A Crowley set-up on Libya?

There is something about how the Libya question was raised in last night’s debate that smelled awfully like Chicago, yesterday.

When Pres. Obama raised his objections to Romney’s challenge on Libya with Candy Crowley, he appeared to imply that Crowley had already read the transcript of the Rose Garden speech that Obama gave immediately after the Benghazi attack. Crowley indicated that she had. So, how would Crowley happened to have read and “memorized” that particular Rose Garden transcript in advance of the Town Hall debate unless she had been prepared in advance for a) the question and b) for Obama’s response? It is also interesting how she scrambled to steer the discussion away from Libya the moment that Romney began to drill down on this headline issue. I believe that this exchange was totally set-up.

Here is the outtake video on the exchange. What do you think?


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  • Beth

    I thought the same thing and when I realized, at the end of the debate, that the black woman in pink sitting in the back row clapping was none other than Michele O….it all started to smell.
    Crowley should be ashamed of herself.


    When Benghazi was brought up, what was the first thing out of Obama’s mouth, “get the transcript Candy”. He already knew that she would back him. I want to know, who in the audience (more likely in Candy Pol Pot’s head) submitted the question: “How are you different from GWB”.  Can I expect Bob Schieffer to ask in the next debate, how Romney differs from Putin or Rasputin.    


    US Spanish Media translations of the event is 30 minutes shorter than the actual debate. If you recall Univsion hammered Obama about F&F. Cheryl Saban (Mrs.Univision) landed a job the day after Obama was questioned on F&F.

  • merighen

    John McCreary who produces “NightWatch” for KGS has informed this whole mess with his usual acumen.  Romney’s early comment of 11 Sep 2012 may have been based, in part on McCreary’s commentary.  In the following excerpt he writes:

    “The result is the US embassy appears to be apologizing to misguided, out of control rioters who were allowed by Egyptian authorities to violate US sovereign territory.

    Apologies by the innocent victims of violence are acts of submission that stoke demands for greater acts of submission, even in US culture. To some Muslims, including groups in Pakistan, the very existence of the US or Israel is an affront to their interpretation of Islam and “hurts their religious beliefs.”  There is no way to avoid hurting their religious sensibilities .”
    Entire commentary at:


    By 16 Oct  2012, McCreary enlightened readers on the nitty-gritty of how our Intelligence Community operates at all times, which particularly informs who knew what when:

    “During a crisis, all crisis action teams issue situation updates to the national command authority and to each other, often hourly at first. All are in communications with each other. The White House Situation Room is always in the loop, if not the real time crisis management clearing house, for all reporting on the crisis, in support of the National Security Council staff and the inter agency crisis management process.”


    Reading McCreary is always worthwhile; he regularly cuts through the nonsense that we are fed by lesser analysts.


  • merighen

    Oops, the second excerpt for McCreary’s 16 Oct 2012 briefing didn’t make it through….

    “News coverage of the Benghazi attack does not reflect the basics of US national security crisis management practice nor the diligence and competence of the people who make it work and would have been on duty on 9-11-2012.”

  • jj

    The interesting thing is to note that today everybody’s talking more about Crowley, and the fact that she jumped the rails – insofar as that elephant could be said to “jump” much of anything – than they are what either Romney or Obama said.  Most of the discussion I’ve seen has been about the swell job she did, with some added speculation about just who she thinks she is.  And she in essence said ahead of time she didn’t plan on observing the rules, so I find myself wondering why she was left in place.  Did the Presidential Debate Commission – whoever they are – not believe her?  I liked it better when the League of Women Voters ran the show. 

  • Caped Crusader

    How long will the Republicans tolerate being treated as if we all went to school on a short bus? Have we no one who will speak up and declare that, win or lose, after this election it will be a “home and home” ballgame; and we will never again pay ALL matches on the opponents home field? You choose a moderator, we chose a moderator, etc. It should be announced as the polls close to avoid the MSM outrage that they are not unbiased.

  • Caped Crusader

    Anyone besides me old enough to remember the Smilin’ Jack comic strip of yesteryear? Every time I see Candy Crowley, I think of the perfect mate for her; that being Fat Stuff a character on the strip with an immense abdomen, always popping a button and a chicken below to catch in the air.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    I’m absolutely certain it was a set-up.  Obama had a whole nice little speech prepared about how Libya was ultimately his responsibility.  Romney and Crowley really blew that one out of the water, because the story line ended up being about Crowley’s reprehensible behavior and Romney’s laser focus.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    OT, folks….sorry.
    Caped Crusader!  I’ve never found anyone else who remembers that strip!!  I read it “religiously” in the S.F. Chronicle of the early ’50s.  I was very young…I remember crying real tears when Jack’s girl-friend (of the moment) was killed in one of their adventures.
    I also remember when the smugglers were hiding jewels in packages of smoked eels (with the appropriate squiggly lines indicating the smell)….and later, at the Crystal Palace Market with my grandmother, who was buying the candied fruit for her Christmas cakes, I actually saw an ENORMOUS pile of smoked eels at one of the vendors’ booths…..it pleased me inordinately to actually see what had been all wrapped up in Smilin’ Jack’s adventure!
    Thanks for the memories!!


    The Conservative Treehouse has a stunning blow-by-blow analysis of the Benghazi ambush implicating CNN, Crowley and the Obama regime: