Wednesday morning this and that

I’m heading out for a while, but I do have some articles lined up that I think you might enjoy:

The Todd Akin news is a total downer, since he refused to withdraw when it was easy to do so.  Keep in mind that this is not about pro-Choice or pro-Life.  It’s about pro-Stupid, to the extent he’s advancing a ludicrous idea that has nothing to do with anyone but rape fantasies.  But here’s something that is comforting, although it’s a sad commentary on our youth:  they couldn’t care less about this election.  Mr. Hope and Change took away their hope and they’re not lining up for the polls.  Or at least, Democrat leaning youth aren’t lining up.  I’m betting that those who think they might have a future under Romney will be there when the polls open.

Speaking of Todd Akin, he’s not making any difference to Democrat hypocrisy.  Smart folk are pointing it out but, as usual, the MSM and other Democrats don’t care.

I’m not a David Brooks fan.  I didn’t like him before he fell in love with the crease in Obama’s pants, and I’ve liked him less since.  Nevertheless, he gets kudos for trying to explain to NYTimes readers that there’s nothing “radical” or “extremist” about Ryan and Romney.  If he changes just a few minds, that will be a good thing.

Oh!  Oh!  And this is cool.  If you like William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection, I know you’ll like (or even love) his new site:  College Insurrection.

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