“Crazifornia”: A book that reveals the insane truth behind America’s most Progressive state

Those of you who were lucky enough to have started using the internet a few years ago probably remember Laer Pearce, who blogged at Cheat-Seeking Missiles.  Laer was one of my first blog friends, meaning that we corresponded by email and, eventually, we met.  He is precisely what you’d imagine him to be from his blog:  informed, analytical, brilliant, witty, and just an all-around great guy.

He stopped blogging a few years ago to devote his free time to writing a book about the insanity that is California.  Well, the book came out today!  It’s called Crazifornia. Here’s the Amazon book description:

When the agency responsible for state roads spends $4 million on new cars and trucks, then parks them unused for two years, that’s Crazifornia. When cancer warnings are required on buildings because they may contain estrogen or testosterone, that’s Crazifornia. And when a full-frontal governmental assault on business drives enough people out of a state in ten years to double the population of Oregon, that’s Crazifornia, too. Through tale after outrageous, funny, tragic tale, “Crazifornia: Tales from the Tarnished State” explains why California is crashing, making it a must-read for all Californians and for anyone who fears California may be coming their way soon. That’s why nationally syndicated radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt called Crazifornia “The most insightful book on California’s perilous condition – ever.” Part One provides history and perspective, explaining how the PEER Axis – Progressives, Environmentalists, Educators and Reporters – took over the Golden State and work to keep it a leader in Progressivism, generation after generation. Part Two looks at the current state of affairs in the Tarnished State – bureaucratic ineptitude, anti-business policies, a failed education system, entrenched environmentalism, unsustainable pensions and a perpetually unbalanced budget, and considers California’s options for the future. “One rarely reads such a funny account of such a sad subject,” said California columnist and author Steven Greenhut. “This is a great book to read, tearfully, as you pack the house in Orange County and wait for the moving van to take you to Nevada.”

I haven’t read the book yet (I’m buying it as soon as I finish this post), but I can tell you in advance what you’ll find: it will be extremely well-informed; easy to read despite it’s serious subject matter; as Steven Greenhut said in the review above, it will be funny despite the depressing subject matter; and you will get a glimpse into America’s future if Obama is elected and he gets a Democrat Congress. Also, if you look carefully, you made find some references to a certain Bookworm you know.

It’s such a joy when a friend completes a major, and important, project, and is able to share it with the world.  So you can imagine the pleasure I have in sharing the good news with you.

(The link above is to the Kindle version of the book.  If you prefer to feel the weight of the paper book in your hand, you can find the print edition here.)

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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Well, GOOD for Laer!!
    I can’t say I’m surprised at the wonderful reaction to his work, but it is genuinely gratifying to see someone make such a success of a project.
    Can I use this opportunity to brag?  It really is On Topic.  The other morning I got to listen as my wife got two separate rounds of applause for her 8 months of hard work in preparing the physicians for the “go-live” of a new computer order entry system in the hospital where she works…..
    It’s that kind of feeling I have for Laer – although I don’t know him, I’ve read his stuff a lot, and to hear him praised by people I respect gives me a similar feeling to what I had as Gail’s work was acknowledged.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    We are living that future now.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Wait a minute!!
    Is “Lauren Pearce”, who wrote the first (glowing) review, any relation to “Laer Pearce”, the author?
    All of a sudden, I suspect that “Scott Starkey”, who wrote the second (glowing) review, is Laer’s son-in-law!

  • laerpearce

    You got me, Earl – what a masterful game of good cop/bad cop you played. I confess! Lauren is my daughter and Scott, while not a son in law, is an employee. The more important connection, though, is they were both volunteer editors of the book, and as such are among a small handful of people who have actually read it prior to it becoming available on Amazon, and therefore are in a position to comment on it.
    For less-connected, but just as positive reviews, click on “Look Inside!” on the Kindle edition on Amazon. In the front pages, you’ll find reviews from Hugh Hewitt, columnist Steven Greenhut, Orange County Supervisor John Moorlach, CalWatchdog editor John Seiller (also a Crazifornia editor) and Pacific Research Institute executive director Sally Pipes, all of whom read pre-publication manuscripts.

  • laerpearce

    Oh, and congratulations to your wife for a job well done!

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Thanks, Laer.  I’m laughing right now…..heh.
    Honestly, I wrote the first note before going to Amazon…just in response to BW’s post.
    Then I checked out the book, and read the reviews….and suddenly noticed the same last name – hadn’t known yours until then.  I don’t care a whit….a lot of “fiddling” goes on, and if you think Amazon book reviews are bad, you should see what colleges and universities do to goose their U.S. News ratings!!  I was far more disturbed by that when I was teaching…..awful.
    Anyhow, congrats on the book.  Regards to your family and especially Lauren!  Isn’t it great to have a daughter?

  • laerpearce

    It’s even greater to have three daughters. Lauren, who readers of my old blog know as Incredible Daughter #1, unfortunately recently fled California for saner climes. Good for her, but my wife and I miss her a lot.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I’ve met two of Laer’s three daughters, and they were both incredible.  One of them was Incredible Lauren, and she is as bright and shiny as a new penny.  As a parent, it’s so heartening to meet young people who are bright, and analytical, and moral, and totally charming.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Earl, I’m late to this party because . . . well, because I allowed hundreds of emails to pile up in my inbox again . My bad.  My chronically bad.

    But I wanted to congratulate your wife.  I know someone who does those go-lives, and they are huge endeavors.  Good for her!

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