Does this mean all the conservative appreciation for Chick-fil-A was wasted?

Remember when the Susan B. Komen foundation pulled out funding for Planned Parenthood, because PP provides almost no services relevant to breast cancer?  And remember how conservatives defended the decision because PP provides almost no services relevant to breast cancer?  And then remember how the Komen foundation ignored conservative approbation and caved on PP funding?

I hope you do remember that saga, because we seem to be seeing a repeat?  Remember how Chick-fil-A made a stand for traditional marriage?  Remember how conservatives all across America supported Chick-fil-A in overwhelming numbers — and with the numbers that count, namely product purchases?

Well, now you can remember how Chick-fil-A has ignored conservative approbation and caved on its alleged principles:

The Chicago alderman whose opposition to Chick-fil-A over the restaurant owner’s  santi-gay marriage stance made national headlines last month, has announced the company has agreed to stop funding those organizations, according to the Chicago Tribune.

A press release posted on a Chicago-based civil rights advocacy group web site quotes a letter said to have been sent to the alderman from Chick-fil-A’s Senior Director of Real Estate”

“The WinShape Foundations is now taking a much closer look at the organizations it considers helping, and in that process will remain true to its stated philosophy of not supporting organizations with political agendas.” Winshape, a non-profit funded by Chick-fil-a, has donated millions of dollars to anti-LGBT groups, including some classified as hate groups, such as Focus on the Family and the National Organization for Marriage. In meetings the company executives clarified that they will no longer give to anti-gay organizations.

An internal memo declaring the company will “treat every person with honor, dignity and respect-regardless of their beliefs, race, creed, sexual orientation and gender” and that their “intent is not to engage in political or social debates,” was also said to have been distributed and included in an official company document called “Chick-fil-A: Who We Are.”

Even when conservatives go against type and become squeaky wheels, they don’t get the grease; they just get the shaft.

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  • BobK

    I’m not sure this represents any meaningful surrender on the part of the Cathy family.  Read the statement carefully – parse it for meaning.  The way I read it, this has been the corporate policy of Chick-Fil-A all along:  to treat all customers and employees with respect and in accord with (dare I say it?) Christian values.  The WinShape foundation states it will more closely examine the beneficiaries of it’s charity, and remain true to its previously stated principles.  As a 501(c)(3) foundation, it already must refrain from political activity to retain its tax-exempt status.

    The statements regarding allegedly anti-LGBT groups like NoM and Focus on the Family came from the press release, not quotes from the letter.  And, IMHO, WinShape would be wholly consistent in stating that a gifts to FotF or NoM would not be to anti-gay groups, as neither group characterizes itself as anti-gay.  Supporting a traditional definition of marriage and family is not taking a position against homosexual persons.

    I see consistency, not capitualtion. 

  • Earl

    Gee, BobK….I really do hope you’re right.
    The leftists aren’t reading it that way – they’re celebrating a victory.
    I guess I’m wondering why Chick-fil-A had to issue this press release, at all…..?  if they had to make a statement, why not say something like “As we’ve always done, we’re going to be treating everyone the same, focusing on providing delicious chicken sandwiches to all and sundry.  And we will continue our policy of not donating money to hate groups of any kind.”
    I’m sick to death of traditionalists acting in fear and refusing to stand up and tell the truth in words that can’t really be twisted.  I hope that’s not what’s going on here.

  • beefrank

    The Left’s m.o is ‘manufacturing’ whether it is ‘victim hood’, ‘outrage’, ‘shock’, ‘injustice’, ‘ignorance’, ‘patriotism’, ‘poverty’, ‘diversity’, ‘fairness’, ‘compassion’, ‘knowledge’, ‘coolness’, ‘popularity’, ‘victory’, ‘success’, ‘failure’, ‘sorrow’  or ‘justice’ as a tactic to save face or advance their agenda.
    This entire Chick-fil-A episode is a wash and business as usual.  The bombastic Democrat politicians walked back their ‘banned’ stance since it is unconstitutional, would hurt the local tax base and attract criticisms from local businesses and citizens. Chick-fil-A and the Cathy family will continue as before.  The ‘same-sex marriage’ groups cannot deny the facts that every ‘same-sex’ referendum in the US was rejected by the voters.

  • BobK


    I’m glad to see this post at Prof. Jacobsen’s wonderful blog:

    I continue to believe that the Cathy family is willing to stand by their convictions – they’ve got a track record of walking their talk.  I wish I lived near a CFA, and not just because I’m fond of spicy chicken sandwiches. 

  • Earl

    Yep…looks like your initial take was right, BobK.  I’m relieved.
    I’m also still wondering why they decided they had to send Moreno the letter….?  Are they trying to soften his position on denying their permit for a restaurant?  If so, they’re incredibly naive, wouldn’t you say?

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