Axelrod lied, but Ryan didn’t

Yesterday, I did a post in which I said that, while the HuffPo was crowing about an alleged Paul Ryan, I caught David Axelrod red-handed in a repeatedly disproved lie.  I had my doubts about whether Ryan had lied — it’s not his style — but that’s not where I was going with my post, so I didn’t address that subject.  Had I followed through, I would have discovered that HuffPo wasn’t the only outlet claiming that Ryan lied.  As it happens (no big surprise here), Ryan did not lie.

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  • Charles Martel

    Like you, Book, I’m on “The List,” which I subscribed to so I could keep tabs on Obama’s tactics.
    Usually I just delete them, but seeing Axelrod’s name told me that Obama’s campaign is reaching a state of desperation. When you have to bring out the Liar-in-Chief himself to cadge and cajole for a measly few bucks, you know that the walls of the echo chamber are slowly closing in. 
    At $3 or $5 a pop, how many true believers are left to give Obama the tens of millions of dollars he’ll need to counter the increasing effectiveness of the GOP’s ads? He’s like the Bismarck in May of 1941, floundering 10 hours away from port because of a damaged rudder, surrounded by the biggest, baddest capital ships of the Royal Navy and being pounded to s**t.

  • Charles Martel

    My apologies, I put the above comment in the wrong thread. Nevertheless, my contempt for Axelrod is well placed no matter where his name comes up.

  • Gringo

    David Axelrod lies: so what else is new?  To me, Axelrod is the personification of Chicago sleaze. Begin with unsealed divorce records in 2004. Axelrod couldn’t pull that game on Romney, so he tried dog on a crate- which begat dog on a plate- blew up in the Dhimmis’ faces. And so on and so forth. The Frankish Hammer and I share a contempt for Mr. Axelrod.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Count me in for a trifecta, Gringo.

    “Chicago Sleaze” fits the man perfectly.