Further thoughts on events in the Middle East and, especially, on the feckless Obama administration

First of all, it appears that the suspicions I voiced yesterday about the film that started it all are, if not true, at least headed in the right direction.  Poynter has a post detailing all the peculiarities about the film — the lies, the misdirection, and the purpose behind it (to incite violence).  It was a head-fake from the beginning.

Second of all, you all have probably heard the stories that Ambassador Stevens was sodomized and mutilated either before or after he was killed.  Right now, these are unconfirmed rumors, but there is every reason to believe that they are true.

When it comes to Muslim Arab culture, how self-delusional were all these people on the Left not to have figured out that there are some cultural stereotypes about Muslim Arabs that live on because they keep proving them to be true: They cook outstanding food, they abuse their women, they kill homosexuals, and they rape and mutilate any of their enemies unlucky enough to have fallen into their hands.

My parents came of age in 1930s and 1940s Palestine, so I’ve heard about Arab culture my entire life (and my parents had lots of Arab friends, Christians admittedly, whom they valued greatly.)  Muslim Arab culture is a brutal one predicated on power, both physical and, especially, sexual. They are adequate friends and horrible enemies. Does this hold true for every single Muslim Arab in the world? Of course not. But it’s true enough for a sufficient percentage of them that we ought to be very guarded in our dealings with them.

Speaking of being guarded in our dealings with them, that guard should include having actual security guards. Too bad Valerie Jarrett didn’t loan some of her guards to the Libyan embassy, which had no American security detail; or maybe she could have given some of the bullets that her guards carry to the Egyptian embassy, where the guards were denied live ammo.

As it was during the Carter years, this is amateur hour at the Ritz. The problem that, when America goes amateur, not only Americans die, but everyone starts taking hits. Without strong leadership from a nation dedicated to individual freedom, you pretty much end up with a pack of rabid wild dogs controlling the world’s zeitgeist.

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  • jj

    We did this, you know?  Back when Carter was in the white house the Marine “guards” at the Iranian embassy didn’t have live rounds, either.  More than thirty years later we’re still engaged in this same nonsense?  Not fast learners, Americans, are we?

  • http://furtheradventuresofindigored.blogspot.com/ Indigo Red

    Loathe I am to say this, but Democrats aren’t the only ones who didn’t learn.

    October 1983 the Marine barracks in Beirut were guarded by fellow Marines with unloaded weapons. The Reagan administration thought the sight of M16s was scary enough to keep suicide truck drivers at bay in a part of the world where even the children are armed to their baby teeth.

    Marines ain’t Barney Fife, this world ain’t Mayberry.

  • Mike Devx

    I was walking into a restaurant on Friday with a very liberal friend of mine.  On the way in we were discussing the very-recent (at that time) assaults on our embassies in Benghazi and Libya.

    He was dismissive.  “People attack and overrun embassies all the time.  It’s normal”, was his first part.  His second part: “We [The U.S.A] have only ourselves to blame for this, because of our support for dictators and our policies making bad situations worse.”

    Later, I mentioned, as I have to him repeatedly, that I am utterly tired of America being held to a vicious double standard, to a standard that no other country is held to.  He was, as usual, completely unmoved by my statement.

    I have nothing further to add.

    But I do have one idea and, in a sense, a question:  I would like to see a listing of EVERY embassy that has been physically attacked, and overrun, since the Iranian assault on our embassy in 1979.  I want to see the complete, entire list.  I believe such a *complete* list would be highly illuminating.