The Romney tax returns and other financial information

Well, Romney nicely pulled the rug out from under the Progressives/Democrats when he released all of his tax information.  This is a relief to me, because I was getting sick and tired of seeing my liberal Facebook friends repeat ad nauseum nasty statements about those missing (per Harry Reid, “unpaid”) taxes.  Turns out that, not only did Romney pay taxes, he paid lots and lots of taxes.  His effective rate was more than 20%, and that doesn’t even take into account the fact that all of these dollars were capital gains, meaning that they’d already run through the government tax mill once.  In addition, he gave almost 30% of his money to charity.

Harry Reid slipped further into dementia by denying that any of this was possible:  “He’s hiding something. He’s hiding something! It is so evident he’s hiding something!”

I’d like to say to Reid, “Stay classy, Harry,” but it’s unkind to issue instructions like that to crazy people.

Now that Romney’s financial information is out there, I know that my Facebook friends are going to start criticizing what’s in the documents.  Thankfully, Yid with Lid prepared a handy-dandy list about the information.  Chock-full-o facts, including facts about Obama, Reid, Biden, Pelosi, and Debbie Whatser-her-name-shmatta, it will give me all the snappy come-backs I need to reorient those silly people away from the dark side and back to the real world.

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  • JKB

    Ah, but you are missing that by giving so much of his money to charity, Romney deprived the government from spending the portion of that money they would have gotten in taxes.  You just know Romney did not give the approved Progressive causes.

  • jj

    I remain uninterested in and unconcerned with any tax returns except the ones that have my name on them.

  • Mike Devx

    This particular issue of Romney giving 30% to charity goes hand in glove with something we’ve all noted in the past: That conservatives on the average give far more to charity than liberals, to assist those in need.  Liberals don’t give as much to charity.  Why don’t they?  The answer appears to be that (again, on the average) they want all such charitable monies to flow through the *government*, not through private charities.

    I think the reason for this is rather obvious.  When the people are giving money to thousands of charities, there is no way to control where that money is going.  It can’t be done.  But when all such money flows through the government, it is possible for a few people to assert *control* over that money and where it goes.  Thus this becomes a question of power and control, essentially.

    And that’s what the game is really about for liberals.  It’s always about power and control. Power and control over the entire health sector via ObamaCare.  (What, let thousands of individuals and their individual doctors maintain independent control over their health care decisions?  Can’t have that!  Nameless government bureaucrats on panels must assert that control!   The automobile industry – GM and Chrysler, not Ford… the government must buy in and control those companies, dictate their products.  On and on it goes.  It is always about control.  It is always about power.  They are hostile to the free market.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Back to my earlier comment (different thread) about Romney’s sense of timing. This release of tax information was picture perfect. Not only have we read Alinsky, but Breitbart lives!