The Presbyterian Church and Israel

I my post yesterday about the truly loving care my mom gets in an old age run under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church, I said that I resent the Church’s attitude towards Israel, but that I can’t fault it with regard to its care for the elderly.  With perfect timing, NRO came out with an article today about the way the liberal US churches, including the Presbyterian Church, view Israel.

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  • USMaleSF

    Despite what their traditional documents may say, these churches’ real official religion, or their working theology, as one commentor put it, is not traditional Christianity in any sense, but Liberalism, in the form of “radical inclusion” and “social justice.” 

    They follow, without exception, the agenda of the Left.

    Not too different from Reform Jews. 

  • MacG

    IT is no surprise that the Liberal Churches go the way that they do when you have liberal organizations such as the Jesus Seminar (which rules out virtually everything that Jesus is recorded as having said to less than a ‘most likely said’ category) that would would not take to heart G-d’s words I will bless those that bless thee and curse those that curse thee.”

  • Charles Martel

    The Jew hatred emanating from the formerly mainstream Protestant churches is motivated by remnant guilt at not being willing to suffer martyrdom while practicing a denatured form of Christianity in an affluent country.
    All believing Christians understand that they may be called on to suffer physically, mentally, and emotionally at some point—perhaps horrendously so. But how does one suffer when his charity toward others is an extension of his coercive politics, his readings of the Bible are selective, his pacifism does not extend to stopping the evisceration of the unborn, and his sexual morals smugly command God himself by claiming that same-sex sodomy is “something new” that the Holy Spirit is doing?
    Such a care-free Christianity would seemingly dismiss all signs of worry from believers’ brows. Alas, there remains the atavistic need to defend someone with all of the boldness and courage that only credentialed people sitting around a Brazilian rosewood table can command. Who is it that needs needs defending? (Not the unborn, not Republicans, not white people, not straight men, not Orthodox Jews—especially not Orthodox Jews.)  Aha, Muslims! Poor, innocent Muslims who are being pushed around by Joooos! Delightful, colorful, spiritually vigorous Others being oppressed by the usual banker, loan shark, unfairly-more-intelligent-than-Gentiles, cosmopolitan Joooos. 
    To the word processors! Man/woman the press release forms! Clear the catarrhic throats of church luminaries that they may speak in stern, resolute, concerned tones about the miseries being inflicted on a vibrant, aspiring culture of woman beaters and queer haters! Let us suffer for the Christ Event, that probably mythical life that may or may not have happened 2,000 years ago, but even if it did a bunch of uptight men rewrote the true accounts of what did/didn’t happen.
    All clear now?

  • David Foster

    Note also that Christian churches have for the most part been remarkably silent about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world.

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  • MacG

    David you may have a point but even if the Churches were noisy about it would the MSM give an ink drop?