What Obama isn’t telling you about his second term

Obama’s out there talking, every day, not to the White House reporters, but to his supporters (a group that includes, but is bigger than, the White House reporters).  He mouths platitudes and insults Republicans.  The one thing he doesn’t talk about, though, is what he actually intends to during the next four years.  Kimberly Strassel looks at the available evidence and extrapolates from this evidence  what he almost certainly will do (the only things he can do) during the next four years.  Having read Strassel’s article, it’s no wonder that Obama’s not talking.  The only ones who will like this agenda are the true believers.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    The objective of the Left has always been to dismantle the United States as we know it. What it is supposed to be replaced with is beyond their puny minds to comprehend. The Left is nothing more than the primal scream by over-indulged middle-to-upper class kids.

  • MacG
  • https://picasaweb.google.com/102427392960537405774 Kevin_B

    The only thing a second Obama term could do is screw America up further.


    I’ve never written a film review – can’t and won’t start now. Dinesh Dsouza has done a really good documentary that runs about 1 1/2 hours. He doesn’t attack Obama, nor does he question birth certificates or who fathered Obama, he simply looks at the timeline from Hawaii to DC from the ground (literally). Most striking is that he does this through the lens of a man born, the same year as Obama and by using Obama’s voice from “Dreams” the film delivers the message without bruising the viewer.

    Sgt. Joe Friday would have been proud – “All we know are the facts, ma’am.”
    2016: Obama’s America | Official Movie Site

  • Mike Devx

    How about that, Sadie and I are on the same page.

    I just got back from “2016 Obama’s America”.  Some are calling it a “hard-hitting documentary”.  I don’t think it was hard-hitting at all.  I think that if Obama ran into Dnesh D’Souza twenty years from now, he’d actually smile at Dnish and say, “Brother, of everyone, I think you pegged me the closest.  Your movie was actually fair to me, and you got me right.”

    I’d heard all the claims.  There was not one piece of information in the movie that was new to me.  You may be surprised by the interview with his brother George.  I was surprised; the guy is no dummy.  And he’s as good a brother to Obama with his comments as you could expect.  (A brother that Obama doesn’t deserve, frankly.)

    The movie is quiet and rather unassuming and therefore, in the end, it was deeply disturbing to me.  There wasn’t one ranting n raving in the entire movie.  Sober and, frankly, rather chilling.  It kept me interested the entire way through.  Very well done.  I won’t tell you my conclusions or my fears, especially about what an unleashed Obama might be like in his final political term in high office.  I’d rather you draw your own conclusions.


    Mike Devx

    Imagine my surprise when I got home from the 2:20 show today and saw this link at Drudge: BOX OFFICE: Anti-Obama Movie #1… Developing…

    The comment section revealed that many movie theaters were packed today, since it went into wider release. I can’t say the same for the handful that showed up locally this afternoon but there was applause. It really should be a must see for college students and hopefully, the RNC or an off-shoot will see to it, because it’s definitely an ice-breaker.