Global warming and volcanoes

Sometime ago, I posted a comment that referenced data that suggested a link between La Nina /El Nino events and underwater volcanic activity.

Basically, these volcanic events have to do with the puzzling appearance and disappearance of hot water masses in the Pacific Ocean that affect the flow of currents and, consequently, air masses that affect our global climate. The Pacific Ocean is rimmed by highly active tectonic ridges and volcanoes. This model certainly makes more sense than to claim that parts-per-million changes in the concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere have massive changes on ocean water temperatures. Among other events, recent major droughts in the southern U.S. and Brazil and limited monsoon activity in southern Asia have been linked to La Nina activity.

Here is the article that I referenced:

This is interesting because of the recent upsurges in tsunami and earthquake-generating tectonic activity around the Pacific Rim’s “Ring of Fire”. Shifting tectonic plates (an idea bred by skeptics in 1912 that only gained currency in the 1970s) would be expected to generate more volcanic activity.

And here, from the BBC, comes a story that suggests an unusual degree of recent submerged volcanic activity creating “weird”, hitherto unrecorded effects. Pumice is a stone, created by volcanic activity, that actually floats.

Incidentally, at a meeting that I attended this spring, a climatologist predicted that the La Nina events linked to the hot summer and drought experienced in the southwest and south-central parts of the U.S. would end by late-July as an El Nino event began to develop. He was right on the money. The rains of August have returned to the Midwest.

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  • Old Buckeye

    It’s also been raining in the Southeast! I’m having a hard time envisioning this island of pumice based on the size of it!
    O/T but referring back to DonQ’s post about education, I saw this today on Ricochet:

  • Marica

    Danny– you might be interested in this:

    It begins:

    This week, with great fanfare,  NASA scientist James Hansen and associates released a paper “The Perception of Climate Change”  in the journal PNAS that claims that recent heat waves and droughts were caused by human-induced climate change.  To quote their abstract:

    ” It follows that we can state, with a high degree of confidence, that extreme anomalies such as those in Texas and Oklahoma in 2011 and Moscow in 2010 were a consequence of global warming because their likelihood in the absence of global warming was exceedingly small.”

    This paper (found here) has been quoted in hundreds, if not thousands, of media outlets and newspapers and has garnered the praise of many environmental advocacy groups. 

    The problem?  Their conclusions are demonstrably false and their characterization of the science and statistics are deceptive at best.  

  • Charles Martel

    Polls are now showing that global warming has dropped way down on the list of people’s concerns. The alarmist power junkies have shot their wad.
    Think of the AGW movement the way you’d think of Madonna: No matter how many pointy-titted bras you put on, or Christian icons you profane, or stringy thighs you expose, the thrill is way, way gone.


    Well, Charles, how you’ve gone and done it – visions of The Goracle in a pointy titted bra. Danny, one of my favorite topics – under water volcanoes.    It’s not Global Warming, it’s Ocean Warming.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s Gaia telling us we shouldn’t have given power to the evil thugs of the Left.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I believe that Gaia pumiced to hold them accountable, Ymarsaker.


    Danny, fascinating link that I forgot to post.

    Underwater volcanoes – Pop Window