Mid-day Friday Open Thread

I’m still working on household accounting and a business project, so blogging will have to wait.  You’re on your own for a little while, guys.  I can suggest a few topics, though:  the administration’s/CIA’s unconscionable decision to leave Americans to die in Benghazi; the amazing Romney polling numbers; and the distasteful Dem ad that compares voting for Obama to losing ones virginity.  As to that last, I’ll just note that I cast my first ever vote for Jimmy Carter, and have been wracked with guilt ever since.  Just sayin’….

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  • jj

    You picked a bad day to be absent!  Between Ty Wood’s father on the radio and Fox News talking about what shitweasels Obama and Madame Fat-Ass were (across his son’s coffin); and Biden’s typical brainless approach to consolation (“were your son’s balls always as big as cue balls?”), plus three or four of his active-duty and recently-retired operator friends laying it out pretty plainly for Rush in front of fifteen million people on his show – big day!  Seems like the excrement’s hit the cooling system for the little piss-ant jackass currently infesting the white house like a nest of cockroaches.  We might well look back and note that today was the day the Jugears Administration finally unraveled – and you weren’t here!


    jj – you just about covered it. I’ll add only that Carney has been pulled from press briefings since October 10th. Reports are reduced to onboard “gaggles” with hand-picked sycophants. I did read that the POS has given himself over for an in-depth interview with MTV.

  • 94Corvette

    One of the interesting theories I heard early from Kevin at Hillbuzz was that this was a ‘planned’ crisis that went out of control.  The security was purposely pulled back prior to 9/11 in the hope that a diplomat and/or staff at one of our embassies would be kidnapped, but kept alive as hostages by Al Qaeda. 
    Why would we want to have our representatives taken hostage?  Could it be that Obama wanted to accomplish two goals, the first being to look like a leader in obtaining their freedom, the second, sending the Blind Sheik back home to Egypt.  There has been a real push from the Muslim Brotherhood to return the Blind Sheik to Egypt.  Though his health is fragile due to his diabetes, the US couldn’t do like Great Britain did when they sent the Pan-Am bomber home.  It seems as though Obama has done whatever he can to assist the Muslim Brotherhood.  (Most of us remember that the Blind Sheik and the Muslim Brotherhood were behind the murder of Anwar Sadat which put Mubarak in power.  He struck back against them, executed the murderers and imprisoned many of the leaders, including the Blind Sheik.)  When we stepped away from supporting Mubarak, we literally sacrificed him to them.  
    As events have unfolded during the past month, this theory has really begun to sound plausible.  The one thing we couldn’t control was the actions of the mob and they got out of hand. 
    Can you imagine what would happen if the evidence to support this plan was to surface?

  • lee

    Oh, and it’s Hilary’s birthday!

  • Mike Devx

    I like this recent ad from the GOP