Will this advertisement help change Jews’ minds?

God said of the Jews that they are a stiff-necked (or stubborn)  people.  They certainly are when it comes to their allegiance to the Democrat party.  Despite three and a half years of manifest Obama hostility to Israel, the vast majority of American Jews still support him.

I can actually understand this attitude when it comes to the younger ones, because they’ve come of age during the demonization of Israel.  With that as the zeitgeist at college campuses around America, it’s not surprising that they see nothing wrong with treating Israel as a pariah nation that must be taught a lesson.  The older generation — the Florida generation — should know better.  These are people who witnessed the Holocaust, the birth of Israel, and the Arab wars seeking to destroy Israel.  These Jews are the ones who have always been the heart and soul of Jewish support for Israel.

But still, they are a stiff-necked people.  The Emergency Committee for Israel is trying to break through the stubbornness with a hard-hitting ad.  Do you think this ad, or ads similar to this one, will do the trick?

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  • jj

    They are also, allegedly, an intelligent and educated population.  You could wonder what went wrong.  Their unawareness of contemporary history/events seems to argue for a generalized stiff-neckedness (a word I invented for the occasion) when confronted by reality: they don’t handle it well.  I don’t know why this is.  There seems no good reason for intelligent people to consistently delude themselves, unless as a group they aren’t nearly as smart as we think they are.  There comes a point where the stiff neck begins to look suspiciously like stupidity, as it certainly did in the Old Testament time and time and time again, leading God to make the remark in the first place.  (Maybe He actually has a fond weakness for the terminally dopey, and for repeated acts of idiocy.  Certainly the Old Testament reports on more than one act of idiocy He indulges in Himself.)
    Then again, I sometimes find myself surprised when you, or Charles Martel remind us that you were both progressives, and bought fully into it for decades before the light finally went on.  This surprises me because when I was young and at Boston University I had to contend with Murray Levin, Howard Zinn, and Frances Fox Piven – and never doubted for a moment that all three were insane.  They were not difficult to debunk, think through and around, and get a lot of fun out of – but completely dismiss as having anything serious to say.  Their value was as entertainment for me, they made no impression.  All three charming and very nice people, incidentally.  (The main feature of Murray’s lectures and tutorials was laughter, he had a lively and active sense of humor and it was always a good time, in or after class with him was performance art; but you couldn’t kid yourself: he was an earnest old Commie.  Howard was quieter, more low-key, not as outgoing [Godzilla wasn’t as outgoing as Murray!], but just a lovely man.  Perfectly in favor of killing you of course – painlessly, if possible, and with regret – if you refused to be reeducated and objected to the coming proletarian revolution he was working to bring about, but one of the nicest people maybe I ever met.  [He was a gut, too; if you showed up at all you got an A, which was part of his little personal revolution against “the system.”]  Piven was a charmer, her office was always good for a cup of tea and a quiet natter – but she’d slit your throat herself when the revolution came.  She was earnest.)  As to how they affected my thinking, they didn’t: I was never able to take the three of them seriously at all.    Drank a fair amount of Howard’s wine – from dixie cups, he never had enough glasses – but the message just bounced off, he was easy to see through.
    And yet – based on the evidence these three clowns did reach, and evidently affect, a lot of people.  I am goddamed if I know how: I thought they were amiable idiots.  As many academics do, they lived in a delusion.  Murray was a great propagandizer, okay – but it was propaganda!    Not opaque, not hard to figure out!  Zinn and Piven were more opaque, it might take you as much as five minutes to see through them and spot their goals, but it sure wasn’t hard.
    Who taught you, that you were successfully brainwashed?  And that, I think, may be the core question: who has taught the “Florida generation” (nice phrase) of Jews that democrats have ever, and especially the current bunch, had the best interests of Israel at heart?  And why, and how, does an allegedly intelligent and thoughtful group buy into it for so much as a second, in plain contradiction to what they see with their own flippin’ eyes?  There is a disconnect the size of the Grand Canyon here, and I’m frankly baffled.  I’m “Florida generation” myself – okay, Irish Catholic, not Jewish – and I was exposed to quite possibly the three greatest intellectual troublemakers we’ve ever seen in my “formative” years – and I saw no part of their act to be taken seriously.  I spotted what was going on in the world around me, and I was aware of history, and I knew they were nuts.
    I don’t get it.  I don’t get what happened to you, and I don’t get what’s happening now.  I must be dumb.   

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    My problem, jj, was that I was intellectually passive.  I was a great student, because I was excellent at listening and regurgitating.  The San Francisco public school system didn’t include “thinking” and “analysis” in their curriculum. 

    Having said that, there were others who passed through the schools and were questioners and who did have B.S. meters as an active part of their brain.  I think that I didn’t is partly my personality (I like getting along with people and the people around me were Democrats) and partly my upbringing.  My Dad was a communist who had given up on the Communist system and party, but never abandoned the belief that it was better.  My parents arrived in this country when White Shoe Republicans were antisemitic, so they decided “conservative = antisemitic” and that was the end of that.

    Also, as war survivors, my parents taught me and my sister to be the “gray man.”  Don’t challenge, don’t argue, don’t get noticed, don’t get killed. 

    The result was a weird cognitive dissonance in my mind.  I intellectually realized that most of the Leftist platform was stupid or even wrong, but I had an emotional allegiance to the Democrat party, which I was taught was the party of intelligence and kindness.  One can rationalize cognitive dissonance for a long time.  And then it all falls apart.  You can either go crazy or meet reality. 

  • Caped Crusader

    Will do absolutely no good. Anyone who does not know the score, after seeing the performance, is beyond reach. Even being loaded on cattle cars and seeing, “works make you free“, at the destination; they will still believe it’s only a shower prior to getting new work clothes from the “progressives”. What the hell ever happened to NEVER FORGET? They must not have ever remembered in the first place.


    The “great uniter and orator” has one black person calling the next an Uncle Tom. Both sides of the aisle at one another’s throat. Jews divided more than Jerusalem was before the city was united.    And me, I got a less than veiled threat from “neighbors” who didn’t approve of my 2″ x 4″ poster picture of a chair on my front door.  
    Just a friendly reminder to let you know that defacing the front door is against condo rules and is subject to a fine. This includes pictures or any attachments other than a flowery decoration. I do not want to see you get fined if anyone notices an attachment.
    Happy Holiday, xxxxx and friends 

    To answer your question Bookworm: NO. the video will not impact the committed Jewish Demos. Maybe the billboards will do a better job from the Republican Jewish Coalition     

    p.s. I am hanging a flowery arrangement today with a chair in it.

  • Mosonny

    There was a time that Democrats were NOT against Israel, and going further back, there was a time when Republicans tried to keep out immigrants, including Jews from Europe and Russia.  It IS true that the State of Israel came into being under a Democrat, Truman (even though his wife supposedly wouldn’t let a Jew come into their Independence, MO house!), and there were other pro-Israel Democrats or at least not overtly anti-Israel ones as we see now.  Unfortunately, most of all, way too many Jews bought into the “FDR as savior of the Jews” thing, though many of us now feel like FDR was a putz who stood by and let the Holocaust happen when he could have done a great deal more…but that’s not worth an argument here.  But there was Scoop Jackson….LBJ was thought to be friendly to Israel (he was, but his actions were those of a politician, not necessarily that of a friend)….JFK….while Eisenhower the Repub didn’t get high marks for his anger at Israel over the ’56 war. 

    And thus it went. 

    Jews also voted traditionally Democrat for a host of reasons…urban party, “little guy defender”…all the stupid reasons that weren’t necessarily true, but we FELT were true.  Republicans were the country club anti-Semite WASP set. 

    After Israel won in ’67, the Left, who had not initially hated Israel, at least to the extent it now does, started to side with the losers.  Israel was now a colonial power, a tool of the U.S…..and as the 60’s radical Dems started coming through the ranks…now culiminating in a disastrous Leftist presidency….the hate against Israel has started to crescendo from inside the Dem party, while the Republicans, for other reasons, came to be the real defenders of Israel (by-and-large).

    Why haven’t Jews changed with the times?  That’s the part I don’t get.  I’m Jewish, I care about who is my friend TODAY.  When my father passed away years ago, many of his friends abandoned our family, for various reasons, especially my mother.  It happens.  Others stayed our friends, were and our close…it hurt my mother more than I care to talk about, that first group, but….it happened, I told her to move on, savor the new friends she made and the ones from the past that had stayed close?  Stay close with them and be grateful. 
    The Democratic Party has gone to the Far Left, home of the hateful and hate-filled enemies of Israel.  I think some of my brethren are starting to figure it out, but too many STILL are locked into the old patterns, even ones who think Obama IS bad for Israel.  They can’t get over the social issues stuff, the “war on women” or the war on the unions or whatever war is being promulgated by the lying-sacks-of-crap that run the Dem. Party, which is about as much the party of the little guy as I’m King of the World.  (And no, I’m not delusional, I’m barely King over my parakeet, much less my wife and kids).  

    It IS a stiff-necked view of the world…can’t change.  Christians persecuted us…we can’t trust ’em.  Muslims were nice (a history taught to many of us that was only true in limited form in limited countries at limited times…at best we were dhimmis and weren’t being murdered, but rarely were things as delightful as it was made out to be, the relationship between Muslim overlords and Jews.  Let’s face it, Islam gets its heady start from Mohammed murdering the Kuresh tribe of Jews who refuse to go along with his views).  Christians are the party of the Republicans, at least the religious ones, who are going to bring us a medieval theocracy, or so goes the thinking in the secular Jewish world…no prayer in school, it might lead to our kids converting to Christianity and denying women their rights!  Or some such. 

    Strangely, I grew up in a public school, mouthed the words to Christmas carols, saw the decorations etc…didn’t become a Christian, and actually became a religious Jew down the road. IN the meantime, the folks in the secular Jewish world are worried about this theocracy…while Muslims murder Christians thoughtout the world….and the secular Jewish kids are intermarrying at a 70-80% clip, and most are NOT bringing up their families in Jewish ways. 

    Makes me crazy that we can’t learn anything from the past, can’t keep up with the present…yes, we are supposed to be smart, but oh my, for our self-preservation, we can act SO dumb.  I hate to even write it, but it’s  the truth of the matter.

  • Mike Devx

    The advertisement is a good start.

    I’d follow it up with an ad talking to people on the street, Jews on the street, who voice their honest opinion that Obama is anti-Israel.  That they’ve been loyal Democrats – but not this year!   These people in the ads should be people that their fellow Jews can easily think live next door or right down the street from them.

  • Charles Martel

    jj, I was a progressive because progressive women are notorious sluts and it was a good way to get laid.
    Even as I would be taking my pleasure atop, beside, or under some red diaper femme, I would be secretly screaming inside, “Why can’t you be Ayn Rand, my liberated little doxy?” 
    So, Marxist “thought” a la Zinn or Piven held me nowhere near as much in thrall as my vagabond verga, which at the moment of delicious crisis would shout out (as if such an organ ever could), “Viva La Revolucion!” or “Do you have a friend or sister?” with no pang of conscience.
    But: You can only surround yourself with leftist duncery and sluttery for so long. Then you realize there is more to life than casual idiocy and that there are real thoughts and real women out there—the staples of an adult life.
    As to whether American Jews will abandon Obama, I am a pessimist. My wife, a Jew, does not realize how self-hating she is. The desire to be accepted by a cynical, corrupt society that dangles the false hope of acceptance before a long-suffering people apparently works. She continues to chug-a-lug the Democratic Kool-Aid. This time it will be up to Christians who sincerely love God’s Chosen People to close ranks around them and fight to preserve them until they someday awaken.  

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The funny thing about slaves is that it doesn’t matter if their minds change or not. Their shackles keep them where the master wants them.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Will it do the trick? 
    Don’t count on it.
    I can assure you that Bibi isn’t.
    And remember….a leftist is a leftist first, last, and always. 
    EVERYTHING else comes second, at best…even Israel.