A little good cheer for your Monday — and an Open Thread

I’ve been moping around this morning, but I cheered up a lot when I saw this one.

I’m going off to exercise now, which should elevate my mood, but it precludes blogging.  Consider this a Monday Morning Open Thread.

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  • http://bigfoodetc.blogspot.com Marica

    Cleaning house because it’s no fun being stuck inside a messy house waiting for the rain to stop. Thank you, Isaac. 

  • JKB

    I found this the other day.  It might be amusing to some here.  It is advice on dressing the part for the military wife

    You Wore What?? Military Fashion Do’s and Don’ts : Baseguide  

    Such as:

    Avoid elaborate undergarments. This is especially important for a deployment homecoming. Military events are very hurry-up-and-wait affairs. You might run to catch a bus, and then stand in a hall for two hours. Both activities can lead to chafing. Plus, despite your fantasies, reunion sex is notoriously awkward. Don’t make it complicated. Opt for matching, silky, supportive and stretchy. Before a ball, always give underthings a dry run at home with your outfit.  

  • JKB

    Nice comic posted over at Carpe Diem  mjperry.blogspot…cartoon-of-day-green-jobs.html 

    The observation is the best though:

    More than a decade ago, Paul Gigot of the WSJ pointed out that “ethanol is produced by mixing corn with our tax dollars.”  In that case, solar energy is produced by mixing sunlight with our tax dollars.  

    This reminds me of a story my brother told.  A friend had some land where he grew high quality hay for horses.  This required annual application of fertilizer.  The friend decided to cut back so one year he skipped the fertilizer, the yield for the hay was off more than 50%.  it was then the friend realized he was feeding natural gas, a major constituent of fertilizer, to the horses.  He subsequently decided to get out of the business of keeping horses.

    On the unfortunate side, the fetish for making alcohol, and not even good whiskey, is set to send food prices skyhigh and many unfortunate horses for sell on the cheap  pjmedia…149541/

  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    I posted the video a week ago. That’s my cousin’s company; Shilo is in Kunar as an Army sniper. He won’t tell us if he’s in the video, so we think he’s there somewhere.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    The Flight of the Conchords have come back together to do a charity gig, teaming with a local NZ children’s charity. They asked school kids for ideas and help with writing lyrics for a song to help sick children. This is the adorable and funny result. 
    I sadly couldn’t help but think that, while children have cute ideas, the absurdity level is not different than things I have heard adults (and lots of politicians) say will help solve problems we have (or don’t have) today.

  • Beth

    Thanks for posting video!  Did indeed brighten my day.God Bless all our men and women in uniform!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Thank you, Book. I made good use of that Video. Great find. 

  • Caped Crusader

    Smartest dog in America: