A picture is worth a thousand words

If you haven’t seen Michael Ramirez’s last pre-election editorial cartoon, please do.  In one packed picture, he spells out everything the media forgot to tell the voters.  If you can, spread it around via Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, etc.

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  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    I’m in the DC metro area, and just heard an ad of the radio for ****discount generators****.

    One would have thought every generator within 500 miles of NYC would have been acquired by FEMA and sent to NYC immediately.

    One would have hoped. 


    Add generators to the list. Central Park has several that have been sitting there post non-marathon. FEMA was concluding bids over the weekend so that water could be dispersed by today. So much for cutting “red” tape. Found the following at American Digest – it’s an excellent lesson on “How to cut red tape” Today, my husband witnessed a wondrous act of resourcefulness. A man with a horse trailer hitched to his truck was filling up individual 5 gallon jugs of gas in order to transport them back to New Jersey.

    He went out into the wide world of American plenty that lies just beyond disaster. He didn’t wait like a hopeless fool in a line of idling cars for gasoline that is rationed by the spoonful. His neighbors hired him because he had a big, gas eating truck, and gave him money and jugs and sent him to Lancaster County to go shopping. He brought back not only gasoline, but food, water, clothing, blankets, batteries, and other things they might need. Those people are heroes, because they used their God-given talents and brains and didn’t go crying to the cameras, asking for the government to come and help. — — Jewel in a comment on Side-Lines: “Hurricane Sandy did      

  • Gringo

    Seeing all the words in this cartoon prompts me to ask  this. Is a picture worth a thousand words when there are a thousand words in the picture?

  • michal

    a view from the alternative universe. My friend posted this on her facebook page. She has her own world view, her own priorities.  She’s a single mom who just graduated from college. She’s not a slacker.
    Well, the time has come for all good men and women to Rock the Vote. I hope people keep an open mind. People forget that Obama didn’t cause the economy to tank; he’s tried to fix years of mess-making by the Bush-Cheney Admin. Obama’s provided health care; doing away w/pre-existing clause (thk goodness), provided opportunites in education and tuition assistance, saved this country from a plight worse than the Depression of 1929, that didn’t end ’til 1941, removed the stigma of sexual orientation; what Matters is Service, worked to get our brave men and women, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters Out of Iraq, and restructured the auto industry, thus saving thousands of jobs, and implemented Student Loan reform so that no college student ever has to drop out of college due to lack of funds or pressure to pay – Personally, Obama’s signing into law the economic Stimulus package in 2009, afforded Me the ability to continue to pay my Cobra medical (insurance) for 14 of the 18 months Federal law allows, so that I didn’t go into debt trying to meet a $365 p/month premium, or worse, being without coverage because it wasn’t affordable. Obama’s stand on diversity is clear, a Woman HAS the right to choose and not go back to the 1950’s when women were basically subservient in the family hierarchy and relegated to being hireable to only a few jobs. Further, Obama and has taken a firm stand with Israel passed. He’s shown great leadership in so many areas. Obama deserves to win, and to have the opportunity to bring more of his plans to better the country and its citizens.

  • Danny Lemieux

    As you so well stated, Michal: an alternate reality universe.

  • Mike Devx

    reading that list michal provided in #4, with its incredible distortions, reminds me of the carnival fun-house where a 400 lb person could stand in front of the warped mirror of his choice, and see himself as whipcord thin.
    “It’s just a flesh wound.”  also comes to mind.
    And, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille!”
    After the Obama loss tonight, reporters wanted to gauge the reactions of his followers.  But they did not.  Because of all the burning cars, and burning buildings, the shattered window glass everywhere, the rampaging mobs with their howls of rage, their gunfire echoing from every direction in the darkest night, it was simply too dangerous to find out.
    After the Romney loss tonight, reporters wanted to gauge the reactions of his followers.  But they did not.  Because all the supporters stood in their darkened doorways and said, “We are too disappointed and upset this evening to be able to speak with you logically”, and then closed their doors with a firm and gentle click, it was simply too difficult to find out.