A great way to double your charitable donation for the troops

Last year, when I was casting about for a holiday season charity, a friend recommended the Semper Fi Fund, which helps out wounded service people and their families.  I was planning on making a donation again this year, sometime around December something or other, but I’m not going to wait that long.  I’m going to donate ASAP.

My reason?  It turns out that Bob Parsons, GoDaddy’s founder and Chairman, is a former Marine.  To celebrate the Marine Corps 237th birthday, GoDaddy has made a $1,000,000 matching pledge for donations to the Semper Fi Fund.  Go here to make a donation, and enjoy this video, which includes one of my favorite songs — Madison Rising’s Star Spangled Banner.

Hat tip:  Bruce Kesler

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  • Mike Devx

    $50 to a worthy cause. Done.

    I did not donate via the link, Book, because I have found GoDaddy’s advertising to be objectionable.  To donate via that link, I would have to sign up for a Go Daddy account, and I won’t do that.

    However, you can go directly to the semper fi website and click on their ‘Donate’ button, and donate, which is the path I took:



  • NavyOne

    I love  the Semper Fi Fund. They are a great organization. And they don’t send you spam mail every month like Wounded Warrior. . .