Who’s going to win the Vice-presidential debate?

How do you all think the Vice-presidential debate is going to go tonight?  Personally, I think Ryan will wipe the floor with Biden.

Also, do Vice-presidential debates make any difference in elections?  Will they make any difference in this one?

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    The VP didn’t get to be Joe the Six Term Senator without having some skills at blowing smoke.  However, he is not going to get anything past Ryan so long as the format allows Ryan to respond.   Ryan will win easily, though not the blowout of the first presidential debate. And no, it doesn’t matter unless Biden says something exceptionally stupid, even by his standards. 

  • pst314

    No matter what happens, I’m sure that Biden will say that he won. 😉

  • Danny Lemieux

    When Biden debated Sarah Palin, he just made stuff up as he went along and nobody called him on it (e.g., Kitty’s Corner Cafe, the Marines chasing Hesbollah out of Lebanon, etc.). The large majority of viewers were oblivious to it.

    A big part of tonight’s debate ourcome will hinge upon how well Paul Ryan manages to call out Biden on Biden’s inevitable fabrications and misrepresentations.

  • MacG

    Since we won in Afghanistan, I guess Biden :)  

    My guess Biden is isolated form the stereotype of the ‘angry white guy’ and will be way more forceful than Obama.  If Ryan can with clarify any misinterpretations about pushing a grandmother in a wheelchair over a cliff then he may have a chance.  Ryan has had a positive calm approach and if Biden goes all fire and brimstone on him then he may well lose just on that alone.  Biden needs to win the swing voters and most of them are not the loud passionate “I GOT MY OBAMA PHONE!!!” types but quieter introspective types not turned on by passionate speeches and words mean more than the delivery.  If Biden wins it will be a slim margin.

    The real reason I want Ryan to win is to see Chris Matthews’ head explode.  :)  Imagine the melt down…he may just go catatonic.

  • JKB

    Well, Instapundit has a post about the moderator having a history of asking unserious questions designed to draw attention to her.  So the big loser tonight might be the MSM.  

    If the topic is Libya, then Ryan wins, especially if he is able to turn it into a discussion of the administration seeking to pressure against free speech.  Or if Ryan can draw out some blunder admission against the lie the White House adopted.  

    If Ryan stays serious and doesn’t try zingers, I think he can win.  He’ll look like executive material with real ideas.  

    I don’t think they matter if they are workaday but like Obama’s performance, they matter if you fail badly. 

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    This morning, Rush said Joe is going to be condescending….”Paul is a real jewel in Washington, but he’s new…he doesn’t have the experience yet, so it’s not his time.”
    If Joe tries this, I hope Ryan is prepared with something like: “If what we’ve got is the result of Washington experience, then it’s time to toss the old guard out and let the new guys have a try.”
    I agree with most above – calmly puncture Biden’s dumb stuff, refuse to be drawn into invective, just present facts and call Joe out on his exaggerations and lies.

  • Libby

    I wouldn’t be surprised if both sides think their guy won. MSNBC talking heads Mika & Mike Barnicle find Joe charming and endearing, and they are absolutely convinced that he will put the less experienced Ryan in his place. So Biden would have to really flub up – either blatantly lie or veer into incoherence – for them  to admit (or recognize) that Ryan won. Biden is confident, and he can slip into that hushed-voice candor  mode where he lets us in on how things really work in DC.
    This debate matters as a means to turn the tide back for Obama, who has been in free-fall since his debate. The MSNBC types mentioned above keep alluding to the 2004 election where Bush flubbed the first debate, but was rescued by Cheney’s VP debate performance against Edwards.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    “I won” and “I win” are catch phrases of the Left. You can tell them apart from the normal population by that little Kultish phrasing.

  • Old Buckeye

    Ymarsakar makes a good point–why do we allow the narrative to be who “wins” at these things? Isn’t it more about who proposes good ideas, what points sound workable/achievable, who projects a vision for America that we want to put our trust in? To me that’s not necessarily winning, it’s more like who’s smart and who’s stupid :) 

  • Mike Devx

    Paul Ryan hasn’t debated in more than fifteen years.  Does he know how to carry off a debate performance?  It is different from a campaign rally, different from a prepared speech.  Debates where you are sitting at a table are different from those where the candidates are standing at podiums.
    But Paul Ryan is generally unflappable.  Biden will be Good Ol’ Populist Joe and he will hit Ryan hard, and will hit Romney hard in several different areas.  There will be very nasty attacks, because they have GOT to stop the bleeding.
    Joe Biden will lie and deceive with either vague pronouncements or dubious statistics.  Will Ryan be able to point out the insanities in a way that resonates with voters?  Or will Ryan be swamped by the tidal wave of inaccuracies and give up?  Even if Ryan keeps up with the corrections, will the voters be able to keep up?  Or will they tune it all out by thinking, blah-blah-blah he-said he-said, whatever, I don’t care?  Then Biden wins purely on deceitful bluster.
    Does this debate matter?  If one side lays a big egg, yes.  If Ryan or Biden is far more effective at promoting Romney or Obama than his VP opponent, yes.  Otherwise, if it’s mostly a draw, after a few days no one will remember it very much.
    For Paul Ryan this debate is a big deal for his future political considerations.  Many, many Americans will get their first look at him free of media bias.  They say a run for the Presidency is likely in his future.  He can’t give the media anything to tarnish him with the way, say, Sarah Palin did with Katie Couric (and her selective editing), or Dan Quayle did while bounding like a puppy onto the stage for the Bush VP announcement.  It’s not fair, but that’s the way the game is played.

  • http://ruminationsroom.wordpress.com Don Quixote

    Gee, and I’d have thought it would be just the reverse.  Conservatives favor competition in which there are winners and losers.  Liberals abhor competition and think everyone should have the high self-esteem of a winner, no matter how undeserved.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Mike:  Ryan needs to ignore as much of the chaff as possible, and refute the most easily illustrated, and important to the citizenry, lies. 
    It will be a target-rich environment, but he has got to be like a duck-hunter…..focus on ONE thing that people know and care about, and make it plain to the American people that the guys they elected four years ago have NO IDEAS capable of turning things around, and we MUST HAVE a change.
    Ryan may not have debated before, but he’s apparently unflappable and self-controlled.  I suspect that he’s going to do fine – and that the contrast with “Slow Joe” is going to be all in his favor.