The Smirk

The GOP instantly produced a video focusing on Obama’s face during the debate.  It’s called “The Smirk.”  I don’t know.  To me, it looks as if Obama’s trying not to cry.

I’m watching the debate now, and I would characterize it as a bloodless, but total, massacre. Obama wearily pretends the last four years never happened, while Romney cheerfully goes for the rhetorical jugular. I’m impressed that Romney doesn’t appear mean, he appears impassioned. He cares about America.

As for Obama, all he seems to care about is having the debate end. We all know that feeling. The game starts, you realize instantly that you’re seriously over-matched, but you can’t just walk off the field. So what you do instead is go through the motions, waiting for the final whistle to blow.  Ace has a picture showing who really cared.

I will not be foolish enough to say that the election is over. Sarah Palin has rightly warned that, in past elections, when he couldn’t win clean, Obama won dirty. Nevertheless, Romney, given the chance to meet the voters face to face, finally broke free of the media narrative. From here on out, voters will pay direct attention to Romney, which is what he needed.

Incidentally, all of my liberal Facebook friends, the ones who were posting endless Obama campaign posters, did one of two things last night: they suddenly fell silent or they announced that this whole election campaign is so boring, they just wish it was over. Kind of like Obama….

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  • Charles Martel

    I’ve been reading over other blogs discussing the debate and am gratified that most people in the country, right or left, saw the curtain pulled away from Obama last night. I pray that Mitt Romney, aka Toto, has a few more curtain pulls left in him.
    But something one commentator said stuck with me: Obama has always been willing to play dirty if he could not win clean. He has been surrounded all his life by some pretty vile people—Frank Marshall, his mother, Bill Ayers, Emmanuel Rahm, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton—none of whom had or has an ounce of wit, honesty, or integrity. He lives in a Hobbesian realm where his peasant take on things is that there is only a limited amount of wealth and good things in the world and Fate has sent him here to reapportion them.
    We haven’t heard the last from our floundering Narcissist-in-Chief.  

  • BrianE

    I think Mr. Romney did fine last night. He’s definitely comfortable talking about policy.

    I think on the Medicare issue, he should have stressed that the President’s plan to control Medicare costs by price controls wasn’t likely to work, since it would just produce more cost shifting.

     When Mr. Obama continued to use the $5 trillion tax break figure, after Romney had pointed out the figure wasn’t accurate, I think he could have used a very famous phrase from Ronald Reagan– “there you go again, Mr. President” (with the necessary Reagan inflection, of course.)

    I don’t think the next debate is going to get any better for Obama. I think Romney has the measure of the man.

    If anything, Romney was too agreeable, which I suspect, is his nature. I haven’t heard any stories of him being caustic or irritable.

  • BrianE

    I do think the line of the evening that will resonate with middle America was where Romney said he would determine what programs he would recommend be funded based on whether they were important enough to borrow the money from China.

    That simple concept puts our deficit financing in the proper perspective.

  • Tonestaple

    Yes, Brian E, that was a great line, and I quoted it on Facebook when my idiotic lefty congresscritter started babbling about how fond he is of big Bird.  Yeesh.

    Anyway, yes, Barry has always played dirty when he can’t immediately get his way.  Contrast that with this story:  And go read the LA Times article.  I think it’s the one that said that if Billy Bulger didn’t resign, Romney was going to start packing the board of trustees with people like Howie Carr.

    Finally, we’ve all seen Il Duce smirk and frown when people disagree with him.  He gets a nice deep line between his eyebrows when he’s angry.  There was none of that last night, and you know he was pissed.  So anyone willing to buy my idea that Barry got a smidge of Botox to keep his face under control?

    Contrast these pictures with how he looked last night.

  • lee

    It’s worth noting that Medicare costs won’t be quite as problematic, what with Obamacare, since under Obamacare, those over 70 will pretty much just be entitled to palliative care. Hand-holding is much cheaper than hip-replacement, chemotherapy, surgery, physical therapy…. 

  • Ron19

    For the third watching of the debate, I watched more or less straight through on the split screen from C-SPAN.

    I was strongly reminded of the Saturday Night Live News Report, wih Chevy Chase “backing” up Jane Curtain.  The President’s smirking, head-shaking, grimacing, etc., was like an opportunity for him to speak over Romney, or grab some extra minutes to debate, taking them away from Romney. 

  • Ymarsakar

    A world ruled by experts is no more than a Leftist totalitarian utopia of shiny skulls.