The real “Premium Rush”

There’s a new movie out called Premium Rush.  It has something to do with a bike messenger who finds himself trying to stay one step ahead of a dirty cop.  I can’t comment on the movie, not having seen it.  However, every time I hear the title, I get a little subliminal “ding” in my head, one that makes me think of the real “Premium Rush”:

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  • Earl

    Where would we be without this man…..?
    I still remember the first time I listened to him — he was broadcasting from Sacramento and we were building our own house from the ground up.  I was already hooked on talk shows – Dad used to listen to Ira Blue (look him up, you young’uns!), and S.F. stations had a bunch of guys, morning, noon and night.
    But after a couple of hours of Rush, I yelled at Gail something like “There’s this hilarious guy on the radio who sounds like he thinks exactly the way we do!!”
    He’s human….he has his faults……but the U.S. is a better place because of what he does!