Found it on Facebook: a poster summary of all the Left’s uninformed attacks on Romney

Here’s today’s Progressive Facebook offering:

Point by point, let me show why this poster is really, really stupid:

His support of the middle class by encouraging the auto-industry to go bankrupt?  If you’re not living in Victorian England, when bankruptcy meant that the man of the family ended up in debtor’s prison, while his family starved in the streets, you’ll discover that American business bankruptcies are actually very well-managed, humane affairs.  A company that is put into bankruptcy, not for liquidation purposes but for restructuring, often comes out much stronger.  The bankruptcy process gives it relief from overwhelming creditor pressure, it allows the company to renegotiate debts and labor contracts, and it provides for payment plans that lessen or spread out the debt burden.  Our bankruptcy laws are some of the best things in the Federal codes and regulations.  What Obama did by taking over GM was to screw the creditors and the shareholders, while handing the unions a free gift — all at taxpayer expense.  Hell yes, I supported Romney’s insistence that GM go into an organized bankruptcy.

His lack of support for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for women?  I think it was Joe Biden who said it best, when he opined about what a minimal effect the Lily Ledbetter Act has on women’s working conditions:

Ryan voted ​against​ the Lilly Ledbetter Act.  All [it] said was if a woman finds out she’s been treated and treated wrongly– cheated in terms of her salary and benefits at work– that she’s able to sue from the moment she finds out.  That’s all it said.  Because they were locked out they said that if you didn’t learn within two years you were being cheated, then you’re out of luck.  But we changed the law.  It’s not a– it’s a big deal for women, but it’s not a big deal in terms of equal pay.  But it’s an important– and they couldn’t even support that.  Talk about being out of touch.

Keep in mind that Ledbetter’s only problem was a statute of limitations (i.e., the time within which someone can sue for a wrong).  Congress had made it short, the Supreme Court said that was Congress’ prerogative, and the Obama Congress then made it longer in a way that can be very damaging to American business.

His ability to make enemies upon every visit to a foreign nation?  The Muslim world hates Obama.  Obama insulted the Prime Minister of Israel.  He insulted Queen Elizabeth, the Prime Minister, and (when he sent back the Churchill bust) England itself.  He offended our allies in Poland and the Czech Republic when he reneged on a promise to provide them with protection against Russia.  Need I go on?

His experience in “running a business” that buys up companies, breaks them up, and sends jobs overseas?  Romney knows how businesses work.  When a company could be made stronger (Staples), he made it stronger.  When it couldn’t, he spared it (and its employees) a lingering death.  He also created millions upon millions of dollars in the free marketplace, money that benefited ordinary Americans (and their pension plans).  He took the Olympic balance book from red to black, and then he did the same with the Massachusetts budget.  Obama, if I remember correctly, wasted all of the Annenberg Challenge money.

His lack of support for college students and lower interest rates on loans?  Obama said yesterday that banks are evil because they’re in it to make money.  No, Mr. President, banks are not evil.  Banks are necessary, because they provide the funds people use to start and grow businesses.  No loans, no free enterprise.  (Just think of the Muslim world’s absolute prohibition on interest and its absolute paucity of true economic development.)  Interest is the way in which banks earn money on these loans.  I’m opposed to usurious interest rates, but forcing banks to provide low-interest loans to unqualified people is exactly what led to the financial collapse in 2008.  Romney doesn’t want to repeat that error; Obama does.

His hateful, arrogant, racist supporters like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter?  Do I need to make the usual laundry list of hateful, arrogant, racist Obama supporters?  Okay….  Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, the Rev. Wright, Father Pfleger, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un….

His ultra wealthy supporters like the Koch Brothers?  Two words:  George Soros.  Two more words:  John Kerry.  You can add others to the list, but I think those two say it all.

His ability to turn into a chameleon wherever he goes?  Cast your mind back to 2007 when Obama, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, went before a black audience and started speaking as if he just got off the plantation.  Interestingly, Hillary and Joe do the same thing.  Romney is never anything but what he is:  an upper middle class white guy who wears a suit.

His experience hiding his money in Cayman Island accounts?  I think we’ve already learned about Obama’s Chinese/Cayman Island pension.  Democrat policies make investing in the U.S. a risky business.

Or is it just because he’s a white dude and you just HATE Obama?  I don’t hate Obama’s color.  I hate his politics.  I couldn’t care less about Romney’s color or sex.  I like his politics.

Posters such as the one above work because people are ignorant.  They are ignorant because they want to be and because the MSM keeps them that way.  It’s up to us — the informed people — to spread a little knowledge around.

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  • Charles Martel

    Book, nice job fisking this poster. But, really, none of the people who lap up this kind of idiocy would take the time to read it or have the cognitive ability to understand it. 

  • Michael Adams

    Right you are M. Hammer. All of my encounters with Lefties, and Austin is absolutely crawling with them, have been disorienting for both of us.  Their understanding of common matters like foreclosure, bankruptcy, mortgage lending, all the stuff that grownups not on the government teat encounter again and again in our adult lives, is so addled, that wandering into the miasma of their minds leaves me confused, too.
    I can remember trying to explain matters in Congregational Church business meetings, and I felt like I was introducing cave men to fire. They were confused, and afraid.  Twelve years ago, I suggested in Annual Meeting that we get out of the UCC’s poorly managed health insurance plan,  buy our minister a high-deductible policy and start a Health Savings Account, giving him half the savings as a bonus. No, no, what about the retired ministers who would be left behind with less funding for the plan? I tried to explain that what I was suggesting was something that the retirees ought to do, too, but we need not wait for good sense to break out in the UCC, and in any case ought not to confuse bad business with charity. I think the motion had a second, but it was voted down, and I got a lot of very suspicious looks. I was not even a known Republican, then. Very little extrapolation is required to see why I eventually left.


    Bookworm – I admire your strength by taking the poster point by point, but remember these are the same people who write and read this schlock are no different than a kid, who has been spun around about dozen times and told to “pin the tail on the donkey”.

  • Cheesestick

    Normally I just block this kind of stuff out.  They really don’t want answers or a discussion, they just wanted another “smart” way of calling you a racist bigot.  But if I was going to respond, I’d just look at the last question and turn it around.

    “Or is it just because he’s a white dude and you just HATE Obama?”

    Roughly half the country has been voting for Republicans long before there was any black dude on the ticket. What has Obama done for the country to make a conservative Republican want to vote for him or the liberal Democrat party?…..besides being black?….and an ass?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Just to give you an insight into math-challenged Liberal mindsets on economics, here’s a great example (warning…swallow your coffee before reading this):

    It would be funny, but it is pretty much on par with the people that are currently running Obama’s economic planning process. Krugman? Krugman?

    h/t Small Dead Animals 

  • jnb

    Really good analysis. Let me just add this. You wrote ” Banks are necessary, because they provide the funds people use to start and grow businesses. No loans, no free enterprise.”

    Banks do much more than make loans. Banks are really the “blood” of the economy because banks move the money around. I run a small business. When my customers pay me, what do I do with their checks? I deposit them in my bank. And when I have to pay bills, how do I do that? I write checks on my account.

    Small scale and local businesses might possibly exist without banks, although it would be inconvenient. My business involves customers in many states and countries. How would my customer in Hong Kong pay me without a bank?

    I don’t work for a bank, and, sometimes when they come up with new fees for this and that, I don’t like them very much. But they are very necessary for modern economic life.

    For Obama to say banks are evil only shows he is an economic illiterate.

  • MacG

    Danny that reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw in the 70’s “I can’t be out of money, I still have checks”

    I guess that’s what a 7th grad level understand of math will get you. 

  • Kevin_B

    Just wondering, that picture of Mitt Romney, has it been manipulated or it is an unfortunate, badly times picture of Romney? For some reason or another, I can’t imagine Romney making faces like that or sticking his thumb up.
    That said, very good and enjoyable take-down of leftist rhetoric, Bookworm. I’m afraid it probably will fall on deaf ears or be preaching to the converted though. But if I ever happen to come into a position where I have to debate such topics, I will try to remember posts like this one!
    My understanding is that Mitt Romney is a businessman who understands economics and budgetting. He also understands how to run businesses. He has himself aqcuired quite a lot of wealth – which I see nothing wrong with, he has every right to do so – I’m sure he also has created jobs for others and helped to allow them to built there own wealth. I believe that perhaps not all, but certainly some wealthy business men can do a lot of good. I don’t agree with the way the left demonizes them.
    I’m not very literate on economics, sadly. But I do understand that banks are an essential part of the current economic system. Banks may do things that are irresponsible or wrong, but they are not evil by a long stretch. Also, it seems that if banks are in trouble, today the entire economy often seems to be in trouble.