Ryan? — Or some other VP pick open thread

My pillow is calling me, and I hope to be asleep when Romney makes his 9:00 a.m. EST (6:00 p.m. PST) Veep announcement. Everyone seems to think its Ryan, though, which makes me happy.

Whether I’m right or wrong, here’s a VP Open Thread for you.

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    Romney will announce on board USS WISCONSIN.  So, I suspect he will go with Ryan. If you have chosen a Badger, where else but the Big Badger Boat to announce it?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Remember, there is no salvation for America without destroying the back of Leftist power. Any solution that purports to achieve this grand goal without destroying the Left, is worse than a dream. In a dream, you can wake up if it turns into a nightmare.

  • Michael Adams

    I am just tickled pink.  Maybe, between the two of them, we can beat the pinko!
    Ymarsakar is right, of course. The Left’s back must be broken.  However, the revolutions that have  succeeded have been those in which a power structure already existed before the fall of the old regime. If Ryan can manage to craft and pass legislation that dismantles and REPLACES the welfare state, most Americans will show that they very much prefer a pay check to a SNAP card. The power structure already exists.  It is called America. Unleashing our people and their creativity was revolutionary once.  It can be so, again.
    It counts for something, at least with me, that two really smart guys  have a chance to replace two, um, not so much, by any objective criteria.

  • Les

    Mitt’s VP app sent a notice out shortly after 7 a.m. this Saturday morning.  We need some R&R.

  • Mike Devx

    Romney is definitely making a play to win Wisconsin.  Hurrah!

    Picking Paul Ryan also makes the campaign more about economics and ideology.  Is it a signal to conservatives that Romney is serious about gutting ObamaCare and taking on the deficit and massive overspending?

    The left had their articles all ready to go, no matter who the pick was.  I love the ‘New Yorker’ claim to be worried that a Vice President Ryan would lack experience in the private sector.  Didn’t seem to concern them when Obama ran for PRESIDENT.

  • Danny Lemieux

    This is a good choice. A serious choice. Now, it will be up to Americans to make the right choice.

  • Caped Crusader

    An absolute stroke of genius to pick two guys from states that never vote Republican and may not even carry their home states, perhaps no one was available from NY, CA, NJ, MI, or some other GOP powerhouse. Do I like them, SURE, they are the kind of guys you hope your sister is dating; but I never vote anything but conservative.
    As “snakehead” Carville has said, “leave it to the GOP to screw up a one car funeral”.
    Pray for America, and agnostics please “send good thoughts”.

  • 94Corvette

    Caped – need I remind you that Al Gore didn’t even carry his own home state and both he and his father had long ties with government there.

    This election has just been defined as a contest between the productive and the moochers.  I am hoping that R&R sweeps because the alternative is the end of the US as we know it.  

  • JKB

    I’ve been watching some of the videos of Ryan.  The Dems are sure going to have wound memories from tangling with him back in 2009/2010. 

    But the one linked below could be a commercial almost on its own.  Ryan owns Charlie Rose who tries to advocate for Obama and lays the Plan

  • Duchess of Austin

    I see this as a positive thing.  Ryan is a wonk, but he’s an articulate wonk with the smarts to be able to translate his wonkish policies into simple language that can be understood by the average American.  He’s young, good looking (he appeals to women), and really, really smart.  I watched him in that “health care summit” that Obama had early on, reciting chapter and verse from Obama’s own law to his face and pissing Obama off pretty well.  *grin*  Love it.  In him, I see some *passion,* not just a dry-as-dust economist boring us all to death with a bunch of policyspeak.  Yay!
    The down side, as I see it, is that the Obamatons are going to take all Ryan’s budget proposals and twist them into something terrible, then run ads on it, but, as I said above, Ryan can defend himself and his policy proposals in clear, simple language.  I’m ok with that.
    The pundits are already saying its going to get very ugly….I hope so!  I’m gonna stock up on popcorn!

  • JKB

    Well, now that Ryan will have the national stage, he can stick with his “Adult Conversation” theme.  He’s said many times, he proposed his budget not as THE solution but to get others to offer their budgets based on realistic data so there can be an adult conversation on how to fix this mess.  This theme is prewired and ready to go.  

    Ryan hasn’t been a hard ideologue.  He’s always admitted that Obama had philosophical differences and that their should be a conversation to find common ground.  That theme will work also.

    Mr. President, let us make this election about an adult conversation over the future of America, its budget, its deficit, its strangling regulation and its commitment to the founding principles.

  • roylofquist

    Tactically, this pick is brilliant. In order to turn this country around we need the cooperation of Congress – both parties. Ryan is well liked and respected on Capitol Hill. He certainly has foes but has not made any enemies. He is always gracious and respectful. He is well wired in the House and as the presiding officer of the Senate he will have an opportunity to work with the Democrats on a daily basis. I expect that he will spend more time on The Hill than any other VP in living memory.

  • Zoltan

    Well we finally have a conservative on the ticket. I think it’s a great choice. Ryan knows the budget, the economy and entitlements inside out. He has the connections on the Hill to shepherd legislation through Congress, and he might be able to bring Wisconsin’s electoral votes to the Republicans.

  • skullbuster

    Paul as VP and Zakeed got busted.  All’s right with the world.

  • Caped Crusader

    94Corvette #8:
    Gore was already Vice President and I was one of those Tennesseans who saw he did not carry his “home” state (actually grew up in DC) and was chosen for his liberalism and would have been elected (God help us) if he had won TN. AND, may I remind you, he did not win.
    roylofquist #12

    “he will have the opportunity to work with the Democrats on a daily basis”
    You must really be John McCain incognito. If you have been awake for the last few years surely you must realize they will NEVER COOPERATE and must be defeated, for they will only demagogue any position where we try to legislate a realistic solution.

    This “reach across the aisle” crap works only one way and that is for us to give in to their demagogic onslaught. The only reach across the aisle I want to see is to “bitch slap’ the likes of Reid, Pelosi, and Schumer.

    I still love you ALL, but for heaven’s sake folks, get to thinking right

  • http://bigfoodetc.blogspot.com Marica

    Talk about the world being right(er). Ryan likes guns and the Second Amendment. It figures, but I was happy to see Only Guns & Money confirm this. http://onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com/2012/08/ryan-on-guns.html

  • jj

    The best I can do is “maybe.”  I’m uncertain of the brilliance of Ryan as VP, though not at all uncertain about Ryan himself – but he’s being removed from where he’s effective.
    Michael Adams, your #3: If Ryan can manage to craft and pass legislation that dismantles and REPLACES the welfare state… he was already doing that.  And he was doing it in the right place, in the place where legislation is crafted and passed: that’s congress.  The leading thinker and crafter has now been removed from the place where crafting and passing happens, and tapped to be VP, a job which involves neither the crafting nor the passing.  His strengths have been nullified, and he will now engage in an endless round of ceremonial duties, and he’ll get to go to lots of funerals all over the world instead of engaging with committees and thinkers to come up with budgets, etc., designed to actually solve problems.  There are horses for courses, and this horse has now been removed from his best course, and best use.  Great PR.  Maybe.  Not so great for actually accomplishing anything.  And he does nothing to put away the experience question: what’s he ever run?  Sure, he thinks good, but what does congress prepare you to run?  A committee maybe, but a nation?  You know it’ll come up – and you know Romney won’t say: “what the hell did Jugears ever run?”
    Mike, #5 – wow!  Romney now has a shot at winning Wisconsin!  Why, hell man – that makes him nigh unbeatable!  It’s a lock!  Come on – Wisconsin?  Wisconsin’s handful of electoral votes are the key to America’s future?  Get Wisconsin and you got the whole enchilada?  Forgive my skepticism.
    Corvette, #8 – quite true, Gore didn’t carry his home state.  I must have been asleep there for a few years, somehow I missed President Gore.  He also didn’t win, did he?
    JKB, #11 – that’s part of the problem, not the solution.  There is no “common ground” with the current generation of democrats.  When you get an asshole like Geithner up there saying, right out front with his bare face hanging out: “we don’t have a plan, and we don’t know the details of your plan, but we know we don’t like it” – because it’s your plan and you’re an (R), not a (D).  (I added that last, but perfectly plainly it’s what he meant.)  Where in this do you suppose there’s “common ground” available?  Harry Reid just flat won’t allow any discussion on budgetary matters, and, in defiance of the law (why isn’t the bastard in a cell somewhere?) hasn’t even bothered to pass a budget in three years.  (“Pass” one?  Who am I kidding?  He won’t even allow it to be discussed.)  “Common ground?”  Where?  There isn’t any, and wasting as much as three seconds looking for it is time wasted.  And conservatives know it.
    He may not have made any enemies, Roly – but did he need to?  With the attitudes (like Geithner’s) prevailing among the democrats, he has them, whether he made them or not.  He decided to be a republican, so they’re there, one of life’s givens.  Reid and Pelosi may not be his “enemies,” true – they just hate him.  And everything he stands for.
    It’ll be interesting, I guess.

  • roylofquist

    Caped Crusader,

    Get a grip, man. The Republicans are going to gain control of the Senate but I doubt that they are going to get to 60. In order to make the necessary changes some Dems are going to have to cross the aisle. The impetus is strong – electoral death awaits the lefties as the 2010 and 2012 elections make clear. But hostility is not the way to tempt them.

    Remember that the Democrats represent about half of the country. Not only are many of their ideas reasonable but also appeal to our friends and neighbors. We ain’t gonna get where we need to if there’s civil war. Chaos and calumny may be food for the zealot’s soul but I ain’t too interested in making you happy.

    McCain? Yes, I voted for him. I also voted for Goldwater, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, GHWB and GWB.


  • Charles Martel

    Speaking of breaking out the popcorn, I cannot wait for the Ryan-Biden VP debate. My only potential misgiving is that I detest cruelty to the mentally handicapped. Please, Mr. Ryan, as you are demolishing Biden and showing the nation what a clueless buffoon he is, leave him a shred of dignity.

  • Michael Adams

    Your grim analysis is probably correct, as far as we can see. However, and I admit that this may be wishful thinking of the sort which more often typifies “Liberals,”   it may be that we need to do some extra-cameral thinking, if we want to see what might really be done.
    You and I are near enough to geezerhood to remember how LBJ used his experience and contacts from the Senate to whip through Kennedy’s and later, his own, legislative agenda. Ryan is not just an articulate CPA.  He knows where a lot of bodies are buried. He is well aware of which arms to twist.
    Also, he ought to help Romney get elected, which is the first step. After all, while we are unlikely to have a two-thirds majority in the Senate to override Obama’s vetoes, a five or six vote majority might be enough to pass meaningful legislation for Romney to sign.  Filibusters have only been popular when Democrats did them, and, with an articulate spokesman on the tube, loudly decrying these obstructionist tactics, even filibusters may not hold.
    Speaking of the extracameral, Ryan is the sort of guy who just might look up from his notes one day and say something like, “We talk about controlling government spending, shrinking the government, and all that wonderfulness. However, what we are really stepping on our own feet, dancing around the elephant in the living room, is that Democrats for the past eighty  years have been dispensing largess to line up support and votes. In spite of the dumbing down of American schools, many of us, maybe most of us, can see that they are bribing us with our own money. The government’s spending problem is not some mysterious addictive process that we need therapy and medication to overcome.  It is a quite deliberate and very obvious deception.  We need only to stop. ” Some will counter that Republicans do this trick, too. Yes, that’s right.  But we do not need to play the Democrats’ game, which we don’t like and nearly always lose. The R and R boys might be the team to do just that. We hope.  We pray.  We send good thoughts.

  • Michael Adams

    Your Southern roots are showing.  The only thing you left out was “Bless his heart.”

  • Duchess of Austin

    I voted for McCain, but believe me, it was more a vote *against* Obama than it was *for* McCain.  This time I can actually vote for a ticket I believe in, for a change.  I rather like that.  Mitt wasn’t my ideal candidate because of the whole MassCare thing, but I believe this was a really smart choice.  It tells me Mitt is reading the tea leaves (grin) and he realizes that having an actual conservative on the ticket…and one who may appeal to the squishes in the middle…is the way to go. 
    Right now, I’m happy with the choice and I can imagine the koolaid drinkers are having a “maalox moment” this morning.  I like that too!  I’d really love to be a fly on the wall in James Carville’s house today.  I’d wager he’s apoplectic.

  • Duchess of Austin

    Oh, and I can’t wait to see Ryan wipe the floor with Joe Biden.  @ Charles Martel…I’m afraid the dignity boat sailed a long time ago.  Biden has no dignity, so there is no point in leaving him anything he never had in the first place.  Shred him.

  • Caped Crusader

    roylofquist #18
    Roy, did all those things also; plus voted for Eisenhower and was a precinct captain and poll watcher in a cold rain for Nixon 1960. I assure you I have a lock grip on reality, but I never realized until today how many of my compatriots were founding, unshakeable, and unquestioning members of the Optimist Club.
    Martel #19
    Agree that Biden will be toast against Ryan, but after analysis by the media Biden will be portrayed as sweet, lovely and erudite French toast, while Ryan will be portrayed as bitter, stale and burnt toast. Conservatives have never figured out how to run against Santa Claus (Democrats) who will promise anything to anybody; and will do no better this time around, I fear. We are always reacting to scurrilous lying charges and have never figured out how to keep the Dems on defense. I fear this gentlemanly New England prep school boy will do no better; and the average American voter with a room temperature IQ and a love of entitlements will think no further than next week in assessing his vote.
    And another of my pet peeves —  if 60% of Americans are conservative, why in hell is there no huge national consrvative newspaper as our own organ of information and we would not give a damn what the NYT and Wapo, etc. think. And why do so many conservatives feel so timid that they cannot do as i did 20 years ago and inform the local lib rag that Tweeie died and I no longer needed the paper.
    jj #17:
    As usual, SPOT ON!!!!

  • MorowbieJukes

    As much as I’d like to see the two ignorant buffoons in the form of Obama and Biden square-off against Romney and Ryan in the debates, I do not think that will happen.
    The Obama campaign will make the flimsy excuse that because of the nasty and vicious campaign being waged against them by the Republicans, they are thus forced to decline to debate.  Of course our Pol-Pot-sympathizing press will applaud this ‘brave’ and ‘high-toned’ decision while (again) scolding the Republicans for being so nasty and divisive (oh, and racist, too).
    Obama and Biden are both certifiable morons but the crime syndicate from Chicago and in the Democratic Party that prop them up are not and can see a massacre in the making.

  • Michael Adams

    Mr. Crusader,
    I cancelled ours sixteen years ago.  Never did like birds, anyway.

  • Caped Crusader

    You’re a good man, Michael Adams!!!!!!!

  • Duchess of Austin

    Its been my contention all along that Obama will try to weasel out of the Presidential debates because Romney will wipe the floor with him.  Lord knows there is plenty of ammunition and I’m hoping that Mitt will take a page out of Gingrich’s handbook and lambaste the host when he gets one of those “gotcha” questions that really means nothing….nothing more than making Romney look bad and Obama look good even before he opens his mouth to answer.
    Romney needs to just stay on message and be aggressive in his answers…tying Obama to a failed policy every time he speaks.  Paul Ryan will make Biden cry like a girl. :Dr  Loooove it!

  • Caped Crusader

    Michael Adams #26:
    You are still a good man, indeed probably a great man, but I must confess that “Tweetie” was a mythical avian creature. I must confess to being a lover of dogs and birds, God’s finest animal creatures. We had “Polly” a large Central American parrot when I was a child, and always a dog in the family. We now have two pet wild Cardinals who follow us everywhere and tweet when they want to be fed; “Little Red” and his mate, “Miss Scarlet”. Beginning to get a St. Francis of Assisi complex

  • Caped Crusader

    Martel #19
    Just ran across this tidbit. Make sure that popcorn is buttered with small amounts of REAL butter and is air popped. We need every vote!

  • Mike Devx

    (in response to my, “Romney is making a play for Wisconsin, hurrah”,
    jj said:
    Mike, #5 – wow!  Romney now has a shot at winning Wisconsin!  Why, hell man – that makes him nigh unbeatable!  It’s a lock!  Come on – Wisconsin?  Wisconsin’s handful of electoral votes are the key to America’s future?  Get Wisconsin and you got the whole enchilada?  Forgive my skepticism.

    Shoot, jj, you’re absolutely right.   If it were *just* Wisconsin, I’d agree. I explained myself horribly, but to really explain my gut instinct would take paragraphs, and I don’t want to do *that*.   But I think I’m on to something.  The short version:

    For me it came down to “the serious economic pick” vs “the political great-image pick”.  The first would be Ryan.  The second would have been Marco Rubio.  And the second pick, Rubio, would have reinforced Florida.  I call Rubio the political pick because he is still new to the scene.  He’s impressive, but still too new, too inexperienced. Ryan is no old hand, but he’s put in plenty of time – 14 years.

    Another political pick would have been to choose a woman.  But there isn’t an absolutely *solid* woman to pick this year.  There are good picks, but not great.

    Wisconsin is the center of the political firestorm these days.  It’s trending conservative and with all the money and attention the Dems have poured into that state vis-a-vis Scott Walker and the election battle and recall battle, Wisconsin is higher profile than just its electoral votes.  It seems to *matter* in this election cycle in one of those turns of fate where something has an effect entirely disproportionate to the effect it *should* have.

    By the way, if you haven’t seen Ryan’s acceptance speech from this morning – try to catch the video.  Neither Romney nor Ryan blew the roof off, but there’s a fundamental *seriousness* to their speeches that moved me toward becoming excited.  Ryan got off a number of very good lines.  And the two of them laid out some very promising lines of attack.  I felt like I was watching the opening moves of a chess match, where with Obama I’m watching the opening moves of “Dancing with the Stars”.

    After watching the video, and thinking about this on and off throughout the day, I’m very excited.  A few days ago, I said that Romney is an utterly play-it-safe politician.  I take that back right now.   Paul Ryan was rather successfully demagogued by the Dems last year/two years ago.  If Romney had wanted to play it safe and still emphasize economics, he’d have gone with Portman (and Ohio).  Not Paul Ryan. 

    This was not the play-it-safe choice.  This means Romney has decided he’s going for it.  This is high risk.  He could lose it all if they don’t succeed.  But if they *do* succeed, we are in fact looking at a landslide of potentially mammoth proportions.  I can’t tell you what the American people will think or do.  But Romney is betting that they are *ready* to listen.  If he’s right, this could be something big.  If he’s wrong… four more years of Obama.  

    What a risk Romney has taken.  I am GLAD, supremely glad, he’s taken the risk.  Play it safe would have meant, in DC terms, a signal that not much was going to change.  Well, if not much changes, we’re still headed to ruin.  With this pick – with the risks – Romney has indicated he’s *serious*.   Perhaps he truly does understand how much trouble we’re in, and what will be necessary to save us.   Perhaps Romney intends to truly make a difference.  For the first time, I am willing to suspend disbelief, and believe that Romney may be SERIOUS.  That gives me hope.

    So, Romney may in fact be serious.  And Obama, he just wants to play another round of golf.  Ryan put a budget out there and took all the arrows.  The Senate Democrats, required by law to submit a budget every year, are at three years and counting.  One side may be serious, and the other side just wants to play and play and screw the entire country over.

    The American people, in a sense, are on trial now.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Those loyal to America have experience creating economic and intellectual opportunities for the entire human species. Those loyal to their market portfolios like the Democrats and Obama, have experience creating crime, misunderstanding, ethnic conflict, and corporate monopolies.

    Pick which one you think humanity deserves to progress towards as a sign of liberal goals. Remember, there is no America without fairness and justice. But America will take a long time to die even if you vote in totalitarian thugs.