I don’t get it. What happened yesterday makes no sense.

I feel stupid this morning.  I don’t get what the American people did.

The economy has barely improved since Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Unemployment is at the same heights as when Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Fuel prices are at an all time high under Obama, so they reelected him.

Our enemies abroad (Iran, Afghanistan, dispersed Islamists, Russia, etc.) are more hostile now than they were when Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Racial tension in our country has increased since Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Our borders are as porous as they were when Obama took office, so they reelected him.

The number of people on welfare and food stamp rolls has increased dramatically since Obama took office, so they reelected him.

Obama added $4 trillion to the national debt, more than all other presidents combined, so they reelected him.

People in New York and New Jersey are still incapacitated by Sandy, and without Obama’s much-vaunted federal help, so they reelected him.

ObamaCare’s unpopularity has never dropped below at least 50%, so they reelected him.

What am I missing about the American psyche?  What makes it reasonable for a President with a record that, under normal circumstances, would be graded a failure to get reelected?  Have we become France, which elected by wide margins a socialist president who was guaranteed to take a damaged economy and drive it into the ground?

I couldn’t predict what the American people would do, but I do have some predictions about the next four years of Obama’s presidency:

Iran will go nuclear.

Israel will be further isolated.

All carbon-based fuel prices will increase dramatically, raising the costs of everything.

Inflation will finally hit, profoundly damaging people’s life savings, and driving employment down.

The military will shrink to 1917 levels.

The administration (which will own the Supreme Court), will undercut the Second Amendment

Benghazi will get swept under the rug, because the House on its on won’t be strong enough to make it an issue.  Same for all other investigations into Obama’s government.

ObamaCare will go fully into effect, increasing costs for private insurance holders, making it more expensive to run a business, driving more employers to offer only part-time employment, increasing business costs, and ensuring more and more government panels deciding what kind of healthcare Americans can receive.

An Obama court will determine that there is nothing unconstitutional about having religious people and organizations pay for birth control, abortions, sterilizations, etc.

Gay marriage will be legalized as a full civil right, rather than (my choice) making all unions presided over by a government entity “civil unions.”  (All — male and female, female and female, male and male.)  My idea leaves “marriage” as a uniquely religious institution, untouched by government.  Under happen marriage will continue as both a civil and a religious institution, only that the government definition will expand to same-sex marriages.  For this reason, making gay marriage legal will lead to an ugly confrontation between church and state, when a gay couple sues a church for refusing to marry it.

As our military weakens, there will be a major Islamist attack against Americans.  Sorry, but it’s going to happen.

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  • Caped Crusader

    Step right this waY, and, WELCOME TO THE NEW AMERICA.

  • Caped Crusader

    Anyone now doubt my statements of yesteryear that a 1950’s high school education was vastly superior to a post graduate liberal arts degree of today?

  • gpc31

    All the things you say may unhappily come to pass.  Tithe really pessimistic questions are whether the American people are able to connect cause and effect anymore — based on last night, apparently not — and even if they are, will they be able to reverse course, eg Obamacare.  The nightmare is that big government has metastasized.

  • Randall Woodman

    I’m very angry and very sad at the same time.  Angry that Obama got re-elected and sad for what that means for the country.  Today I will grieve.  Tomorrow I shall be ready to fight again.  This was only a battle, the war is not over.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Question: “What am I missing about the American psyche?”

    Answer: “Not enough parenting, too much Walt Disney fantasy!” 

  • http://neomodernism.net Huan

    in the market of ideas, we failed to make good sales pitch.
    this needs to be addressed
    we need to sell our ideas more so than selling any individuals
    and the sale pitch needs to start now rather than in 3-4 years

    btw i agree with you regarding government and unions, leaving marriage to religion

  • USMaleSF

    As the execrable Bill Maher said, this was the last hurrah for “the whites.” 

    To quote a younger White Male friend of mine last night –a man very cognizant of the role that race and gender have played and will continue to play in the dismantling of America–

    That’s right. It’s never coming back.This was your last chance.It’s not going to be OK.The numbers are against you now.It’s not going to get better.Everything that makes you angry will increase.It’s time to say all of the words on the tip of your tonguethat you’ve been trying to hold back. 

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Rush hit the nail on the head in his first paragraph this morning….”It’s very difficult to beat Santa Claus!”

  • riw777

    The question, in the long run, is whether this is the end of the conservative movement at large in the US, or whether this was a one-off because so many people were so enamored of “the one.” If it’s the former, then the only thing that’s going to change anything at this point is an all out revolution –because it is only at that point that the people will wake up and realize they need to take care of themselves, rather than letting the government take care of them. It might be too late by the time a revolution comes, and humanity just continues is slide into the animal state so many liberals appear to desire.
    If it’s the latter, then it’s a matter of picking ourselves up and fighting the culture war at a basic level –person to person, idea to idea. We won’t win by going after the SCOTUS, or the Presidency, we can only win by going after our next door neighbors. Conservative thinking has become a by-word, automatically considered bigoted, something you must apologize for as you’re opening your mouth. Where I am, many people are surprised to find out I’m a conservative –in the world where I live, it’s just assumed that if you’re smart, you must be liberal. That has to change.
    The problem, at root, is that I don’t know how to change the perception, other than for smart conservative people to speak out, to make a big deal out of being conservative, to show the “smart people,” that they’re not as smart as they think they are. Of course, it’s an uphill battle, because in our modern world, the short single word snark will win anything, any time. The “smart people” aren’t smart enough to follow an actual discussion, or a logical train of thought, so they build their worldview on snark, and snark alone.
    In the end, I’m betting that revolution is in the future, because liberals aren’t going to listen until they’re absolutely forced to.


    America – the great melting pot boiled over.

    BW once remarked (paraphrasing from memory) about the difference between immigrants who came to become Americans and the others that came to colonize. I’ll add one more group to the mix, the two or three generations that have aligned themselves not with America, but with the UN. For lack of a better phrase, it’s the globalization of America with Urban Outfitters, who is more than happy to sell checkered kafiyahs and universities, who are ever so willing to have a Chair in Islamic Studies AND after 236 years into this republic of ours, we’ve yet to declare English as the national language. 

    It didn’t happen yesterday.