Don’t let the bad polls get you down.

A lot of people have been writing to explain that the polls are heavily weighted in favor of Democrats, showing a Democrat voter turnout even higher than in 2008.  Many people think that this is a psy-ops effort aimed at depressing Republican voter turnout.  Zombie says we shouldn’t get our knickers in a twist about this one, because there’s no evidence that these psy-ops work, and lots of human nature that says they probably won’t work.

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  • Charles Martel

    Years ago I read the memoirs of a man who had worked at the U.S. embassy in Moscow well before the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the course of working there he became friendly with several highly placed apparatchiks, who enjoyed his company and would occasionally socialize with him with little or no politics on the table to discuss. 
    One night though, near the end of his time in Russia, his Soviet acquaintances asked him to tell them what he thought of the USSR, both its strengths and its faults. He replied that although he saw the Soviet Union as a formidable economic and military rival, the thing that would stick with him the most strongly was the Soviet system’s mendacity.
    “Your entire society is built on mendacity. Nobody tells the truth, either out of inclination, or fear, or because they have forgotten how. Your system is a house of lies, and you spend immense amounts of time, wealth, and energy perpetuating lies that everybody knows are lies.”
    I think of that when I think of this tempest-in-a-teapot concern over what new lies Gallup, or CBS, or the New York Times are telling. The pollsters and the old media are all in on this one: This is their last mendacious gasp at controlling “the narrative,” and they will do whatever it takes to get Obama re-elected. In circumstances like this, when you’re gambling your entire stake, you go for broke. You bluff, pysch, and lie as much as you can to make your opponent gulp and back down. If you lose your gamble, you reason that you’ll worry about it when that time comes.
    The thing to keep in mind here is that “the specter of conservatism is haunting the liberal world,” and it scares any ethics, or morality, or fair mindedness out of it. I no more pay attention to the so-called bad news from the polls than the Marines did 70 years ago when Tokyo Rose was spewing her lies. 

  • rick9911

    What we should get our knickers in a twist about are the organizations that produce these untruthful, biased polls and present themselves as honest and unbiased. This is especially true of the organizations that use the public airwaves and benefit from taxpayer funded resources.

  • Michael Adams

    One thing that characterizes Conservatives is that we remember things.  We remember last week, when Obama was telling us that the North African attacks were a reaction to a movie trailer no one had seen. We remember four years ago, when the O’Guy told us how great things would be, if only we elected him.  We remember that, two hundred and fifty years ago,  the whole world used to be rather like what we now call the “Third World.” Then we invented Capitalism, and things changed for the better, a lot, except not where the was no capitalism, a fact that we also remember.
    We remember three years ago, when we first attended TEA parties, which the Leftist media assured their faithful were Astroturf/rent-a-Mobs. We must be just that, because no one in the leftist media had told us to demonstrate on that particular day. They painted us as racists, because, well, because they could. However, the TEA party experience demonstrated several things.  One was that we are actually quite well informed, and we organize and publicize things without passing through the Leftist media’s control, and Information City gates.  Another was that our easy Low-Density approach to organization was effective, and hard for the Propaganda Wing to disrupt, with, for example, premature announcements of our demise.
    Of course, the Left still thinks we are pretty dumb.  They think we are  gullible, even to the point of coming to demonstrations without any of us actually being paid. That’s why they are doing the Tokyo Rose act. They really think that they still control the flow of information.  They truly believe that they can discourage voters, sending them back home, the same way that they did in Western Florida in 2000. Nope, we have our own information connections. We use them. Whatever the polls show, there is still a pretty good chance that we are going to be out in the same sort of numbers that we saw in the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day campaign.
    Caution, however, is still in order. I heard a report on Boortz this afternoon that early voting had already begun in Iowa, and Democrats had returned over twice as many ballots as Republicans. Boortz never mentioned that Iowa has a history of really careless voting practices, like allowing a multitude of people to be bussed in from Chicago to attend the Iowa Caucuses, and thus to give Obama the victory he needed to beat Hillary Clinton. We also know that early voting is one of the most notorious routes for voter fraud. So, maybe Democrats are ahead for real in Iowa.  Or, maybe this is our first warning that our concerns about voter fraud may have been paranoid delusions, but, perhaps, also, true.
    So, the battle is not done.  It is still to be fought, with courage, in spite of what the discouragement brigades throw at us.  FOR AMERICA!

  • Mike Devx

    Charles M said:
    The pollsters and the old media are all in on this one: This is their last mendacious gasp at controlling “the narrative,” and they will do whatever it takes to get Obama re-elected. In circumstances like this, when you’re gambling your entire stake, you go for broke. You bluff, pysch, and lie as much as you can to make your opponent gulp and back down.

    As usual Charles says it better than i can. 

    Once you have accepted that the mainstream media are deliberately lying and are in fact unpaid Democrat operatives, it’s not much of a stretch to then understand that many of the polling organizations are heavily staffed by liberals and are carrying the water for the Democrats too.  At this point I am still willing to ascribe it to “bias” rather than deliberate, deceitful manipulation.  They perhaps really *do* believe in their models, just like the global warming crowd.  Surely the voter identification in 2012 will mirror that of 2008, when Democrats, and especially the far left, were massively hyped and rabidly enthusiastic.  Remember those lines stretching around the block and across the street, across the lawns… for a PRIMARY VOTE???  Surely 2012 will mimic the same voter pattern!

    That may be what they think.  We don’t have smoking gun audio or admissions yet, like we have, repeatedly, for the Journolist crowd, for the mainstream media’s pattern of deliberate, malicious collusion and deceit.  So I’m still willing to call it “bias”, and wait and see.

    My fear is that the deliberate overstating of an Obama edge in the media is merely a prelude for an organized voter fraud effort to steal the election.  May God help us if a smoking gun for that huge level of collusion were to be found.  That would mean WAR.  At this point we still have to trust that the voting process remains relatively secure.  Meaning, no worse than Nixon-Kennedy in 1960, where an election can be stolen, but not easily, and only if it is reasonably close.  But I repeat, may God help us all if evidence of massive collusion for voter fraud between the Democrats and the media were to be uncovered.

  • 94Corvette

    One important factor – people who support change have seen how this administration is very vindictive against persons they perceive to be their enemies.  (I am amazed that no one has grasped the idea that Mitt’s tax returns have been examined by dozens of IRS agents over the past months and if there were any improprieties at all whatsoever, they would have been on the front page of the NY Times.) 
    I get two to three polling calls every night and I ignore them.  If I don’t know who is calling, we don’t answer.  As pointed out in other blogs, a school teacher answering the phone and a ‘survey’ doesn’t know if it is Gallup or the local NEA thought police.  Of course they are going to maintain the union line; their jobs and careers are directly affected.
    Conservatives usually have a better sense of boundaries they maintain and discussing our votes is out of bounds. 
    Another point, the current poll reporting is a two edged sword against Obama as it breeds complacency and fosters low turnout with his supporters while energizing those who oppose him.  I am praying for our country to return to rationality as if Obama is elected, it shows that the majority of voters have sold their souls to the government masters.

  • nathan

    The most fascinating “poll” of all is Intrade which now gives Mitt Romney only a 21 percent chance of winning the presidency as I am writing this.  (Obama clocks in at an astounding 78 percent.)  Here are some explanations for this: (1) bettors outside the USA, who are eligible to play on Intrade, are much more optimistic about Obama’s chances; (2) the Intrade market has been manipulated upward to boost Obama’s image and to set up a giant short sale opportunity and (3) the polls showing Obama winning by a comfortable margin are in fact correct.  My belief is that a combination of (1) and (2) are at work here.  In fact I gave a few dollars to a friend of mine who lives in Asia to place a bet on Romney.  If Romney wins, he can keep the money. If Romney loses, the loss will be mine.

  • Ymarsakar

    Democrats long ago figured out what the rest of us students of propaganda have. Polls are designed to manipulate public opinion, not reflect it, on an inherent basis.