So…will Obama follow Sarah Palin’s advice?

So, will Obama follow Sarah Palin’s advice and ask Hillary to be his running mate? Hmmm…consider this Hillary-ous political ad that disproves once and for all the ridiculous notion that conservatives do not have a sense of humor.

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  • Libby

    I think Obama might actually prefer losing over giving the impression that he followed (and, therefore, needed) Palin’s advice. However, according to Ed Klein, author of “The Amateur,” his sources in the Hillary camp say that Obama asked her two weeks ago and she turned him down.
    So…Palin knew her advice would be unwanted, but did she also know about Hillary already turning Obama’s offer down? Now that would be the ultimate psych-out, wouldn’t it?

  • Danny Lemieux

    I think that Sarah Palin has always managed to stay one or two steps ahead of her opponents, intellectually.

    This time, she put Obama into a lose-lose situation. How can he possibly take her advice without it turning into a GOP ad?

  • Karl

    I’m imagining a three-step process.
    1)  Have Joe Biden step down for health reasons.
    2)  Tap Hillary Clinton as running mate.
    3)  Hire a food taster.

  • Mike Devx


    Paul Ryan spoke two days ago in Florida to senior citizens, with his Mom.
    Here is the Romney ad produced from the event:

    The Romney campaign can’t – by law – spend most its fundraising dollars until after the GOP convention.
    If they roll out ads on a consistent basis as good as this one, on TV for general consumption… all I can say is, hoo-BOY!  Or is it woo-HAH!