That out-of-tune brassy sound you hear is me tooting my own horn

Real Clear Politics, Sunday, September 30, 2012:

I’m excited not only for myself, but for Laer Pearce, whose book, Crazifornia: Tales from the Tarnished State – How California is Destroying Itself and Why it Matters to America, is the subject of the post that RCP picked up.  It’s a great book, and as many Americans as possible should read it, so that they can fully understand what Progressive politics will do to the American landscape.

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    GOOD for you (and Laer – who owes you at least a coffee!).  Always nice to be recognized, and you’re among friends here!
    Whenever I got any kind of award, or was mentioned in a book, etc., I would make a copy and send it to my Mom.  She’d put it under the glass on her desk, or hang it on the refrigerator, etc. 
    This is somewhat the same – thanks for sharing with us!


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