Message to Obama: Never pick a fight with military professionals

You know that expression “Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel”?  I think Obama might want to coin a new one, something along the lines of “Never pick a fight with the toughest, bravest, meanest, scariest-ass fighters in the world.”

I like watching martial arts fighting.  I bet I’ll like watching this fight too.  You know, this:

versus this:


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  • Mike Devx

    slightly off topic?
    The cries of RACISM! RACISM! are heating up again.  In a recent story about a GOP judge worried about civil unrest, here’s the official Democrat take:
    The Democrats in Lubbock aren’t laughing.
    “It’s ridiculous. It’s very embarrassing for us here in Lubbock,”Commissioner Gilbert Flores said frustrated.
    When asked if the Judge should resign over his comments Mr. Flores said, “I don’t know if it will do any good if he resigns or not. I will be very honest with you, this is West Texas, this is hard core anti-Obama/Tea Party.”  Flores continued, “Most of these people here are not anti-Obma, President of the United States, they are anti-Obama the black man.”
    I’m not anti-Obama the President, nor am I anti-Obama the black man.  I’m anti-Obama the reckless spender, the fiscally dangerous, the economically immature.  And so are most or all Tea Party supporters and members.  It’s the economy, stupid, not the skin color!
    There’s no way I’d vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and that does NOT make me a misogynist.  If you could transport Margaret Thatcher from England in 1980 directly to today, I would vote for HER over just about any other possible candidate.
    Obama is only half-black.  I’d vote for Allen West, who is 100% black, in a heartbeat for any post of any sort whatsoever.  There are a number of other great black candidates and office holders and commentators and economists out there that I 100% support, too.  I suppose this makes me a half-black racist???  Because I detest what Obama THINKS, not what he IS.  Inquiring minds would like to know the truth here, my tiny-brained Democrats!
    But try telling any of this to the Democrats.  To them it’s all just RACISM! RACISM! RACISM!  They’ll never stop.  That’s all they can see.

  • Caped Crusader

    That bicycle pic will certainly strike fear and trembling in the heart of any adversary that would dare to “mess with us”; feel safe now?

  • transphat

    I’ve already seen Gen Dempsey weigh in and say that the ex military shouldn’t criticize the POTUS. But what else was he going to say? Guess who nominated him and who he works for.
    When I retire I sign a non-disclosure statement about Classified info, but not one that muzzles my free speech.
    If these former SpecOps guys want to express their opposition to POTUS taking credit for their heroism, go for it. They should push back HARD on any attempt to muzzle them, especially given the absolute lack of uniformed experience of anyone in the WH.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Not just Alan West, but Mia Love and Herman Cain have captured the hearts of the Tea Party conservatives. 

    Actually, I am against Obama for his color – he’s a RED!  

  • Charles Martel

    I’ve never understood the racist assumption that a man’s skin color affects how well he thinks and acts, or his character. That is sooo Democrat.
    Of course our leftist brethren are not the deepest or subtlest thinkers, so what they’re really talking about is culture. The average white Democrat knows him an authentic black when he sees or hears one—the mangled English, the butt-ugly bling, the trail of fatherless kids all tell him so. That’s the proud Democratic legacy!
    So here’s where my matching confusion begins: How does a pantywaist, sibilant ess-making, mom jeans-wearing metrosexual like Obama qualify as authentically black? Perhaps PaulScott could run an emergency sortie from HuffPo or the DCC to set me straight?

  • Michael Adams

    West Texas is so racist that most districts NEVER had segregated schools, unlike, for example, Topeka Kansas. Flores is just taking advantage of the general ignorance of such a large number of Americans.
    I have seen comments from people in the Midwest, who asserted that such and such an Asian person would have trouble in the South, because “they are so  notoriously racist.” Actually, the South has a long history of unrestricted acceptance of most ethnic groups. There are Dowds, for example, in many small Southern towns, not Irish Dowd, but a a form of Daoud, Arabic for David. Lebanese people settled there over a hundred and fifty years ago. 
    The Democrats need to protect people from something, poor whites from the Blacks, the workers from the evil capitalists, beset modernists from the Religious Right. e.g.Governor Perry is pretty unpopular in Texas, but a Useful Idiot coworker was most concerned about the fact that the Governor had attended a prayer meeting, which she saw as a threat to religious liberty.

  • Mike Devx

    I’ve lived in Texas for almost thirty years now, and I am almost never confronted by overt racism.

    Every time I go home to the North (Michigan, suburban Detroit), I am *always* shocked by the overt racism around me.  And I am confronted up there by a deep and ugly divide between the races that just does not culturally exist here in Texas.

    It is true that people are simply more polite to each other in the South.  But I think over the decades they have struggled with the issue more, and have made graceful accommodation to each other.  I am speaking generally, of course, but really that means that I am speaking *culturally*.

    What I see here in the South – well at least in Texas – just seems so much healthier to me than what I encounter back home in Michigan.  I repeat that the difference in racial animosity up there is always shocking when I visit.

  • Kevin_B

    There are a pile of stereotypes about the American South. I’m not going to name them, I guess you Americans are probably more familiar with them than I could possibly ever be. I know that the American South has some distinctive cultural features, but I have no real clue of what the Southern identity/culture really is. Anyhow, yes, the South has high numbers of (devoutly) religious and politically conservative people, but I think there’s definitely some good about that.
    One of the impressions I do get about the American South – from tv shows, literature, the internet, et cetera, not the best sources, mind you – is that in general, Southerns don’t really trust the government, certainly the federal government, and prefer decentralized government, self-reliance and self-government. They don’t seem to like being told what to do. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I would be something I can appreciate – a lot. Another impression is that, well, yes, Southerns may be (socially) conservative, they may also have libertarian tendencies in certain areas, and are not necessarily – or perhaps not even at all – totalitarian or theocratic. They may have certain opinions, but don’t really care all that much about others, or wouldn’t want to intrude in there lives. 
    Another thing I noticed is on one side, individualism and self-governance, and on the other hand, community ties and charity to others. I have also noticed Southerns are often pretty friendly and hospitable.
    I may of course be completely wrong here. But I really don’t dislike the American South, despite all the stereotypes, which may not even, often, be true. I also don’t think the South is bad to life in, even if you don’t necessarily fit into the traditional Southern image. I don’t really believe the image that a majority of (white) Southerns are hateful, intolerant bigots and racists. I doubt that is true, even if many Southerns might have certain views. About the racism thing… well, the South does have a history of slavery and racism – like the Jim Crow stuff. But I believe all that is firmly in the past, and I’d like to believe Southerns (white ones) have moved on from that as well. If what Mike Devx is generally true, I guess that just might be true. There might be some racists alive in the South, just like elsewhere, but I doubt very much racism is still so ingrained in the South as it may have been once upon a time. 
    Btw, on a side note, some of the music from the American South, most notoriously the Blues, were a major influence in the early days and development of my favorite musical genre, Heavy Metal.
    As for Obama…. well, I’m not an American, but I really don’t like Obama. There are many reasons and I don’t think I really have to mention them, since they are much the same as for you Americans. The moment I began to dislike Obama was after his Cairo speech and after I realized how much he panders to the Islamic world. Of course, that opened the floodgates for a whole lot of other discoveries on Obama. I don’t dislike or criticize Obama because he is black or half-black. I do so because he is a bad president and because he is damaging a nation. Which is why I guess nearly all of his other critics go after him as well. Nearly no-one is doing this for racist motives; the motives really are patriotic ones. I’d say the very same things if Obama had been white, hispanic, Asian, fully black or native American. This is not about race. This is about bad politics. The ones using the race rhetoric are just stupid. They’re only coming up with that one because they have nothing else.
    Regarding Obama and his cycling: well, I really don’t think cycling is an unmanly or metrosexual thing to do. But I do think there’s something wrong here with Obama’s clothes. The mom jeans, the sneakers. Don’t have anything to say about wearing a helmet, that may not be such a bad thing. But I’d advise against men wearing white sneakers and mom jeans. Nothing wrong with jeans or sneakers, just choose the right ones. Cycling is not unmanly either, I think, and I like doing so, but admittedly, I’m not exactly very manly, depending on how you see manliness. My bicycle does, however, not have a lowered bar.
    Lastly, about Obama picking a fight with the military… well, he’s even more stupid that I thought he was. He seems to be willing to go any length in his campaign for a second presidential term. It reeks of desperation, or at least, it seems that way to me. We can only hope this is going to backfire.