Who should Romney pick for Vice-President?

So, Dick Cheney thinks Palin was a bad choice because she wasn’t qualified to be President.  Well, she was more qualified than Obama, having at least served as head of an executive branch before.  In any case, the time is almost upon us for Romney to pick his VP candidate.

Who should he pick?  Who will he pick?  Cheney also said that there were two lists, a long list of people who need to be on the list for political reasons and a much shorter list of seriously considered candidates.  Do you think your favorite candidate is on the long list or the short list?

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  • Caped Crusader

    “i’d rather be right than president”,  Henry Clay
    As to Palin, and perhaps a future famous quotation.
    “i’d rather be smart than “indoctrinated”

  • Zoltan

    Romney should pick Paul Ryan as his running mate. He knows the economy, budget and entitlements inside and out. He has the congressional contacts to shepherd legislation through Congress.  I think Romney will pick Rob Portman or Tim Pawlenty, both big yawns.

  • Caped Crusader

    Can anyone convince me that the Republican leadership is not addicted to stupid pills? Candidates from MA, MN, WI, states that NEVER go Republican, boy are they sure winners. James Carville hit a grand slam homer when he said, “Republicans can screw up a one car funeral”.

  • bizcor

    Paul Ryan would be a decent pick however, I think Allen West would be a home run. Military background, Florida, dare I say it… African American, firery, and bold.

  • Old Buckeye

    I like Ryan too. My thinking is that the person should be electable in 8 years, because I don’t think we can undo the damage that’s been done that quickly. If we just hand the reins back over to the overspenders in 2020, all the digging out of the hole we can do over the next 8 years will be for naught.

  • Oldflyer

    Pawlenty is fine.  Rubio has some sizzle; but how much else?  Ryan is obviously good on economic policy; but is he a one trick pony?   Portman appears to be a very good man and politician, but who cares?
    West is not ready for prime time.  Christie never will be.  Jindal, for all of his ability, is tarnished–at least according to the media.
    I cannot believe that anyone would even mention Gingrich.
    Despite the hoopla, I don’t know of any woman who would bring much more than gender balancing; most would not even bring in the female vote.   The Gov of New Mexico might work.  A twofer–a woman with a Hispanic name.
    Still, there are good choices available.  McDonnell is mentioned, and rightfully so.
    Clearly, anyone is superior to xxxxxxxx. I mean Biden.

  • lee

    Whether you liked Sarah Palin or not, be prepared that no matter who Romney picks, they are going to be “Palined” by the media: even though Our Fearless Leader had virtually no experience, had blank spots in his background, and shady friends, Palin was highlighted as the biggest danger to the Executive Branch. So no matter who Romeny picks, every little potential perceived weakness will be blown out of proportion–if not fabricated out if whole cloth. Portman and Pawlenty will be painted as “typical Republican white guys,” and a choice of a female or “person of color” will be hailed with extreme cynacism. 

  • MacG

    ” I think Allen West would be a home run”  

    Unlike Jack Nicholson West does not care if you can handle the truth, he just speaks it regardless…which may be a diplomatic nightmare with um say Iran Etal

  • Caped Crusader

    Allen West my favorite. Would get no AA  vote. He is smart, good speaker, great American, straight talker, bows to no one, a REAL man, not a weak kneeded metrosexual. America too weak to stand such a great person.

  • expat

    I want Ryan to stay where he is. We need him to keep the House in line WRT budgets and spending. I really don’t want someone whose only strength is stating conservative values. I prefer someone with enough experience to fix what is wrong with our mammoth government. Rubio, West, and Bachmann are too new to the scene.

  • jj

    Palin was more qualified than Cheney himself, having actually run a state. I was never completely sold on Cheney, I admit, but a remark like that is just stupid, given the tower of incompetence in the white house.  Plainly it doesn’t take particularly take anything special at all to do the job.