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To begin with, DL Sly is right that, if I don’t make each and every one of you aware of Iowahawk’s latest post of genius, I am doing you a profound disservice.  I won’t even make an effort to summarize what Iowahawk has done.  Suffice to say that your life will forever have a slightly diminished quality if you don’t read it.

Okay, having improved your lives, let’s get back to business:

Mike Devx has noted that, having smeared the polls when they were pro-Obama, we look foolish and hypocritical if we suddenly embrace them now that they show Romney inching up.  He’s right.  The pollsters have lost control of the statistics.  They don’t know what the heck they’re doing, and they’re doing it with only 9% of the public helping them out.  Jon Podhoretz says that Monday, October 8, was the worst day of all, and can be called “the day polling died.”  What’s more interesting to me is what I see on Facebook and hear at the school bus stop.  Obama supporters are starting to get that startled look of someone emerging from a pleasant dream, only to discover that the real world didn’t go away.

Romney is assuming rightly that Obama will come to the next debate loaded for bear (so will Biden, leaving Ryan with the distasteful task of picking his way through Biden’s inevitable lies).  Those of us who know Obama, though, don’t believe that his renewed energy will lead to a better debate showing.  He’ll still have attached to him the problems that dogged him in the first debate.  He won’t become more articulate, he won’t have greater knowledge, and, worst of all, he’ll still be struggling to hide his core truth, which is that he doesn’t like America, doesn’t like Israel, and doesn’t believe in individualism.  If you’re trying to debate extemporaneously in a way that is counter to your underlying belief systems, you will fail.  Oh, Obama has one more problem:  hubris.  Toby Harnden has a great post summarizing Obama’s disdain for Romney and the democratic process, as well as his laziness.

And finally, on a completely different subject, Jay Greene says that there is no teacher shortage.  His starting point is the fact that classroom sizes are significantly smaller than they were when I was a student back in 1970, but outcomes are unchanged.  From there, he talks about the downsides of hiring ever more teachers in order to reach some magic point at which the teacher student ratio is perfect.  I couldn’t agree more with Greene’s conclusions.  What do you think?

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  • JKB

    Just saw this thegatewaypundit…kid-rock-introduces-paul-ryan-says-im-sorry-obama-didnt-do-a-better-job-video/  

    Now Kid Rock was announcing Ryan but to say that in the open is giving permission to others to think that. 

    “I’m very proud to say that we have elected our first black president. I’m sorry he didn’t do a better job. I really wish that he would have. I do.” 

  • Mike Devx

    Romney’s goal in the next debate is the same as the last one, I think: Look Presidential, and GET UNDER OBAMA’S SKIN.

    It’s not going to matter how much energy Obama brings, or how glibly he fires off his “facts”.

    The truth is, he doesn’t think he should have to debate.  Debates are beneath him.  He just does NOT like it when he is criticized.

    And he has a *huge* dislike for Mitt Romney.  To be criticized by such complete low-life scum such as Romney is practically unbearable for him.  Obama’s the man who won the Nobel Peace prize within weeks of merely assuming office!  His 2008 campaign stops were rock-star events.  Greek pillars!  And a disgusting roach such as Romney dares to criticize the Great One when the Great One knows he is so very good at everything?  It’s inconceivable.  “I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters,” says the Great One, who apparently walked off the last debate stage convinced he had actually won the debate.  Hubris and arrogance and a complete inability to judge himself.  “Winner!”

    So… get under his skin, and mission accomplished yet again.

    Chicago Annenberge Challenge… failure.

    Hey, he made Tony Rezko FILTHY rich… but all those poor black people whose housing he was supposed to improve ended up far worse off and even, in many cases, had their housing condemned… failure.

    Illinois Senate… vote only “Present”… failure.

    Presidential economic record… total failure.

    Even when he was an adjunct professor, or whatever you call it, after the first semester when he got by on glowing advance praise, his students then began rating him below average… failure.

    Aside from making his biggest supporters and his biggest partisans FILTHY rich, solely by feeding them other people’s money, there’s not one damn thing at which Obama has ever succeeded.


  • MacG

    Trying not to jump on the band wagon of Romney obliterated Obama I have wondered if Obama was employing a bit of ‘Rope a Dope” and will change so dramatically in his approach that it throws Romney fo r a loop.  However I am waiting for Romney to go Tom Cruise on Jack Nicholson and get Obama to blurt the equivalent of “You can’t handle the TRUTH!”

  • Don Quixote

    Comparing class sizes past and present is highly misleading.  The students are much less homogeneous; many more don’t speak English as a first language; support from parents is not as strong as it once was; the teachers are forced to teach far more non-traditional subjects and garbage.  In short, teaching is a much tougher job than it once was and smaller class sizes are badly needed to compensate.