A video telling Jewish voters that it’s okay not to vote for Obama in 2012

There are two constituencies on which Democrats can always count:  Jews and blacks.  And Jews, unlike blacks, give lots of money to their favorite party and they get out and vote.  For many Jews, being a Democrat is an integral part of their identity.  Voting for a Republican is anathema.  It turns them into a heretic who must be shunned by polite society.

But what happens when the Democrat president repeatedly engages in conduct that is hostile to Israel, the Jewish homeland?  And what if this conduct occurs at a time when Israel is facing several enemies that will have the capacity within a short time to extinguish her existence?

For those of us who have already decided that Jewish and Democrat aren’t the same word, the answer to these questions, and others like them, is easy:  don’t vote for Obama.  Not only are his actions towards Israel hostile, he has, in both word and deed, proven to be overly anxious to curry favor with radical Islamists.  This last matters not just to Jews, but to all Americans.  Radical Islamists do not wish us well.  They are explicit in their desire to destroy or subjugate our people and our culture.

As I said, for us, it’s easy.  But for those Jews who cannot separate their core religious and racial identity from the Democrat party, crying foul on Obama is almost impossibly difficult.  Fortunately, help is on the way, in the form of a very thoughtful video, narrated by and focusing on Irina, a 23-year old New York Jewish woman and Democrat, who takes a serious look at what Obama means to Israel and the Jews and, by extension to America:

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  • drk

    This was fabulous – very worth the time.

    Something that shocked me was seeing the contrast between what Obama originally said about Jerusalem being the undisputed capitol of Israel and what he has subsequently said.  It is too easy for people to forget what he has said before – but the difference is night and day.  

    Many have commented on how Obama says one thing to one crowd and something different to another.  He can, of course, because the media do not do what Irina did in this video:  straight forward analysis.  It isn’t rocket science – it just requires honesty.  And that is no longer a job requirement for most in the media.

    I wish Irina would do something similar on other topics related to Obama.  She does a great job! 

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    A good video, but there needs to be a shorter version.

    I looked up the organization that did this video, and they’ve done quite a few others. 

  • jj

    “Jews, unlike blacks, give lots of money to their favorite party.”  Good heavens!  Don’t let Chris Matthews or Lawrence O’Donnell hear you say that, you’ll be outed as a racist on national TV!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Back in the old Testament, they knew what to do with Jews that wouldn’t cease their vices and evil. I think even Jesus Christ had his problems with Jewish authoritarians in his day. Often times, only pain and terror could get anyone to do anything back in the old world. It’s unfortunate that in the aftermath of the dissolving of Original Sin by one person’s sacrifice, that it has come to this.

  • http://conservativlib.wordpress.com/ eric-odessit

    Well, Irina is a Russian name.  She was obviously very little when her parents brought her to this country. The education establishment strikes again: the girl decided not to listen to her parents who probably knew better and voted for a Democrat.  4 years later she simply grew up.  Reminds me of that old joke: “When I was 16 I thought my Dad was an idiot.  When I turned 21 I was surprised how much smarter he got in 5 years”.  Irina’s parents might have tried to explain to her that they took her out of the Soviet Union not to turn this country into a new Soviet Union.  But she would not listen.  At least now she learned that they were right, at least as far as Israel is concerned.  Hopefully as she grows older and gains more wisdom, she will learn that they were correct on other subjects as well.