Was yesterday’s embassy attack in Cairo a set-up from beginning to end?

The story goes that Sam Bacile, an Israeli living in America, created a crude video that so inflamed Egyptian sensibilities that they had to besiege the American embassy in Cairo.  I’ve been wondering how they got wind of that silly video in the first place.  Now I’m wondering if this whole thing wasn’t a set-up, including video.  It turns out that there is no Sam Bacile.  Scrape away the top layer, and you get the claim that it’s a pseudonym.

Scrape away the next layer and you find that there is a Sam Bassel, who is an Egyptian and who created the original video that was crudely dubbed into something inflammatory:

Actually, there’s basically no evidence that “Sam Bacile” even exists. The closest person who fits that description (at least electronically) is a self-proclaimed Egyptian “movie-maker” in California, who calls himself “Sam Bassel” on Facebook. Bassel has been registered on Facebook since 2010, and has posted regularly about the movies he supposedly produces, including the one that was used as a pretext for the Egyptian riots.

“Hello, I am a producer in a America and I live in Hollywood California,” he wrote in a July 15 post, well before the controversy erupted in Egypt. “I recently produced a movie that I believe to be one of the most historically important movie of our times. It is a 2 hour long movie about the entire life of the Prophet Muhammad from start to finish. Everything that is depicted in the movie is very true and well documented in all historical books that are found and taught in all Islamic countries.”

Bassel has posted about the film often over the past few months. According to one post, the movie took Bassel 12 years to complete and “blames America for the wars that occurred recently in Iraq and Afghanistan.”


I have no proof whatsoever, but I’ll tell you what popped into my head:  the Mohamed cartoons.  What happened was that a Danish newspaper editor refused to be cowed by sharia strictures and took it upon himself to publish cartoons showing illustrator’s imaginings of Mohamed’s face.  Some clearly mocked him or implied that he was violent.  And then nothing happened.  Absolutely nothing.

Events reached a head over those cartoons — with violent, murderous riots all over the world — when an Imam took it upon himself to republish the cartoons.  More than that, since they were insufficiently inflammatory in the Imam’s estimation, he added a few cartoons.  The truly foul ones — such as Mohamed with a pig face or Mohamed’s face on a dog’s body — weren’t from the Danish cartoonist (something that should have been obvious, given how primitive they were, compared to the more sophisticated imagery in the Jyllands-Posten.

Instead, the most offensive images came directly from Imam Ahmed Abdel Rahman Abu Laban’s own hands.  He created those disgusting pictures specifically to spur riot and rapine.  He succeeded, too, because the Muslim mob is nothing if not easily led.

This faking technique worked well once before to stir up the mob.  Who’s to say that we haven’t just witnessed the technique being used again, and to the same effect:  Inflaming the Muslim masses.  This doesn’t mean Mr. Sam Bassel is the culprit.  It just means that, based upon past history, this is as likely to be a set-up as it is to be a genuine example of American free speech.

  • The word is in.  “Sam Bacile” is definitely an assumed name.  Mr. Bacile’s real first name is Im.

  • ExAFCrewDog

    Bacile has two trailers posted on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoBwR9KEGUc&feature=channel&list=UL
    I watched the first 5 min. of one. Really bad, movie-wise. Less than “B” grade. Clicked on the other and it seems to be the same, just a few seconds difference in length.
    I’d hoped the guy had done a documentary that might have credibility. Rather than put myself through the agony of looks like a really bad piece of whatever, I’ll surf around and try to find someone who managed to watch it all. Maybe they’ll have a different opinion.

  • The “Sam Bassel” of Facebook mentioned in the quote is no longer on Facebook. There is another Sam Bassel(Basil) in Damascus, Syria who apparently is a rebel. And a Sam Bassel, but he’s a teen with rock star dreams.

    The pig-face Muhammad cartoon was as is pointed out not part of the  Jylands-Posten cartoon series. It’s actually a photo of a French pig-squealing contestant La Pourcailhade (Festival of the Pig) held in August each year in the SW France town, Trie-sur-Baise.

    The  Community of Islam headed by Mohamad al-Khaed photocopied the photograph several generations until it had degraded to an almost unrecognizable state, but not so much that skilled bloggers couldn’t recreate and ID the original.

  • Mike Devx

    Isn’t an embassy supposed to be considered an inviolate part of that country’s “territory”?  Isn’t an attack on an embassy essentially an act of war?  Where is the U.N. when such a greivous assault occurs (twice)?  Oh, I forgot: The U.N. was too busy preparing yet more denunciations of Israel.

  • When I heard yesterday that they’re not finding much on this filmmaker, I too immediately remembered the fake Mohammed cartoons used to stir up hateful mobs. The whole thing seems like a set-up.


    From the ABC web page:

    Morris Sadek, head of the National American Coptic Assembly, an Egyptian Christian group based in the U.S., confirmed to Reuters that he was involved in the film’s planned distribution.    

    I don’t watch ABC, but a call from my cousin late last night, told me that Diane Sawyer interviewed someone regarding the film. My dear cousin, bright as she is was somewhat hysterical asking, “Do you think that Israel was involved”. I asked why on earth would you think that. She mumbled something that there was a reference to an “Israeli” making the film. I won’t bother you with all of the give and take, I just told her to consider the tsoris (my play on words of source and the Yiddish word for problem). 

    This is all a lead-up and heating up to Achmedinajad’s (sp?) appearance at the UN September 26th (Yom Kippur). Remember, he’s the really nice guy, who released the Christian pastor after three years in prison.    


    Short memories, current voices, and two Clintons:
    Hillary Clinton: Anti-Islam Film is ‘Disgusting, Reprehensible (headline from The Atlantic today)

    NYT: November 25, 1993
    President Clinton met today with Salman Rushdie in a gesture that the White House said was intended to convey America’s abhorrence of Iran’s refusal to lift the death threat against the novelist.
    Mr. Rushdie also conferred at length with Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Anthony Lake, the national security adviser. Their hourlong conversation, in an office at the White House, represented a sharp shift from the Bush Administration’s refusal to meet with Mr. Rushdie on the ground that it “might be misinterpreted” in the Muslim world. Message Against ‘Intolerance’

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