The Obama question

Whilst driving the upper Mississippi valley recently with my brilliant spouse, she asked me the most trenchant question of this election season: can anyone think of a single foreign or domestic program enacted by Barack Obama that has been successful…at least, from the perspective of the people of the United States?


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  • Randall Woodman


  • JKB

    Depends on what you mean by success.  Stated goals, no.  But if you look deeper you see while Solyndra was a failure in the stated goal to create green jobs, it was very successful in transferring cash from the Treasury to Obama cronies.  Or if we see GM, failing, again, but was very successful in transferring control of the company to the UAW. 

    For stated goals, Obama’s programs have failed, for their apparent underlying goals, they’ve been quite successful in redistribution of tax dollars to rich cronies.

    As an aside, I’ve been seeing the ads for the Ben Affleck movie ARGO.  I’m sure it is unintentional but it really can’t be welcomed by the Obama that a movie about extracting Americans trapped in Iran due to Muslims attacking embassies opens on October 12.  The Republicans should develop a program to “discuss” the Iranian Hostage Crisis since the movie will make it current affairs.  

    Also, a bit of the moment, TCM showed a movie last night, Gabriel over the White House.  A regular corrupt president gets influenced to get rid of his cronies and become a world leader.  It was released in 1933.  A big element at the beginning is the Army of the Unemployed occupying the parks of the cities.  After first threatening arrest, the “new” president goes to meet them as they march on Washington.  The interesting bit was these million men were chanting for work.  It was highlighted they didn’t want welfare.  The movie invents the Army of Construction which would enlist these men then muster them out as private work recovered.  

    Our more recent army of the unemployed certainly weren’t chanting for work.  Especially not at army wages. 


    Aside from the 1956 Federal Highway Act, I can’t think of a single domestic program that is not bankrupt or nearing bankruptcy. As to his foreign policy – UN seen nodding in approval. Any other questions.

  • groman

    Bueller? Bueller ?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Hmm…upon reflection, I may have come up with one: the drone attacks on Al Qaeda militants.

    However, the idea of Obama personally looking at photos of targeted individuals and giving a Caesarian thumbs-up or thumbs-down is pretty creepy. 

    Any thoughts on this? 


    Danny, any creepier than asking Mubarak to step down while Morsi and the MB stepped up?

  • Mike Devx

    I think he’s been remarkably effective at steering our tax money, and all that unpaid debt, to his supporters.
    He learned very well while embedded in the Chicago machine.  Hundreds of billions of dollars.  Possibly even trillions.

    Hugo Chavez got nuthin on Obama.  “You take care of me.  I will take care of you.”  It really is so Third World.  Banana republic.  City-level cronyism this wildly excessive we’ve seen several times in the history of our republic. But this time it’s gone national.

  • Bookworm

    I have to agree with JKB that the question of success depends upon the standard by which you measure it.  Those who want to socialize America’s medical system, weaken America’s standing in the world, see a weaker economy because Americans don’t deserve their wealth, and prefer porous borders because we’re resource hogs consider Obama an inordinately successful president.

    By traditional metrics, though, I would have to agree with Danny that the drone program has been a success.  Otherwise, no. 

    If you were to ask the same American voters who were around in 1980 the same question Reagan asked them (“Are you better of now than you were four years ago?”), those voters would answer with a resounding “No!”  Today’s voters, having been subject to 31 years of Democrat propaganda are more confused when it comes to answering that question.

  • Ymarsakar

    When you’re evil and you collect souls for your alliance, that’s a success. By the forces of Light and Good would consider that a failure. In this sense, people have ignored what the Left has been telling them all the time. It does depend upon your perspective whether something is good or evil. Because they’re evil and we’re good, thus it entirely depends upon who we are, for who They Are.