Found it on Facebook — crude anti-Mormon sentiment

I continue to be fascinated with the things that my Progressive friends post on Facebook.  I feel like a cultural archaeologist.  Here’s today’s offering:

For once, my commentary can be summed up in a single sentence:

We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. — Barack Obama, September 12, 2012


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  • kbterrier

    Out of curiosity, what is Mr. Bookworm saying about this election?

  • Gringo

    One of my bosses is Mormon. Perhaps a bit of a Jack Mormon. My working relationship with her goes back over a decade, with various companies. The only time her religion came up was when she suggested she set up some blind dates for  me. I declined when I found out that these would have been with church members, with the attempt to bring me into the church.  But that was years ago. We have continued to have a good working relationship- and since she has her own company has continued to offer me work when it is available.
    I believe that one reason why libs and progs are  bigoted regarding the OTHER- in this case those for whom religion is an important part of their lives- is that libs and progs have little experience with them. It is a lot easier to make fun of those whom you don’t know.
    I am an agnostic and born and raised in a lib/prog environment,  but in many regards I will take a Bible-thumper over a lib/prog any day. More honest and more humble.

  • Earl

    That’s pretty disgusting stuff…..
    Why not organize a “send it to the President” campaign, and see if you can get him to comment on it.
    Start with Glenn Reynolds, Jonah Goldberg, and the guys at Power Line……

  • Charles Martel

    I always chuckle a little whenever I see the word “progressive” attached to the crude, foaming-at-the-mouth fantasies leftists hold. But what really gets to me is how “progressive” women have been so thoroughly Hefnerized that they think the alpha and omega of their existence is the vulva.

  • Libby

    I’ll just never understand how the left can go bonkers over Romney’s benign faith while completely ignoring the widespread abuses committed under Islam. All they’d have to do is swap “Mormon” with “Muslim” and would be an accurate depiction of life in an Islamic country instead of a joke.

  • Ymarsakar

    I actually have the opposite view as Gringo and others concerning the Left. The Left hates your religion because they want to convert you to the Left’s Utopian death cult. That is why they hate you and go to such extent to ruin your day and the day of all other religious believers. The Left isn’t really a supporter of America’s First or 2nd Amendments, because they really believe they have the power, the right, and the intellectual might to convert all the wayward children to the True Path. It is the exact Opposite of lacking experience with religion due to ignorance.


  • MacG

    They do this because they have binders on.  Oops. That should read ‘blinders on’. They remained bound and determined to organize all religious into a 3 ring circus book of their own.  Like the irreligious scientists they do not see their need to evangelize is the same as the religious (every body wants to be heard).  Even their motives may be the same to save from a false paradigm.  But I will argue beyond the superficial appearance that the motives of the religious are to seek and save that which is lost from judgement whereas the irreligious do so out of fear of judgement.  If they can disprove the religious or at least ‘rationally’ dismiss it, then they can dismiss this horrific idea of judgement which is in reality an accountability for their actions or inactions and can therefore ‘feel better’ about themselves on multiple levels.  Intellectual and from that moral superiority.  From this vantage they get to poke fun at the Mormons guilt free.

    This piece has a fell of the Whittenburg Door however the difference is that it is satire from within versus laughing at others handicaps (for to them religion is a handicap) ala special Olympic Bowling scores.

    Curiously the irreligious scientist claims rationality is ‘the way’ but has at it foundation the irrational belief that matter came from nowhere and it exploded uncatalyzed on its own.  Never mind that we have never observed an encyclopedia being made from an explosion at a typesetters shop and much less a cute children’s book or a cheesy novel.  Then there’s that pesky business about being able to repeat it.  What evs.  No virgin computer hardware ever wrote its own code.  But this never stops the irreligious from espousing their theories of the origin.  Whereas the religious of the Judeo Christian set has said all long that it started out perfect coming from and being organized by something bigger and better than matter and said matter has been in decline ever since  – a much more rational stance and in keeping with what we observe everyday.  Everything we can observe has/had a cause and everything is subject to decay.  Just ask Book about her last computer :)

    “If the universe is a big clock ticking down, who wound it up?” Tony Campolo 

  • Bill C

    A glimpse of the next four years after Romney wins.  I was hoping politics would take a backseat in my life for awhile.

  • David Foster

    The level of fear/rage which is directed by so many educated, upper-middle-class people toward:

    a)Christians, an

    b)rural people / southerners, aka “rednecks”

    …continues to amaze. I’m working on a post about this now. 

  • Beth

    MacG–your comment made my day!  😉

  • Danny Lemieux

    MacG – whenever I come across a supposedly “rational” scientist who lectures to me about arguments on God, religion or an afterlife not being “logical”, my response goes something like this: 

    1) to be logical, one has to know all the points of fact to link into a train of logic (e.g., for A + B = C, you need to know A, B and C).

    2) So, please explain to me what the world looks like from the 6th Dimension (because mathematicians and physicists agree that “reality” probably contains 20+ dimensions of existence, of which we can only barely perceive 3-1/2 dimensions of existence, the “1/2” being “time”).

    3) So, if you can’t explain to me what the world looks like from the 6th (or 10th, or 13th) dimension, how on earth can you claim to rationally explain why God does not exist and why there is no afterlife?.

    4) Conclusion: you must be a moron!  

  • MacG


    This is good and another facet to a tack that I have taken.  How how can a two dimensional being experience the third? It cannot even though it is immersed in the third dimension and at any given third dimensional orientation is only aware of dimensions one and two.  However the third dimension permeates the second dimension and is not constrained by the second dimensions limitations.  I might say “It seems that you have ruled out the number 4 and are trying to solve 2+2 and you know it can’t be four because it does not exist and those that think it does are fools.” 

    But your posit is much more wiggle free, focuses on a common unknown unlike the number 4 and plants a seed which should be difficult to uproot.  I like it.  Have you copyrighted that?  Do I need written permission to use it?  I’d give you royalties but I do not know how to get onto the Queen’s golf course to get them :)


    Thank you and my pleasure. 

  • Earl

    Danny:  Be careful with that “moron denigration” you got going there…..don’t you know that we’re a LARGE group?
    In fact, depending on the subject, we can all fit into the category at some level or another.
    Helps keep me humble when talking to folks you’re discussing.  I can use all the help I can get, too!
    P.S. I also REALLY like your response!  Not offering royalties, though…just stealing it!

  • Charles Martel

    Danny, I like your tack.
    One thing I’ve noticed about militant atheists is their lack of imagination. They attempt to set the parameters for a discussion of God from the get-go by postulating how they can’t imagine a being who can create a universe and yet concern itself with the lives of creatures on a backwater planet in a non-descript galaxy.
    My reply has always been that their lack of imagination is their problem, not God’s. A mind that can create a 15-billion-light-year-wide universe can pretty much do what it wants, including pay attention to minutiae that a greatly lesser mind might consider silly or nonsensical.

  • MacG

    This discussion brings to mind the scene in the Star Trek movie “The Wrath of Kahn”  where the nearly disabled Enterprise enters a nebula to hide from the pursuing Kahn so it’ll mess with his instruments and buy them sometime even tough they’ll both be flying blind as it were.  During the cat and mouse game Spock says “Captain, his search pattern suggests two dimensional thinking” and you can see the light go off in Kirk’s head and Kirk maintained his losing is not an option record.

  • Earl
  • Mike Devx

    Did something bubble up recently concerning the word “binders”?  Suddenly I’m seeing it everywhere.  Is this the key talking point in the Democrat final assault in their campaign promoting the supposed GOP’s ‘The War Against Women’?

    Where did all this sudden bizarre attention on the left to the word “binders” come from?

    It is clear that Obama – and the left – continues to hope that they can drive millions of women into their camp based on the idea of a GOP “War on Women”,  This is just the latest in a series of frontal assaults on the “issue”.  They must have reason to believe that the issue works for them…

    My sample size os small, but of the six women I know of who are going to vote Obama, for five of them social issues, in particular this abortion and “personhood at fertlizilation thing” thing are the only reasons.


  • Earl

    Here’s a great cartoon on OBAMA’s “binder of women”:

  • Danny Lemieux

    OK…know better than to say the (4) moron out loud. I only use it in this case only to embellish my argument amongst close, friendly confines of the Bookworm Room. However, feel free to use this argument ad lib. Earl…yes, i extrapolated this argument on the basis of Edwin Abbott’s “Flatland”.

    Edwin Abbott was an Anglican mathematician, theologian and intellectual in a time, since greatly diminished, when Anglicans /Episcopalian leaders (at least from the West) were true intellectuals, rather than the poseurs they are today.

  • Charles Martel

    The “war on women” meme is a loser among normal women simply because they don’t see themselves as nothing more than vulvas. The same way freethinking blacks don’t see themselves as dark-skinned first and humans second.
    What interests me most here is the leftist fascination with taking words, such as “binders,” and using them to create a mantra that they think will exert a magical hold over the genitalia-obsessed wymyn that they see everywhere. It’s like when you see a leftist academic treatise that purports to have some sort of insight: “The Hermeneutics (Her) (Men) (Oooh) (Tics) of the Male Twitch and the Desire to Dominate.” 

  • Wolf Howling

    There was a time when I would have laughed at something like that.  I don’t today because, being older and far wiser (in comparison to my youth, at least) I can see insidious penumbras around such far left humor. One, there is the choice of going after Romney on the basis of religion. The left is an implacable enemy of religion. They want no higher power than a left wing government remaking society with the police power of the state. It is impossible to overestimate how critical the resolution of this fight is to the future of civilization.Two, this is not just humor for the left, it is a teaching tool to impact on the young and the ignorant. This is a substitute for argument. It has all the depth of most of the arguments posited by the left, where there is no attempt at rationality, only demonization, ridicule, and an attempt to shut down competing arguments.I have zero patience today for such vile humor, nor any who promote it. Indeed, it is far past time that the majority of Americans dispensed with a live and let live philosophy and start pushing back against the far left at every level. Whoever drew up this tripe should be named and pressure brought to bear against them. 

  • Mike Devx

    I think I get it:  Mitt Romney used the word “binders” at one point in the second debate?

    And now we have the entire Left running with it as a serious meme in support of their candidate, Obama.  Obama is using it, the humorists are using it, the mainstream media is using it.

    Is this a coordinated attack?  Almost definitely.  I can’t find the Romney quote, but I am rather certain he used the word in the context of *defending* women’s rights.  And yet the Left is in full bore assault mode based on one use of an unusual word.

    It reminds me of their assault after the first debate based on “Big Bird”.  They were sure that was going work!  And the American people issued a big yawn.  I think the same thing will happen here.    They are so lost in their own echo chamber, to believe something this irrelevant has any relevance.

    I’d say it smacks of desperation, but even that is probably not the cause.  It seems to me to be pure myopia:  It matters to THEM so much, that they can’t see that it matters to everyone else not at all.  The only people this is going to convince are the already-convinced!  So I say with glee, let them have at it!  Just as with “Recovery Summer” in 2010, it’s a major mis-step.  This, along with the “Big Bird” distraction, keeps them on the hamster wheel of irrelevance.  That’s only good news as we churn towards the last debate, an the last few weeks of the campaign.

  • Ymarsakar

    Wolf is quite right concerning the strategic analysis of the Left’s threat to the United States as a whole. Most people are still thinking this is an election and it’s about politics. Not quite.