• weathtd

    Simple, he would do what he always does.  LIE!

  • Simplemind

    You know, this is basically the truth of Obama’s problem in a nutshell.

    He doesn’t get it. Not because he’s dumb, but because he lacks the tools necessary to do the job well.

    The liberal mindset is a straightjacket because the only solutions are government solutions. We know from experience that Government solutions don’t really work.

    Recall that the solution to capping the well didnt come from a government panel or the nobel prize winning secretary of energy. They crowd sourced it. The solution came from people not government. The worlds problems will be solved, or not, by individuals. Motivating individuals to be good and productive is the only way up.   Part of the idea for the cap came from a plumber. 

    (Plumber’s revenge — nice title for a campaign video. Start with Joe T P. Make the ideologica straight jacket argument. Prove it with the BP oil spill. Put the cherry on top of the sundae with Solyndra et al its the same thing over and over again. Recession, Govt solution –spend a trillion)

  • Libby

    Considering that Obama would likely be at a celebrity fundraiser, on vacation or golfing when the crisis hit, he probably wouldn’t react that quickly.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    John Fing Kerry would have reacted faster, even with his 30 minute staring into space after 9/11 happened.

  • jj

    I actually think BOs kind of dumb.  Or, putting it kindly, not a tactical thinker at speed.  Events move a lot faster than he does.

  • Old Buckeye

    I think he’s also lazy and cowardly, so not inclined to react quickly. Look how he hedged on killing OBL–which should have been a slam-dunk.

  • Mike Devx

    My main impression of Obama still stands.  When I view him, it is like I am seeing a quasar, five hundred million light years distant, blinking at me from the far remote depths of the universe.  He is utterly remote and emotionless.  Where some see it as “cool” in both senses of the word, I think they’re missing the point; I see it as cold.  Almost everything else is political guile and sly deception.

    The deaths of a million people would not cause him to blink an eye.  (Not that he desires to cause such a thing – I’m speaking to the total lack of empathy.)  People are things to manipulate to him.

    I don’t know which came first, the near-alien remoteness, or the leftist Marx-style politics.  But they fit together like hand and glove.  Where you and I see three hundred million Americans as this vast teeming horde of *individuals* all living their lives, some for better and some for worse, he sees groups and blocs to manipulate and discard or use as he sees fit.  What Obama and Stalin share with psychopaths is a complete disregard for people as people.

    He very occasionally gets excited, but only about Marxist politics.  “You didn’t build that.  You didn’t make that happen.”  That’s when he gets excited.  You can hear it in his voice, you can see it in his eyes.  But his handlers rarely let him off the leash.  We rarely get to see the truth.  

    Obama is not dumb in the classic “hyuk hyuk hyuk” sense.  But he is remarkably uninterested in what he doesn’t already know.  His is the profoundly closed mind.  Time for yet another golf outing!  The things he thinks he knows are remarkably harmful, when someone like him gets to take control of the wheel of a large country.  How long *does* it take to turn the huge super cruiser and drive it towards the glacier?

    There’s a lot more wrong with Washington D.C., and with the country, than just Obama.  But it will be a relief to see him go in a few more months.  As looks more and more likely to happen.

    ps. For those who read this and can only see “racism!”, some of my favorite well-known people include Col. Allen West, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell.  I dare you to even try to equate that with racism.