Cargo cults and E-cons

During WWII, New Guinea natives noticed that whenever Allied soldiers built airfields, airplanes would magically appear out of the sky bearing gifts. Thus, reasoned the islanders, all they had to do was to build airfields to propitiate the gods and magic airplanes would appear bearing gifts. Sounds logical.

Ha, ha, ha…silly islanders! But hold on…who are we to laugh? We practice the very same logic in our society today. Consider the ever-lengthening string of taxpayer-funded environmental “green energy” companies going belly-up busted broke. Here’s a recent list of these taxpayer-funded E-conomic disasters (up-to 34 and growing fast):

Quite clearly, our own environmentally sensitive natives believed that all one needed to do was to build bricks, mortar and steel into modern-looking structures, pick an environmentally friendly “technology” with a cool sounding name and, voila! Magic benefits would come out of thin air – endless BTUs of cheap, pollution-free, guilt-free, Gaia-approved energy that defied the laws of physics, engineering and economics. What did fall out of the air was never-ending wads of taxpayer cash.

Thus did the E-natives expropriate $-billions and $-billions of other peoples’ labor and monies to build their false idols and propitiations to Mother Gaia. And, now…nothing! The money is gone and the losses pile up as useless junk. Just as with the airport idols in New Guinea, Gaia remained strangely silent.

There is, of course, one very big difference between this modern chain of events and that of the New Guinea islanders. And that is this: the sharks and grifters (E-cons) who took their cuts from those $-billions of taxpayer funds in the form of inflated salaries, over-generous pension plans, consulting fees, legal fees, subcontracts, illegal equity payouts, Washington lobbyist budgets, Democrat party donations and union crony deals. Somehow, I suspect that these variables did not factor in the New Guinea islander cargo-cult politics. With bankruptcy, the paper-trail remnants of these shady, underhand practices will pretty much be shredded from public view.

The New Guinea Islanders may have been guilty of faulty logic and misplaced idol worship. The modern day cargo-cult environmentalists have been just as guilty of false-idol worship, but, supposedly, they had “education”, “science” and “reason” on their side.

However, herein lies the critical difference: today’s Gaia’s acolytes have waged a far-more corrupt and damaging game than any New Guinea native ever did, through the enormous waste of resources that can never be recaptured by a world that is currently bleeding capital in a time of desperate need. That lost capital will not be available to drive the economic growth that this world needs.

I can only hope that some day, soon, this growing list of E-con-driven bankruptcies will be submitted to extensive forensic audit in the public domain to cast light on those who benefited from this exploitation of the Gaia cult fantasies and to detail just how the taxpayers got shafted in this growing list of debacles.

Let there be a full accounting.

Then, bring out the pitchforks.

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  • Earl

    Let’s be civilized…..not pitchforks.

  • Ymarsakar

    Technically, the money isn’t gone. It’s in the bank accounts of Democrats, and in the pockets of our dear friends such as Paul Scott, the used cars salesman.

  • Ymarsakar

    I prefer execution scaffolds myself. Pitchforks are rather barbaric and medieval in nature.

  • Charles Martel

    I’m a tar-and-feather man myself.


    Afield of Extremes – all that’s missing is another baseball field. Oops, that was a soccer field for $750,000 at Gitmo. Of course, they’re no longer accepting new prisoners, they’re going directly to NYC. They’re always finding new and creative/destructive ways to turn youe dollar into a penny, unless you’re Rajat Gupta. Gupta got 24 months for insider trading today. Oh sure, there was a pricey fine of $5M, but it’s pennies on a dollar since he stole around $100M.  Keep pushing for “green” energy while Wallstreet drains the folding type of “green” into their pockets, so much cleaner. Yes. Gupta another devoted Democrat. Sorry, Danny – there will be no accounting. In fact the IRS sold the list of individual tax preparers, who must register with the the bastards at $35. each.

    I can decide amongst pitchforks, jail, tar-and-feather – so I am going with hung, drawn and quartered.  


    Danny, here’s a video (12 seconds) of POTUS on the topic

  • Danny Lemieux

    Thanks, Sadie.

    I wonder how many Americans are even aware that Obama’s General Motors (American taxpayer-subsidized) is shipping Cadillac manufacturing jobs overseas.


  • Michael Adams

    So, Sadie, if they go directly to NYC, do they pass “GO”?  Do they collect $200?
    Just wondering.