Barack’s chair isn’t empty — but he’s not the one sitting in it

Yesterday, I bemoaned the fact that I have no photoshopping skills.  If I had such skills, I said, I would have put together an Empty Chair day post showing that the chair isn’t really empty — it’s just that Barack Obama’s not the one occupying it.

Ask and you shall receive.  Aliceaitch at DoublePlusUndead came through for me.  So, here I am, a day late, but still with something wonderful:

(For those who, like me, aren’t always so good at facial recognition, that’s Valerie Jarrett holding forth in Obama’s seat.)

Thanks for the help, Aliceaitch.

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  • beefrank

    The chair will have to converted to a loveseat, couch or sectional to seat those who financed and enrolled Obama into Occidental, Columbia and Harvard, paid his living expenses, financed his state campaigns, unsealed his opponent’s divorce and custody records and has the ‘juice’ to seal his college admission records and papers usually associated with a college law review editor.  I think only one of Michelle’s law school papers were discovered but quickly disappeared during the campaign.