The appearance of “Indigenous Muslims” at the DNC offends America’s true indigenous people

Identity politics worked very well for the Democrats for a long time, provided that they played the various little groups off against “white men.”  Barring some in-fighting in academia amongst various “victim” subgroups — a spectacle that Christina Hoff Sommers described to hilarious effect in Who Stole Feminism?: How Women Have Betrayed Women — Democrats mostly managed adroitly to hide from their interest groups that, if you define the economy as a finite, government-controlled pie, eventually there will not be enough pieces to go around.

Or maybe the Democrats shouldn’t get even that credit.  Because the obsession with identity politics didn’t gain traction until the Reagan years (although it existed before), there was usually enough pie to go around once one had successfully dispossessed those poor white males.  Now, however, despite or because of 3.7 years of Obamanomics, the pie is small and crumbly.  And with that small pie, the allegiances are getting frayed as well.

A friend Servo1969 sent me a link to an interesting post contending that Native Americans have had it up to here and beyond with the Democrat team’s game-playing.  They were offended when it turned out that Elizabeth Warren had parlayed a false (or, at least, incredibly attenuated) Native American heritage into a well-paid legal career.  Now, some are even more peeved, and rightfully so, by the fact that the Democrats are pandering to a Muslim group that identifies itself as representative of “indigenous Muslims”:

Native Americans are very angry to learn that Muslims in the United States of America are being touted as “indigenous”, a complete falsehood.


Twenty-thousand Islamists and their sympathizers are expected to attend the opening of the Democratic National Convention on August 31 [BW:  It’s actually September 4 to September 6] to focus on Islam with Jumah[sic], the Friday prayer, to draw in Muslims to the DNC. The important prayer and two days of events are being coordinated by the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs (BIMA), a national Muslim non-profit claiming that the event is non-political. Being a part of the actual convention makes it pretty hard to claim that it isn’t a political event. The initials BIMA quickly caught my attention because I’m keyed in to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the agency that my husband works closely with in his capacity as Director of Security for an Indian casino. I was appalled when I went to the BIMA website and saw the words “Indigenous Muslim.”

The word “indigenous” is a term of art.  It does not mean that someone is born within a country’s borders.  Instead, it refers, always, to the original people who populated a country before an imperialist force (Western or Eastern) took over.  One can have American-born Muslims, but there are no “indigenous Muslims.”  It’s either foolish, disingenuous, or dishonest for Muslims to try to parlay their non-white status into a simulacrum of the United States’ true Native American population.

Lesson to Democrats:  You can successfully complain about pie allocation when there’s lots of pie.  If you destroy the pie, however, you may regret trying to slice it into so many different pieces.

UPDATE:  As you can see, I substituted “Servo1969” for “A friend.”  I mention that here because, if people send me emails with information, I always ask people’s permission before using their name in a post.  When I wrote the post, I hadn’t yet confirmed that Servo1969 wouldn’t mind showing up in here.

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  • Charles Martel

    Well, I’m am “indigenous Catholic,” so why won’t the Dems allow my fellow indigenous Catholic Cardinal Dolan to give an invocation at their upcoming coven meeting?
    By the way, this is another place where the Democrats’ deep-rooted racism twists them into Gordian Knots. Their appeal to Muslims is based on their perception that Muslims are not white. But tens of millions of Muslims are white.
    The problem is that the Democrats, including black Democrats, are mired in the old Jim Crow definitions of whiteness—created by the Democratic Party—including their variation on the old British notion that “Wogs begin at Calais.”
    Even though Arabs, Iranians, and most Indians are Caucasoids, the Democrats’ version of Calais is the Bosporus. West of the strait is where you find “real” whites. East of it, the people are just too dark to deserve to be called white.  


    Will prayer mats have the Obama logo?

  • MacG

    Book I see that you state the the DNC starts the 31st like Red State does here .  I forwarded the red state lionk to the DNC mentioned in that post to a friend and got a rather angry reply for the dishonesty of that post as the convention mentioned is NOT the DNC.  The DNC does not start until Sept 3.  After soem evlauation it is clear that that website promioting hte Juma   at the DNC is NOT the DNC website neither is publisehd by the DNC.  Can anybody help clear this up?

  • Bookworm

    I didn’t realize that, MacG, since the erroneous date was contained within the material I quoted.  I was more interested in the “indigenous Muslim” bit than I was in the various dates.  I’m not a very date oriented person, to the point where I have my calendar email me reminders when my kids’ birthdays are drawing near.  I’ve missed a couple of weddings too in my time, although not my own!



    Maybe this link (Creeping Sharia) will clear up some of your questions. 

    Muslim group to host mass prayer at DNC; expects 20,000

    And…I found this within the article.
    On page 2 of the DNC Jummah flyer, Abdellah seemingly brags about defending terrorists in the 1993 World Trade Center attacks and we quote, “A Lead Defense Attorney For First 1993 World Trade Bombing Suspects Hassen Abdellah Has Etched His Name In Islamic History As It Is Being Written Right Here In America.” (all caps in the flyer)
    According to the flyer, the DNC has approved Hough and Abdellah’s presence at DNC and the mass Islamic prayer.   

  • MacG

    Thanks Sadie but that is not the DNC proper as RedState et al are claiming.  This is a black eye for the conservatives  who press this issue as it was for me  and my liberal friend

    A national Muslim American organization plans a series of events to coincide with the Democratic National Convention in September. ”

    Un kless we can find a statement from the DNC that they “approve this message” then it is best to not say that this this a DNC event especially since it is 3-4 days before.  THe article that you linked to staes that 1,000 of events are coordinated around the DNC. 

    Now if this is not a DNC event the the DNC ought issue a cease and dissist order for the use of DNC in the promotional materials.  

  • Call me Lennie

    Indigenous muslims — Oh Lawdy, Mahdi!  If there were a hundred Muslimns in the United States before 1880, when the first wave of Muslim immigration  began, I will eat my kaffiyah — with a side order of ‘iqal
    ‘iqal — that’s the ropey thingie that kaffiyah wearers place on top of their cranial towels

  • JohnC

    GatewayPundit now has a post up about JUMAH At The DNC.

    “The Obama Campaign will sponsor an Islamic Jumah at the DNC in September. Obama’s DNC lists the assembly as an “official function.” – Jim Hoft

    So, is it considered DNC event or not?

  • MacG

    John C

    From the 2012 Charlotte site”The Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established by the city of Charlotte to fulfill obligations of the master contract with the Democratic National Convention Committee. In addition to those obligations, Charlotte in 2012 works to engage the citizens of Charlotte and the Carolinas through business and civic opportunities, ensure that the Convention leaves a positive lasting legacy, and tell Charlotte and the region’s story to the nation and the world.”

    I doubt this ‘non partisan ‘ committee will have a ‘Friends of Israel’ speech or opening prayer event.

    This is not the DNCC 

    This all appears to be some sleight of mind trick to me.

  • MacG

    It is curious that the the Democratic National Convention has not issued a cease and desist order for using the DNC initials in such a confusing way


    It is curious that the the Democratic National Convention has not issued a cease and desist order for using the DNC initials in such a confusing way.

    Color me SHOCKED.    

  • Call me Lennie

    Hey guys, what’s a jumah?  I think you all mean jum’ah, which is Arabic for Friday and short for “salaat al jum’ah” (Friday prayers) which take place at al jaam’ or mosque.  That apostrophe is not some linguistic void that can be ignored; it’s an actual consonant.  Indeed it’s the most common consonant in the Arabic language.
    When I clicked on JohnC’s link, I can see that the DNC itself made the mistake.  Pretty typical of Dems; they pose as being possesed of superior knowledge about Islam than us Republican dhimwits, yet they frequently make these types of errors


     Call me Lennie (extra points for “dhimwits”)

    Just as typical of the Dems are their kissin’ cousins.     

        via the Bureau of Muslim Affairs

  • MacG

    Lennie the DNC did not make that mistake, the Charlotte 2012 group that has DNC plastered all its site did.  THey are muddying the waters.

    Dhimwits!  Sadie you;re the best :)


    MacG – kudoos go to Call me Lennie for “dhimwits”

    I am soooo confused. The linked site [see my post #13] with photos of all the flyers for jumah, are they a product of BIA or the Charlotte 2012 group, which is also has me confused.

    Janice Covington, being selected as the first openly transgender delegate from North Carolina to the Democratic National Convention was “better than amazing” and is the culimination of a long journey. (snip). Ayers, 53, said that half of the congregation are members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, and his church is home to people of all Christian traditions as well as people of other faiths and agnostics and atheists. About 130 people are associated with the church. 

    Original Article  

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