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I’m heading out for a while, but I do have some articles lined up that I think you might enjoy:

The Todd Akin news is a total downer, since he refused to withdraw when it was easy to do so.  Keep in mind that this is not about pro-Choice or pro-Life.  It’s about pro-Stupid, to the extent he’s advancing a ludicrous idea that has nothing to do with anyone but rape fantasies.  But here’s something that is comforting, although it’s a sad commentary on our youth:  they couldn’t care less about this election.  Mr. Hope and Change took away their hope and they’re not lining up for the polls.  Or at least, Democrat leaning youth aren’t lining up.  I’m betting that those who think they might have a future under Romney will be there when the polls open.

Speaking of Todd Akin, he’s not making any difference to Democrat hypocrisy.  Smart folk are pointing it out but, as usual, the MSM and other Democrats don’t care.

I’m not a David Brooks fan.  I didn’t like him before he fell in love with the crease in Obama’s pants, and I’ve liked him less since.  Nevertheless, he gets kudos for trying to explain to NYTimes readers that there’s nothing “radical” or “extremist” about Ryan and Romney.  If he changes just a few minds, that will be a good thing.

Oh!  Oh!  And this is cool.  If you like William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection, I know you’ll like (or even love) his new site:  College Insurrection.

Consider this an Open Thread.

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  • JKB

    Why has gasoline pricing become so volatile?  Some of us who came of age under Carter might feel it is because of the OPEC and even later deregulation.  But the truth is otherwise.  Gasoline is volatile because the EPA and state environmental agencies have made it a specialty chemical.

    Failure to Arbitrage: Gasoline Markets, David Henderson | EconLog  

    When I researched this op/ed, I interviewed an economist at the American Petroleum Institute who had a great line. He referred to the U.S. gasoline market as a “boutique market.” Morriss and Boudreaux quote another great line from a refinery executive. It makes the same point: “Gasoline is not gasoline anymore. It is a specialty chemical.” 

    We cannot get Walmart efficiencies with the government mandated “mom and pop” business model.   Worse, many of the special brews no longer make sense in the face of modern fuel efficient vehicles.

  • JKB

    Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine  

    David Henderson over at Econlog linked to the above TED video.  I highly recommend it for those here.  Very inspiring about the impact of the washing machine as well was a bit of a lecture to those who live above the airline level about lecturing to those who live below the wash line.  

    As an aside, the speaker has an accent.  I heard “environmentally-infested student” but I presume he said “environmentally-invested student”.  I think my perception was more accurate.

    I don’t want to ruin the ending but I had not considered his point about what came out of the washing machine when the first dirty laundry went in.  Inspiring. 

  • Jose

    A couple days after the Aurora shooting, I read that a woman was discovered with anti-gay slurs carved into her skin.  Considering the calls for gun control, I found it ironic that one event raised calls for restrictions on the weapons used, while the other, more logically, focused attention on the inhumanity of the perpetrators.

    Now it is reported that the victim faked the knife attack, and the wounds are self-inflicted.

    Isn’t it amazing how progressives control the narrative, and use violence, even self-inflicted, to advance their agenda?

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left knows no bounds when it comes to destroying their enemies. Which, coincidentally, includes a lot of people in America.


  • Ymarsakar

    Or at least, Democrat leaning youth aren’t lining up

    One of their longer ranged plans is to control the students via either a draft or an irs edit of their student debts. They will probably go with student debt as they have more control over that than the Senate Defense committee, ever since the draft was eliminated after Vietnam. They will propose a plan with the ostensible purpose of relieving student debts, which the Left caused in the first place with high paid professor benefits and government salaries. Everybody else will jump on the wagon to “save the children”. Then it will be released, some 10-30 years down the road, that this plan, coincidentally, gave student debt forgiveness if they voted. Democrat that is. The government is also using armed militia raids of students that try to declare bankruptcy and avoid their debt. Soon the MPAA will be given the power to regulate what is or isn’t copyright on the internet. Giving the Dems even more power over students since they download a lot of movies and mp3s. Meanwhile the remaining semi-sane politicians in America are busy talking about how Democrats are not creating jobs for teenagers. The thing is, it doesn’t matter whether they create jobs or not, because when a kid has a gun pointed at their head and the Democrat sugar daddy says “come over here, we’ll give you free money”, they aren’t going to choose the third option of “leave and join the Republicans”.

    The Left has had decades to create a system where their power makes the rules and the laws. Meanwhile, people have been letting this happen, somehow thinking it’ll go away in a few election cycles.

    It’ll never go away until the Left is entirely destroyed.