• NancyB

    Dear Bookworm,

    I had to turn BlazeTV off – it was good but I was just getting too involved with those damn exit polls.  Maybe I’ll just play some solitare for awhile.  Or maybe a free book on my kindle. 

  • jj

    Just beyond belief.  My early call:  Princess Spewing Bullshit wins in MA?  MacCaskill – who could have been beaten by my dog – wins?  Mourdock loses the Lugar seat?  Obviously, Romney isn’t going to win Ohio, so this is over.  There is no electorate on the planet dumber than the American one, and I am beyond disgusted.  I don’t know what the hell Romney thought he was doing by not bringing up Benghazi, not asking Jugears what he meant by his open mic message to Putin, didn’t concentrate on Obamacare, which is 100% what drove 2010 – did he mention it even once during the campaign? – not asking much of anything, really.  He was busy looking “presidential” I guess – so the silly shit’s put us all right in the cart.  Wasn’t about you, Mitt, it was about all of us, the country.  We’ll carve on your headstone: “well, the silly bastard looked presidential.”  Wasn’t the president of course, but I guess he looked good.  Swell.  Given what a perfectly obvious disaster Obama’s been, if the worthless GOP can’t beat an empty suit like this, it’s time to flush them all.  Bye-bye, GOP, you’ve long outlived your worth.  Walk off a f—ing cliff, okay?  Take Mitt with you.

    America, this shouldn’t be close, and you are pathetic.  But the turning point has been reached, there are now more people sucking the government teat that there are contributing, so the contributers will never win again.  Simple as that.  The corner’s been turned, the party’s over, and what the founders put together is gone.  The Constitution’s done, it doesn’t matter to anything anymore.  Congratulations America, you pissed it away.  

    I’d love to turn out wrong in a couple hours, but there’s no chance of that.


  • Charles Martel

    I don’t think anything that Romney said would have made a difference. I agree with jj that we have reached a tipping point with this election, and that people who can elect somebody like Warren or Obama in light of all the mendacity that the Democrats have shown are people beyond reach.
    Obama’s scorched-earth policies will lay ruin to our economy, but he will be able to paper over the destruction with more debt, more printing-press money, and more leaning on the obliviousness of the voters who believe that he has some sort of magic.
    Worse, though, is that Obama has invited World War III with his deliberate weakening of American military power. Israel will be cast adrift, and left to its own devices. China and Russia will assume an even more predatory stance. 
    So, what now? I honest to God don’t know. We all will have to make private decisions about how we prepare for the finish to the train wreck. I will lament to the end of my life what America has done to itself.

  • Spartacus

    jj and Martel are spot on about the electorate.  It’s snack time at KinderKare, and the kiddos were given a choice: peanut butter sandwiches or a nice, cool glass of cyanide.  And they asked, “Is that peanut butter crunchy or creamy?  Isn’t peanut butter supposed to be bad for your arteries?  Was the bread made with the use of sustainable baking practices?  Is the bakery owned by the 1%?  Is it true that most bakers are homophobic and racist?”
    The problem of this particular electorate is an intractable one.  It can be solved by division, but not by remediation.  Please, let no one speak hopefully of 2016 — it is a false hope and a distraction.


    The headline sums it up: Jesse Jackson Jr. Wins Reelection From Mayo Clinic. 

    Too bad and too sad the South did not succeed. At least I would have had a choice of what kind of America I want to live in.