Don’t let the media con you.

John Nolte doesn’t dispute the polling numbers. They are what they are. What he disputes, however, is the post convention narrative that the MSM is spinning. It’s a con, to elevate Obama’s convention bounce into an inevitable victory, he says, and then proceeds to explain why.  This makes for heartening reading.

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  • Caped Crusader

    I well remember the 17 point lead President Dukakis had over Gov. Reagan and his inevitable victory in November. The first president from MA since John Quincy Adams, i believe. And a delight he was, sparing us that idiot Ronald Reagan. I did think that appointing Willie Horton attorney general was a bit over the top, but considering Holder, just ahead of his time. And had not Albert Arnold Gore outed Willie Horton in the first place, we would not have had him as chief law officer of the USA. Al does do a few useful things, n’est pas?

  • Caped Crusader

    Caped Crusader just remembered that was probably GWH Bush, but the sentiments still fit the scenario.

  • JKB

    The polls have been wrong for so long.  They really are a joke but promoted by the media for some drama to report ( as well as promote their agenda) and political science types who, let’s face it, without polling companies to work for, are pretty much useless.  

    I view it this way.  In this environment, in these times, if you live say somewhere like Book does and you get asked by a stranger on the phone or in person, who you are going to vote for, what are you going to say if you’ve soured on Obama?  Confess to a complete stranger who may be a Dem operative making a blacklist?  Verbalize in public where it could be overheard by someone who can tell your friends?  No, you keep your counsel and hope you can have privacy when you vote.

    So the polls are going to be even more wrong this time.  We saw it in Wisconsin, we saw it in 2010.  What the pollsters report is way off from reality.