What? Obama couldn’t cancel one golf game to help save Israel from being destroyed? *UPDATED*

The situation between Israel and Iran is heating up dramatically.  Yesterday, Iran boasted it has a missile that can reach any Israeli city.  For years, Iran has been loud and clear about it’s intense desire to incinerate Israel.  The IAEA has conceded that Iran is on the verge of having nuclear weapons.  With all this, Israel is rightfully nervous.  So, naturally, Netanyahu wants to talk to the country that is, ostensibly at least, Israel’s greatest ally.  And keep in mind that, even if we’re not Israel’s greatest ally (I think Canada probably is right now), we’ve technically been at war with Iran since 1979.

So what does Obama do?  He says “No, I will not talk to you PM Netanyahu.”  And why won’t Obama talk?  Because he is too busy:

Yup, it’s right there on Drudge (in the upper left hand corner): Obama’s “schedule full.” This is a guy who spent more hours on the golf course than he did either spending time at his national security briefing or meeting with his job’s council. So one has to ask: Does Obama think that a potential Armageddon is not a good reason to cancel just one round of golf?

Obama, is a very, very bad man:

UPDATE: How could I have been so wrong? The President didn’t snub Netanyahu, a friendly nation facing an existential threat, because the President wanted to play golf. Really! What was I thinking? I don’t appreciate our President at all. The reason he’s got a full schedule is so that he has to go on the Letterman show. That explains it, of course.  My bad.

I guess he also needed time to spend on September 11, a sacred day of mourning to many Americans, campaigning (although he promised not to do so) and apologizing for Americans’ exercise of Free Speech. What a guy! What an American president. Really, it makes me all teary eyed to think that he’s ours.

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  • Mike Devx

    The critical point in time, and question is this:  Israel will eventually arrive at the point of being *very close* to taking on Iran.  U.S. Intelligence is good enough to detect that the attack will occur “soon” – within days, and reports this information to Barack Obama.

    The key question then is, what will Barack Obama do?   We know that Mr. Netanyahu and Barack Obama are not on the same page, and are political opponents, and may in fact intensely dislike each other.  We know that Barack Obama has an *intense* dislike for the state of Israel.  We know that at a minimum, Barack Obama doesn’t give a damn about Iran, about IRanian nuclear capability – and he may in fact prefer Iranian nuclear capability, despite Iran sponsorship of world terrorism and the very real threat of Iranian dirty nuclear bombs in the centers of American cities.  Barack Obama may in fact prefer Iranian success to Israeli success.

    But given intelligence about a looming Israeli attack on Iran, will Obama SHARE that intelligence with Iran?  Will Obama take steps to actually *thwart* and *negate* the Israeli attack?  Will he order American forces to stop the Israeli attack?

    No one knows the *extent* of Barack Obama’s hostility toward Israel.  It may actually be hatred.  We simply don’t know.  How I wish we could view that anti-Israel Obama speech on video tape that the LA Times is keeping hidden away.  It would probably tell us a great deal.

  • http://bkivey.wordpress.com/ bkivey

    It makes me teary-eyed to think he’s ours, too.


    Mike, I am sure the tape won’t tell us much more than we already know, sense, see and hear, which more or less is: Send $2, $3 or $5 to my campaign.

    See photo and if you still have questions, don’t ask them here. We all know the answer.


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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    You missed something else, if the radio newscasts are to be believed — our President (sob) talked to Netanyahu on the PHONE for an entire hour!!
    What more do you want from the poor (excuse for a) man?!


    Earl, I am sure Obama had some really valid reasons why he couldn’t commit to more than an hour’s chat with Netanyahu. I even made a list of them.

    10. Doesn’t want to step on Letterman’s material before taping.
    9. Busy plucking or coloring 50 shades of gray on his head.
    8. Soles of his shoes need shining.
    7. Has to be home to help Sasha and Malia with their homework.
    6. He’s waiting by the phone for a call from Morsi for permission.
    5. He’s evolving.
    4. Bibi didn’t donate to the campaign.
    3. WH kitchen ran out of hummus.
    2. Obama’s got a photo shoot with GQ-AQ in the Peninsula.
    1. Heard that Netanyahu wanted to do the “hora” in Washington and Obama being Obama thought it was all about Michelle.