Magic Mike intersects with the RNC protests

James Taranto writes from Tampa about the Leftist protest and its sponsor (emphasis mine):

“Really hard to notice the RNC protesters if you’re not running around trying to find them,” Slate’s Dave Weigeltweeted early yesterday afternoon. “V far from convention, other events.”

The convention’s start was delayed a day, and so was the late-afternoon party in honor of Grover Norquist that we’d planned to attend. This seemed like an excellent time to check out the protesters, such as they were. So we sent Weigel a direct message asking where he found them. He didn’t reply. We guess he wanted an exclusive.

Enlisting Twitter as a reporting tool, we asked our 16,000 followers (in case you’re not among them, we’re @jamestaranto) and quickly came up with 2101 W. Main St., site of “Occupy Tampa.” After lunch we rode out there and found a pitiful little encampment on a lot so small that Zuccotti is Yellowstone by comparison. OT propaganda calls the site “Voice of Freedom Park,” but the map doesn’t show a park there.

It turns out the site is privately owned, by “adult nightclub owner Joe Redner,” as the Tampa Tribune euphemistically put it in June.

Wow!  That rings a bell.  Sleazy adult nightclub owner in Tampa?  A-ha!  I know what’s familiar.  It reminds me of the movie Magic Mike about a stripper who works at a club in Tampa:

The club is owned by Dallas, (Matthew McConaughey) who is a self serving, all-indulging proprietor of the club, and has designs on creating an empire which in his words, will “globally dominate” the world of male strippers. He forgoes friendships and loyalty to achieve his dream, including jeopardizing a close friendship with Mike who has been with him from the start for 6 years and is one of Dallas’ star performers.

So, ladies and gentlemen, is this what the proud sponsor of the RNC protests looks like?

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  • Kevin_B

    Well, Occupy and Democrats have been associated with dubious and sleazy figures before, haven’t they? I guess the “night club owner” supports these protesters (who are a bunch of stupid and lazy kids, usually) because he fears Republicans/conservatives might put him out of business and because he doesn’t mind paying high taxes on his business. Anyhow, I’m not sure how many conservatives would actually want to ban sleazy night clubs/strip joints. Would I like to see them go? Certainly. Would I advocate banning and prosecuting them? Not sure on that one.
    Btw, sleazy endorsements aren’t always limited to the Democrats and protesters against the Republicans. Recently, I read about endorsements for Romney from porn stars Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy, on the grounds that rich people want Republicans in office. Not exactly the kind of endorsement you want either.