Two videos on the economy — funny in presentation, depressing in effect *UPDATED*

The first video has Andrew Klavan explaining Obamanomics.  The second video shows Obamanomics in action.  The first video is funny and depressing; the second video startled a nervous giggle out of me, but mostly made me deeply fearful for our future:

UPDATE: I need to add another video to this mix, one that shows Jennifer Granholm hysterically lauding throwing taxpayer money at failing industries:

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  • JKB

    Okay, can we now all agree, blond white people, especially older women, should not try to do gangsta?  Please?

    Klavan distilled it very smoothly but the revenuers will never let you sell it.

    The really sad part of Schiff’s video is that most of those appearing are the products of our finest universities.  I fear the young woman wanting to ban profits may be an econ major, of the type who boycotted Professor Mankiw’s class for his not teaching them what they knew was true.

    2012- We own this country vs. We belong the the government 

  • weathtd

    That is some truly scary sh-t, and almost half of the Country agrees with those morons.  Obvious failures of modern education to not realize that their own employers would go out of business if profits were banned.  Plus they ignore the fact that all their political heroes, except for Lenin and Marx, are multi-millionaires: Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy.  How did their heroes get rich?  Oh that’s right—through hook and crook.  I’m beginng to understand that being a liberal Democrat is a mental disease.


    Add another video to the run of good ones. This one is done is split screen style 2008/2012. Oh, by style, I meant you hear the same crap regurgitated. It’s actually very good and should be shared far and wide.  

    Watching Jennifer convulse was quite a spectacle. For a moment, I thought I watching TLC with a preverse twist on  on toddlers and tiaras, updated to show what happens as they age – they need thorazine.   


    Has anyone visited this site? It’s chock full of information, comparisons among Obama/Romney/Simpson-Bowles. I’ve only begun to wind my way through a few too complicated explainations for me and I’ll have to do more reading and hand wringing to absorb 50-75%.

    If someone has the interest, desire or will to sort through some of the key issues and come back and get it into lay language, I’d be more than delighted. Thanks.