Found it on Facebook: Liberals claim Americans should vote for Obama because “the world” wants him

In the endless parade of images that my liberal friends feel compelled to put on Facebook, this was my favorite for the day:

I honestly cannot understand a mindset that says the world popularity is the metric Americans should use for electing their president.  Certainly a president who is conversant with world affairs and who has diplomatic skills is a good thing.  However, it doesn’t seem to occur to Progressives and others of their ilk that the rest of the world doesn’t necessarily have America’s best interests at heart.  Indeed, considering that the rest of the world has long resented America for her success, the fact that “the world” wants Obama might be a good indicator that Obama is a poison pill for America’s future.

When I look at the rest of the world — broke, racist, antisemitic, and socialist Europe; increasingly totalitarian (and antisemitic) Russia; frequently poverty-stricken Latin America; mostly devastated (and antisemitic) Africa; and ferociously medieval, misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Christian, and anti-Semitic Muslim Middle East — my first thought isn’t “Gee, I should follow their lead when selecting my nation’s executive officer.”  Instead, I tend to think that these other parts of the world have shown singularly bad judgment in selecting their leaders.

As Groucho so memorably said, whatever they’re for, I’m against it.

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  • PaulScott

    You sound like somebody who’s having a bad night.

  • Bookworm

    Actually, Paul Scott, I’m having an excellent night, having had a productive day — and being quite optimistic about tomorrow’s outcome.  I’m just constantly amused by the foolishness that emanates from people who think with their navels and not their brains.

  • jj

    I agree, I care a little less every day what the rest of the world thinks, wants, cares about, or believes in.  Groucho had it right.
    Now for something entirely different – where are you that your comment registered at 11:03, which it is not yet here on the idiot coast?

  • Bookworm

    I think WordPress is struggling with the end of daylight savings, because I’m comfortably ensconced in Marin, right where I belong. 

  • jj

    Must be, I notice it did the same for me, despite that my computer thinks – accurately – that it’s 10:27.

  • Gringo
  • Gringo

    Is that Obama’s middle finger we see extended? :)

  • Danny Lemieux

    I so totally agree with this.

    I can only rarely discuss U.S. politics with my European relatives because they have such distorted views of the U.S. generated by either Hollywood or mass media representations of the U.S. that rarely go beyond poorly translated articles from the New York Times. Europeans can’t have a valid opinion on U.S. elections because they really have no idea what they are about.

  • JKB

    Dear World,

    Thank you for telling us what you want.  However, in the interest of prosperity and peace, not to mention leadership, we hope to give you what you need.  The world needs sober leadership.  The world needs fiscal responsibility.  These aren’t fun.  They are adult.  


  • Flyover Pilgrim

    Unfortunately, “world opinion” of America has not improved during the Obama regime, as her promised in 2008.

  • Gringo

    Danny Lemieux
    I can only rarely discuss U.S. politics with my European relatives because they have such distorted views of the U.S. generated by either Hollywood or mass media representations of the U.S. that rarely go beyond poorly translated articles from the New York Times.
    You might also be describing Born in the USA  libs.
    One problem with foreign evaluations of the US is that because the US is so often in foreign news, many foreigners consider themselves experts on the US, when in reality they are like the  three blind men describing the elephant.Consider the comments of one enlightened soul.

    Again trying for brevity. Why we, an old hippie in my case, have problems with the South and Christianity?
    Well I can still remember Gov Wallace standing on the steps of the University of Alabama blocking the colored kids to preserve his promise of “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”.

    It was pointed out to this “enlightened soul” that George Wallace had later asked blacks to forgive him for his segregationist past, and to show his repentance was genuine, had appointed a notable number of blacks to state positions. The South had changed- witness the return of blacks to the South, reversing the Great Migration. The reply from the “enlightened soul” was that well, he was a foreigner and couldn’t be expected to know all the details of US politics. Which didn’t stop him from commenting in the first place.
    In commenting on blogs dealing with Latin American affairs, I have encountered a fair number of foreigners- usually European based- who will gratuitously make a point about the US to show how much they know, when in reality they don’t know their from their ulna – so to speak. I am reminded of an old joke about Argentines. How do you get rich? Buy an Argentine for what he is worth, and sell him for what he thinks he is worth. I could get rich buying foreigners for what they know about the US, and selling the foreigners for what they believe they know about the US.

  • expat

    I have to second Danny’s comment. European reporters think that reading the NYT counts as knowledge of America. And they transmit this “knowledge” to the common man. It’s a bit like asking a blind person whether the red or blue dress looks better on you.

  • Charles Martel

    My Yellow Dog Democrat wife visibly jerks every time I remind her that great numbers of blacks are migrating back to their southern roots because they’ve had it with the covert, condescending racism of the North and East. It turns out that Dixie has had a far easier time accepting the sea change in race relations than the enlightened blue states.
    However, for a liberal, the idea that the South isn’t eternally, irretrievably racist Must. Not. Be. Entertained.

  • jj

    I don’t buy it, either, incidentally.  I’m in pretty regular touch with the other side of the pond, Obama and his BS doesn’t seem to amuse anyone to whom I’m related, or seem to know.  Particularly the financial arm of the family in Geneva, they’re ready to see a little sense being made.

  • Mike Devx

    I wonder if 75% of Democrat Philadelphia voters voted during the four hours that the court-appointed Republican poll watchers were barred from observing activities at the Democrat-controlled voting stations?
    Local judges told the Democrats in charge of those stations that it was a complete physical impossibility for them to have processed that many hundreds of thousands of voters that quickly.  The Democrat officials in charge retorted “We are VERY efficient in the hours immediately preceding lunchtime.”
    When one Romney voter in Philadelphia complained that her vote for Romney also generated six additional votes for Obama, an election worker came over and examined the machine closely.  “I don’t get it,” the worker muttered with a shake of the head.  “That’s not supposed to happen to a Romney voter.”

  • Earl

    I suspect that there’s at least one country in S. America that would buck the trend….any word from Chile?