A world without consequences

If you’re on the political Left, have we created a world without consequences?  I first started thinking this when someone I know called Bristol Palin a slut because she had a baby.  Not because she had premarital sex or got pregnant, but because she had a baby.  Girls in Marin, who are also have premarital sex and probably getting pregnant, are not sluts, because they have abortions.  It’s a perfect example of Leftist consequence-free ideology.  Not only are you free from the burdens of a baby (and, while there are joys, the burdens are undeniable), you’re also not a slut.

Confess that it was your lack of responsibility that Left four men dead in Benghazi, not to mention massive amounts of confidential information in Al Qaeda’s hands, and nothing happens.  In a normal world, Hillary would have been fired.  In Leftist world, she’s applauded for confessing.

Break all of your campaign promises — close Gitmo, lower unemployment, reduce an “unpatriotic” deficit, lower the seas, avoid involvement in other wars, make the world love us — and there are no consequences.  Instead, if you’re Obama, you get reelected.

This sounds like a pretty peachy keen world from a kids’ eye view:  Endless actions without consequences.  I’m not sure this center will hold, though.  In the 1970s, gay men thought they had it all — unlimited sex and antibiotic resistant sexually transmitted diseases — but AIDS came along.  Those women who’ve had repeated abortions have too often discovered that when they want to get pregnant, they can’t.  (I don’t know the statistics on this last one, but I know personally many women  who have experienced this.)  Mother Nature eventually makes her point.

Will the political world eventually spell out its consequences too, irrespective of human intervention?  Will the Hillary’s and the Obama’s eventually experience the natural consequences of their actions?  If conservativism comes to the fore, they will.  But what if it doesn’t?  What will be the stopping point for their current ability to behave as they will without any downside?


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  • vanderleun

    “What will be the stopping point for their current ability to behave as they will without any downside?”

    A flash brighter than the sun coming from the base of the Washington Monument  and faster than Marine One or the elevator to the situatiøn room?

  • Wolf Howling

    Bristol Palin?  It goes back much further than that, to the start of the far left movement in the 1960’s.  Think Mary Jo Kapocne.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    That MIGHT do it, vanderleun…but maybe not, too.
    Four good men are dead as the result of his feckless (or worse) foreign policy, and so far he’s skated.
    We all knew people like this in school…guys/girls who got away with ANYTHING, while others paid dearly for much less egregious violations.
    I fear that vanderleun is correct, that there’s going to be a bright flash one of these days – of course, it might just be a conventional slaughter of a 9/11 type – and the American people will pay for Obama’s sins.  I’m not at all confident that he will reap personally what he has sown….although history is not going to be kind to this President.
    Something in me wants to see him disgraced and shamed while he’s alive….does that make me a bad person?

  • Charles Martel

    Well, Earl, half of your desire is already manifest: He certainly has disgraced himself. As to whether a president who bows to dictators and Jew haters will ever be able to feel shame, I rather think not.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Yeah, well…..I meant by society, generally, rather than just in the minds of people who actually think about things.
    It would take the major media being populated by something other than leftist lickspittles and brown-nosers, though, and I think the chance of that happening is vanishingly small.

  • Mike Devx

    If you genuinely cared about this election, there will be grief.  You’ll probably find yourself expressing it in surprising ways.  Periods of giddiness, followed by the shock of numbness.  At other times, anger.  A dispiriting melancholy lassitude at times, an undertone of “why bother?  I just don’t feel like it right now…”  It may all occur in a bewilderingly quick succession of a whirlwind of emotions.

    Time will heal.  Take whatever time is needed and be gentle and patient with yourself.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    I’ve lived in S. America…for years.  I’ve traveled by jitney, bus, trains, and hitch-hiking through more of that continent than my own country.  Eating, sleeping, standing in line, shopping, etc. in the same places as “the people”.
    I know first-hand the kind of misery and squalor that top-down rule by crony-capitalist semi-socialist despots produces, and I see it coming here.
    I’ve worked hard, played by the rules, raised my family and provided for my own old age.  I’ll be d–ned if I want a tinpot wannabe dictator to wreck my country and make my life poor and miserable in order to get the funds to pay off his dependent parasitic voters.
    I don’t know the answer, but I’m REALLY unhappy about the takeover of the academy by leftists in order to produce 60 million plus sheeple who will vote to unmake American liberty.

  • Ron19

    Who does he need to buy off anymore now?  What is his follow-up term after 2016?  Secratary-General or Caliph?  Or Dictator-for-Life?

  • Libby

    “What will be the stopping point for their current ability to behave as they will without any downside?”
    I fear it may be something much worse than Benghazi & the Camp Bastion attacks (remember that – the “worst day in USMC aviation history since the Tet Offensive?”), maybe Iran unleashing nukes on Israel while Obama sleeps/golfs/vacations/parties with celebrities. Then again, the MSM will probably still find a way to blame it on Bush, Netanyahu, or Republicans in Congress. All the while the Left will still be stirring the post on same sex marriage, contraceptives, or how much soda is too much for those fatties in flyover country.

  • JKB

    I would clarify that it is a world without societal consequences.  Okay, Hillary isn’t going to lose sleep over leaving Americans to die.  Although she might lose sleep over the danger that sudden approbation can occur.  

    (Keep in mind, Hillary didn’t actually take responsibility but she did use the word.  Just as Obama didn’t actually suspend regulations with his “inspiring” talk in the wake of Sandy.  Suspension requires actually putting pen to paper which comes with responsibility.)

    Take the NY head of Emergency Management just fired for having crews clear his LI property before more damaged areas.  He thought he was just doing things the way they’ve always been done but he misjudged the fear of accountability that is high right now in corrupt NY politicians.  

    As for abortion, yes, a girl who gets an abortion is “not a slut” in the public way.  The girl who carries to term is attacked as she is living proof of reality and must be attacked for drawing back the curtain.  Assuming she’s not sociopathic, the girl who aborted still, in herself, has to live with what she did.  Many, in my experience, are not prepared by society or counseling for their private little hell.  If you really want to anger a pro-choice person, speak of abortion as what it is, baby killing, but speak matter of factly not judgementally.  Harsh, but accurate.  Well, I suppose it really fetus killing but no one says they have a fetus in the oven when discussing their pregnancy.