• Mike Devx

    And the last four minutes tell you why Romney isn’t pressing these foreign policy and domestic surveillance issues.  Among the left, they HATE these Obama policies, but even after they think about it, most of them will still vote for Obama.  These issues will not bother them enough to keep them at home.  These issues certainly will not cause those on the left to switch to Romney.

    As far Independents, they generally favor Obama’s “tougher stance” on drones and the kill list. Even where Obama policies edge into a violation of our Constitutional rights – with the particulars on domestic surveillance – Independents aren’t bothered much either way.  So there’s not much to be gained there either.

    So there’s no real purpose to trying to win votes on these particular issues.  There just isn’t much of a way to influence voters on these issues that will make an impact.

    I’m way more interested in the effects of the Benghazi cover up.  Many Americans appear to be waking up to the fact that Obama is directly responsible for the four American deaths.  It was his call to issue the “Go” order, and he did not.  How did that get translated into the “stand down” order?  I still want answers.

    It’s clear this is turning into a big issue.  Today Obama said “Ultimately the responsibility lies with me, the President.”  But those are just more weasel words; that’s not much better than a “Mistakes were made” non-apology.  It still does not explain.  And I want answers.


  • DL Sly

    I’m glad he told them that the policies he was talking about were really Obama policies.  All I could envision for the first few minutes were all these people going home and Facebooking all this crap that they had just “heard on the street”…literally.
    However, while it does not surprise me (and that is a sad commentary in and of itself), I am thoroughly disgusted at the willful blindness for no other reason than to conform to what they believe to be a favored label/member.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Where’s that used car salesman for Obama, Paul Scott, go to? He should be crowing about the Obama emergency declarations  by now with his propaganda horn. The world isn’t the same without the comforting existence of Leftist propaganda and murderous agents living around us.