Something interesting in Marin

I do not expect Marin to vote for Romney.  Indeed, if I had to predict the race, I would say that Romney has a snowball’s chance in Hell of taking Marin.  Nevertheless, something interesting is happening in Marin:  No new bumper stickers.

Marin-ites do have Obama/Biden bumper stickers, but they’re almost all leftovers from the 2008 campaign.  I think I’ve only seen about ten or twenty stickers for the 2012 election.

I’m not prepared to say whether Marin’s naked bumpers bespeak apathy or over-confidence.  I just believe that either condition might depress voter turn out.  I also hope in my heart of hearts that, if we are indeed l0oking at apathy, we’re seeing voters who, while they would never dream of voting for Romney, have already made piece with a decision not to vote for Obama.

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  • PaulScott

    Hey, if it makes you feel good, then by all means, keeping thinking that. 

  • MacG

    I just think things are so bad that they can’t afford new bumper stickers :)

  • Rick Z

    As a deeply-closeted Marin County conservative myself (Novato version), I’ve noticed this as well. The other thing I’ve noticed is that none of my (exclusively) liberal friends are talking politics at all, or even engaging in the usual smug progressive “snark.”

    Indifference? Boredom with the subject? Lack of passion? Maybe . . .  

    Maybe we’re so deeply cocooned here that everyone knows the talking points, and nothing can be gained (in terms of status or self-regard) by repeating them endlessly. Mustn’t be a bore, you know.  

  • lee

    Rick Z–I like to think that they may actually be starting to see the writing on the wall, and it really is, “Obama was weighed in the balance, and found wanting.” 

  • lee

    “Obamene, obamene, tekel, ufarsin.”

  • Rick Z

    Talking smack about the “Rethuglicans” and Palin-bashing is so . . . 2008. The “cool” points were earned last time, so there’s nothing to be gained by slapping a bumptersticker on the Prius this year. Voting is such a bore anyway . . .

  • Charles Martel

    Book, even sybaritic Marinites will sometimes leave their pleasures to trudge out and do their duty. Like the British maidens who closed their eyes and thought of England, our enlightened neighbors will close their eyes and think of The One and how much better things will be once Bush has been out of office for 246 years. 

  • Doug

    Same in the east bay, and almost no yard signs.  No Romney signs either, of course, but I do think the dems are pretty apathetic.  Could just be because we’re not a swing state though.

  • Caped Crusader

    Never realized, until today, that Charles Martel was a Marinite (sp) Catholic. A great people with a long and distinguished history, who have, and are, living through very difficult times.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Charles is to Marin the way John the Baptist was to high society.

  • Caped Crusader

    Danny #10:
    Can’t stop laughing. Even an algebraic type formula.

  • Don Quixote

    Here in Florida, which is a battleground state, all my new conservative friends are absolutely convinced that Obama will win.  My guess is that what you are seeing, Book, is the absolute confidence of Californians that that state is a lock for Obama.  Which, of course, it is.  On the plus side, The Villages being a very conservative place, I’ve seen many Romney placards here and very few Obama ones. 

  • MacG

    Lee Or should I say Daniel?:  The mene and tekel I hope applies but may the upharsin be avoided by the election :)  

  • lee

    MacG–or at least ONLY applies specifically to the One.

  • Earl

    Don Q:  Your explanation for the lack of bumper stickers and signs in Marin county doesn’t explain 2008, right?  What’s the difference?
    I suspect that even to most folks on the left (for whatever reasons), it’s pretty obvious that they chose badly last time.  If forced, I think the vast majority would pull the same lever again, in order to avoid pulling the other one.
    I do not think that Romney/Ryan has ANY chance of taking California, but if The One gets within 10% points of his California vote total of 2008, I’ll be VERY surprised.  A lot of disappointed folks aren’t going to find the time and energy to get out and vote.