Obamanation cracking!

The inimitable Michael Ledeen notes that Obama’s coarsening language bespeaks a character crack-up as his narcissist ego is forced to confront the possibility that, not only may he not prevail, but he faces sound rejection.


Well, high fives all around: we Bookworm aficionados predicted these eruptions months ago. However, things are likely to get much, much worse! I am looking fo something dramatic, possibly extra-legal, bursting out over the next ten days as the party of mobs and demagogues anticipates it’s demise. Certainly, their continued descent into vulgarity, crudity, childishness, violence and vile antipathy toward their fellow citizens will expose these people for whom they truly are. We can hope, anyway.

Question: if Obama loses, will he show up for the inauguration?

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  • http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com CDR Salamander

    Like I told Mrs. Salamander earlier today; if Obama is not re-elected, he will be like an angry Jimmy Carter with a Bill Clinton desire to be at the center of attention and we’ll have to learn to live with him.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    CDR Salamander:  Does that mean he’ll show up at the inauguration with a bimbo on each arm? 

  • Cheesestick

    “toward their fellow citizens will expose these people for whom they truly are.”

    Well the problem w/ this is the people who you are expecting this revelation to come are the same way.  They are the same type of people.  So even once they are exposed, it won’t count for much.   

    “Question: if Obama loses, will he show up for the inauguration?”

    All I can say is I remember how nasty the Democrats were to us on Obama’s inauguration day.  They cheered and laughed at Dick Cheney, who was wheel chair bound that day.  They boo’d Bush and cheered wildly, singing mocking songs, as his helicopter flew away.  They are the most ungracious & undignified people.  I have no doubt they will be treated better then they deserve on the day Obama finally does leave office.  


  • http://shakeypete.blogspot.com Peter

     I’m not sure we’ll have to deal with arson in the White House or having to send the US Marshall Service in to pry him out with a crowbar.
     I have a lot of smart people saying that the threatened riots won’t happen. Still, with the flash mob mini-riots and the knockout game types running loose I’m staying out of the cities and making sure that my grown kids are well stocked with ammo.
     There is no level to low for these scumbags.


    Speaking of scumbag level. As you all know, there is a major storm enroute to the east coast. I suspect that electricity and I will not be sharing the same space for a few days (I hope it’s not any longer). A good many of us have been running around, filling our tanks, making sure there is enough water, batteries and canned food and putting away anything that was outside that could become a flying projectile. I even duct tapped the sliding floor- to -ceiling glass doors to the balcony, for the first time in my life. Add to the above, I’ve been checking weather reports and emails that I’ve received from friends checking on my status/safety. Back to scumbag level. First email of the evening was from FLOTUS, she was very concerned. Here, you can read it yourself:  

     After all Barack has done in office, and after all you have done to build this campaign, we can’t afford to watch everything slip away on Election Night.

    But the other side has outraised us — our opponents have $45 million more than we do for the final stretch. And none of us has ever seen what a barrage of money like that will do.
    That’s why we need to do everything we can in these last days, and why we need you to join in the effort.
    And, until tomorrow night, any donation you make will automatically enter you to meet Barack on Election Night and have a front-row seat for his speech.
    Don’t wait. Supporting this campaign once more will move us closer to victory — and enter you to win a trip to Chicago to join Barack on Election Night:

    The second one was from R/R campaign.
    Tonight, Ann and I are keeping the people in Hurricane Sandy’s path in our thoughts and prayers. I hope that if you can, you’ll reach out to your neighbors who may need help getting ready for the storm — especially your elderly neighbors. And if you can give of your resources or time, please consider supporting your local Red Cross organization — visit http://www.redcross.org to get involved. For safety’s sake, as you and your family prepare for the storm, please be sure to bring any yard signs inside. In high winds they can be dangerous, and cause damage to homes and property. I’m never prouder of America than when I see how we pull together in a crisis. There’s nothing that we can’t handle when we stand together.
    Stay safe and God Bless,


  • Mike Devx

    Good luck and best wishes, Sadie.  To you and all of Book’s readers who live up there in the Northeast.  This storm is still on track for all of those ‘alignment factors’ to occur – three major weather systems including the hurricane coming together – and at high tide – to make this one of the rare and extremely dangerous ‘Storms of the Century’.  Let’s continue to hope that worst-case scenario, at least, doesn’t happen.



    Thanks Mike. I guess my biggest concern is November 6th. Last year when Hurricane Irene hit there was substantial flooding in parts of NJ and it took three weeks to get back on the grid. This week not only is flooding a sure bet, so is major snow in parts of West Virginia. I can walk in the snow, I can swim, but I am wondering what happens if 10 million or more can’t vote due to extended power outages or heaven forbid another earthquake south of British Columbia.  Does anyone know what happens “if” mother nature is intent on mucking up the big day?

  • Moose

    Didn’t someone here predict some disaster causing the suspension of voting likely to cause the election to never take place? I’ve been witnessing a humongous build-up of this storm by the media. I’m not minimalizing this life threatening storm at all, but I recall a similar disaster (500 year flood) in middle Tennessee a few years ago that was ignored by this same media.

    Just sayin’.

  • MacG

    Sadie it sounds like you got it together to ride this storm out.  Your letter form the FLOTUS brings to mind the lottery.  How are these donate for a chance to dine with the President different from any other ‘chance to win’  and why does it not violate the ‘no purchase necessary’ rules?

    The guy giving away a chance to win a gun by showing proof of voting is holding himself to that no purchase rule to avoid vote buying rules.  So I am unclear on why the rule does not apply to the President’s lottery approach to campaign ‘donations’.  IT also seems to me that any and all such donations are no longer tax deductibles as they received what amounts to a fair market value item for such a donation ($3 :) ).   

    This reminds me of an Emo Phillips quote when Jay Leno asked him about poor people paying taxes and he said “I thought that’s what the lottery was for”. 

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    A certain segment of the black Obama votes kept telling me that they were no longer Americans, but Obamacans after the 2008 election. Yeah. I never forgot you guys, oh no.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Civil war is inevitable in the United States. Whether Obama wins or loses, the same is true.