“I’m invincible!” “You’re a looney.” Democrats — the Black Knights of the 2012 election

Except for all the gory stuff, I’d like to think that this will be how we’ll look back on the Democrat’s 2012 presidential run:

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  • notomarx

    That was funny that was very funny.  I had not paid attention to what it was about, I had just click the play button.  As it played, I wondered this is entertaining as usual with Bookworm but what is it about?  When it got to the end and the “draw” conclusion, I then read the caption and laughed my head off.
    Thanks I really needed that.

  • Mike Devx

    No real open thread recently.  This one’s about a movie, so i’ll stick a comment here.

    I saw “Argo” yesterday.  A few quibbles from a conservative standpoint, and the ending was probably pure Hollywood.  But overall, I thought it was a great movie.  Very entertaining, at times very suspenseful, at other times incredibly funny.  A very good movie! Well worth the full admission price, though I saw it at an afternoon matinee.

  • Mike Devx

    On the subject of video: Joshuapundit recognizes Margaret Thatcher’s birthday today with a video of her in action on the floor of Parliament, being challenged by some socialists.  I’ve rarely seen her in action. If this video is any indicator, she was stellar.  Check it out!  About two minutes worth.



  • Spartacus

    “Except for all the gory stuff…”
    Oh, but why leave that out?
    (Sorry, that was unkind.  😉 )

  • MacG

    OR “What it Will Take to Beat the Islamists”.