I was wondering if it was that Glen Beck rally at the mall a couple of years ago.  I couldn’t tell…but if not that, maybe one of the tax day protests by the tea partiers?  

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