Thoughts on peanut throwers

The Left is excited:  two people were allegedly ejected from the RNC because they threw peanuts at a black CNN camera operator and said “this is how we feed the animals.”  Put aside the fact that this happened with two people out of thousands in attendance, and put aside the fact that they were swiftly ejected, rather than celebrated.  Here’s what I’m willing to bet, although we’ll probably never know if they were ejected without ascertaining their true identities:  I bet investigation would reveal that they’re Democrats.

In any event, the Leftist media is on fire when it comes to finding racism everywhere — the liberal racist dog whistle blows loud, long, and clear to those attuned to its frequencies.

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  • jj

    Just as though in this day and age anybody other than an agitator (a community agitator) would be jackass enough to even contemplate such a thing – let alone do it – in sight of just about anyone.  Do it to someone bearing a camera with a CNN logo on the side?  Sure.  Of course.  Gee, look at the flock of flying pigs up there, so many of them they’re blotting out the sun!
    If your IQ is higher than that of the chair on which you’re sitting – a qualification that eliminates most democrats – then you know what this is.  Clever and sneaky, I suppose – to someone in the second grade.

  • Indigo Red

    On the other hand, the two political poltroons could have seen the CNN logo and referred to the cable network as “animals” with no notice of the cameraman’s skin color. Either way, it was stupid behavior. My guess would be the two are Dem infiltrators. Even if they are Republicans, it says something about Dems if one’s first reaction is Democrat party crashers.

  • Caped Crusader

    If there is a psychiatrist or psychologist among us, please try to explain why the Democrats are so TOTALLY OBSESSED with race, quotas, skin color, sexual matters, and myriad other things that the normal person spends little or no time worrying about; but don’t seem to give a damn as to whether we ALL survive economically or physically. It’s got to do with early toilet training or something similar warping them from early childhood. It’s hard to believe they are all anal retentive. I don’t believe I’ve ever known a friendly, happy, giving, generous liberal, and one would think it should be so. But then they are anything BUT what I consider A CLASSIC liberal, but are the exact opposite. If you grow up a happy, loving, giving, intelligent child is it possible to become a Democrat?

  • Libby

    Not buying this story at all. They’ve been trying to pin racist and violent behavior on the Tea Party since it started. And the Tea Party movement has repeatedly demonstrated how to protest like adults, without destruction of property or personal insults like this.


    I am throwing my hat in with Caped Crusader.

    Early potty training, creating IBS, which causes the liberal to either run at the mouth or be full of **it . 

  • Caped Crusader

    We can ALWAYS count on Sadie for a to the point totally correct analysis — what a treasure!!

  • Charles Martel

    Caped, it’s projection. I’ve met very few leftists who were not racist to the core, and that’s one of the reasons why I left the Democratic Party. What its leaders have done to black Americans over the past five decades is a crime.
    See, it feels great to ascribe imaginary racism to your political opponents even as you’re driving a knife into the backs of black kids by sentencing them to crappy public schools and encouraging their mothers to have one fatherless kid after another. No matter that you’re no better than a closet adulterer who loudly defends marriage even as he betrays it—the point is to stay closeted, and one way to do that is to point an accusing finger at anybody who doesn’t live a lie like you do.
    The fetish for quotas hides a deep-seated fear of hard work and competition, often combined with a twisted sense of entitlement and inferiority. When “scholars” like Cornel West, or Judith Butler, or Elizabeth Warren receive plaudits for their second-rate prose, it’s because they’ve been quota-ed through. They are tokens that can be safely trotted out when visitors drop by the plantation.
    Aside from the cheap grace-generating aspect of lobbying for quotas, there’s the realization that if you can find the proper prop—skin color, sexual preference, genitals, fervent belief in “social justice”—you too might be passed through the quota mill to that big rock candy mountain of a title, lackeys, and maybe a bit of fame. There’s also the supremely reassuring knowledge that your back will always be covered by people who are just as self-serving and talentless as yourself. 
    The sex stuff is simple. By approving everybody else’s sexual practices, you gain cover for your own.


     “See, it feels great to ascribe imaginary racism to your political opponents ….”
     Very easy. This ‘staged’ dialogue between someone calling himself Bashir and the other O’Donnell is an excellent example.

  • Caped Crusader

    Charles #7:
    Classic projectionists they certainly are; and have often said the are professional projectionists without a movie theater, projector, or union card. My quandary is the why and wherefore, are they born this way or what happens to make them what they are. I suppose that projecting is a sort of cure or therapy, relieving them of their own guilt feelings.

  • MacG

    LA police beat a Bank manager and a Nurse this week.  Both white.  But if they were black OMG! the F’ing racist LA Police.  Another police car video surfaced this week about a police officer ‘slamming’ a white drunk woman into her car.  However a close examination of that video shows that she tripped on the curb the car was parked on and se fell against while it was the office who kept her off of the ground. At first glance though it looked like he slammed her into it. 

    If the camera operator was white a no story but because she was black OMG! F’ing racists!  Camera operators are frequently in camera ‘nests’ a fenced in or gated area appearing similar to a cage.  How racist of CNN to place a black person and a woman nonetheless in a cage like apparatus.  See since there is no picture of the event we cannot see the context but we sure can infer and conflate. 

    I am pretty tired of white pastors hanging the president in effigy. Well Terry ‘burningKoranman’ whatisface did. It is a poor reflection of white Christian men.  He is a stain on my demographic and makes it difficult for me to be taken seriously.  He pisses me off.  Why aren’t blacks pissed off at the violent blacks that keeps the light of suspicion illuminated on them instead of those who are wary because of those violent ones?  I think maybe they are but like moderate Muslims who are afraid to stand against radicals, snitches get stitches.  In other words oppression of blacks by blacks.